mardi 1 avril 2008

Janitor - Qoumran 4-ever

An outstanding mix of rhythms, industrial electronic soundscapes, romantic tunes with the distinct voice of Lina, a sentimental journey into the world of weirdness. The dry wind as a tapestry of sand in an electronic desert, structures and ornaments. (WOW, can I have some of what he's on, please!?) Anyway, another Janitor release for yuz.

year 2005
country Germany
label Tesco Organisation

01. Qoumran Inflight (4:38)
02. Humanity (4:20)
03. The Need For A Holy Spirit (33:16)
04. A Secret Hidden In The Golden Sand (4:54)
05. Bridges (5:39)
06. Habelsbolet - Port Said (8:58)


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