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No More (single)Download
Information Overload UnitDownload
Meat Processing Section (single)Download
Auto Da FeDownload
See-Saw (single)Download
Garibaldi's 29 April 1979Download
From Science To RitualDownload
Live At The Crypt 1981Download
Human Post Mortum (Despair)Download
Live at SO36 Club, Berlin, 19 Nov 1982Download
Live Neroberg Wiesbaden, 2 Dec 1982Download
Live at Al's Bar, L.A., 24 April 1982Download
Live at the Danceteria, NY, 13 June 1982Download
Brikkwerz Performance, Australia 1982Download
Last Attempt At ParadiseSide A / Side B
Live At Pandora's Music Box 1983Download
Wars Of IslamDownload
Angst PopDownload
Angst PopDownload
In Flagrante Delicto 12"Download
Machine Age VoodooPart 1 / Part 2
Theaterfabrik Manege, 7 June 1987Part 1 / Part 2
Oceania Live 1987Part 1 / Part 2
Gold & PoisonPart 1 / Part 2
Off The Deep End (single)Download
Zamia LehmanniDownload
Compilation TracksPart 1 / Part 2
Exhumation: Greatest HitsDownload

Anonymous Schizo (aka ~S~), a visitor here, has graciously shared some superb & ultra-rare SPK recordings with us and I'll be adding them as time allows.

First up to be added is the impossible-to-find single No More b/w Contact/Germanik, SPK's first release. I'd never heard this before and always wondered what SPK sounded like in their inception. No More reminds me of the band Discharge (sort of speed-punk) complete with a guitar solo. The b-side tracks were obviously recorded with a different musical sensibility. This release was self-published by the band in an edition of 200 copies.

Next, we have a fresh copy of the See-Saw/Chamber Musik single; Chamber Musik is an earlier version of the same song on the 1982 Leichenschrei album. It was originally published by M-Squared Records in Australia. Check out the previous posting of the 1981 M-Squared compilation A Selection for the SPK track Zombod.

Also new to this posting is the Human Post Mortum film soundtrack. According to the Internet Movie Database, Human Post Mortum is an alternate title for the Despair video. You can buy a medium-grade bootleg of the Despair video on DVDr at Stumpy Discs. Stumpy himself tells us that "In the most revolting sequence an individual manoeuvres a detached head to perform clumsy fellatio on a penis protruding from the severed, lower extremities of a corpse." Or, you can download the video free (see below).

We also have the April 29, 1979 Live At Garibaldi's (Sydney, AU) concert recording. The Garibaldi's show is an incredible early concert by SPK; it's in stereo and the sound is terrific. It's a short recording (14:06) but it sure is sweet; the concert features a performance of Slogun that has to be heard to be believed. I've maintained the non-titles it was originally offered with, rather than giving the archive a cosmetic makeover.

Next is a Live At The Crypt recorded at the Cryptic One Club, Paddington, London, England, 25 April 1981 by Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions who also played that night. Sound is a little rough but it's not bad considering it was set to tape with a hand-held Sony Walkman.

From Science To Ritual was originally published with the Italian magazine VIVA. Some of the material is supposedly from the concerts at Al's Bar (24 April 1982) and Sala Borromini (12 November 1982) plus one song from the concert at an Oddfellows Hall. Anonymous Schizo has kindly included good quality scans of both the Dokument (I/II) pamphlets in the archive of this.

The last of the recent additions to this post is the Off The Deep End/Kambuja 12" single, published twenty years ago by Nettwerk in Canada. It's a sort of tribal-industrial work and was recorded a year after Graeme Revell had established his own label, Musique Brut. For nearly three years before this release he'd quit recording with a band and was only working with his wife, Sinan Leong.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Anonymous Schizo for busting loose with the goods here, so please express your appreciation in the comments. Show our friend some love, folks!

You can download tons of SPK videos at Also, check out what appears to be the Sozialistisches Patientenkollektiv website. I just got a reply from them and they seemed genuinely surprised that I knew about their site. They only accept bank transfers - no international money orders or PayPal - so ordering from them is expensive (just in the fees banks charge alone) but I highly suggest supporting their efforts.

I've added a live TV performance of Metal Dance to the Pandora's Music Box archive.

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