mardi 1 avril 2008

Boyd Rice Presents - Death's Gladsome Wedding

Hymns And Marches From Transylvania's Notorious Legionari Movement.

Distributed by the sorley missed (by me at least) World Serpent, and released by Hierarchy (Catalog#: H 3303 CD) in 1996. The first edition of "Boyd Rice Presents" series was a compilation of hymns sung by the Romanian Iron Guard from the 1930s (also known as the Legionari Movement, this was Romania's primary pro-Axis, fascist organization before and during the War).

When I purchased this recording I was under the mistaken impression that it was a spoken word release with recordings of the Romanian Iron Gaurd as the background music. Something along the line of what we heard on "Music, Martini's...." I was quite disappointed with what I heard. This is truly only the Hymns And Marches From Transylvania's Notorious Legionari Movement. I will admit to only listening to it once... but upon the request I recieved yesterday I re-listened to the recording and found it quite powerful. With a little bit of understanding of what Boyd Rice was trying to preserve, and the history of the Romanian Iron Guard, as well as the fervor at which these recordings were undoubtedly made, I found this to be a truly an impressive release.

Track Listing:
To Arms!
Hymn To Mota And Marin
Legionari Victory Hymn
Stefan, Ruler Of Moldavia
Hymn Of The Szekler Rumanians
Hymn Of Legionari Youth

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