mardi 1 avril 2008

NON - Solitude 7" (2000)

This wonderful 7" single was released by Mute Records (Catalog#: MUTE 250) in 2000. This is a digital copy that I came across. The original user tried to use the alternate holes that are availiable with the release with some interesting results.

The following is taken from the discogs entry on the Solitude 7" single

This limited-edition 7" from NON (Boyd Rice) contains a full version of the track "Solitude" (which is taken from the LP "Receive the Flame") on the A side, and several locked groove noise loops on the B side, which are playable at any speed (i.e., 33, 45, 78). There is also a second hole drilled in the single, but good luck getting the needle to stay in any one particular groove while using this insane add-on of which Rice seems inordinately fond (e.g., his own "Black Album").
Track Listing (per download)
1. Solitude
2. Revieve The Flame (Locked Grove Loops
2. Locked Grove axis 2
2. Locked Grove axis 3


Oh, and check out Boyd and Giddle new web site.

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