dimanche 16 août 2009

VA-Heilige Feuer VI-2CD-Limited Edition-2009-

1-1 Kryptogen Rundfunk Blue Like A Carrot (7:55)
1-2 Kryptogen Rundfunk Which Way The River Runs (2:46)
1-3 Leiche Rustikal Contra (4:42)
1-4 Leiche Rustikal L7sd (5:37)
1-5 ICK Administration (5:55)
1-6 ICK Le Temps Efface La Vie (6:21)
1-7 Radio Murmansk A Hump (6:52)
1-8 Radio Murmansk Nacht Über Berlin (7:46)
2-1 Anthesteria First Winter Day (6:41)
2-2 Anthesteria Peter Krasnov (6:21)
2-3 Protagonist, The Human (4:50)
2-4 Protagonist, The The Sick Rose (Live) (4:38)
2-5 A Challenge Of Honour Far Away From Home (4:57)
2-6 A Challenge Of Honour Snow On The Red Square (5:45)
2-7 Des Esseintes Strapped (4:03)

CURRENT 93&DEATH IN JUNE - Dogs Blood Order (Vinyl)

1 Current 93 Great Black Time Pt. I (3:50)

2 Current 93 Imperium (6:10)

3 Current 93 Great Black Time (8:00)

1 Dogs Blood Order Dogs Blood Order (11:40)

2 Death In June Behind The Rose (Fields Of Rape) (4:00)

Vocals - David Tibet


le syndicat electronique - grandeur et decadence 7''

le syndicat electronique is a one-man obscure electronic project and founder of the "first electro wave label in france... 100 % independent...and committed" (globaldarkness.com) called invasion planète (which started somewhere in 1999 and seems to be dead now :( -> "what happened to invasion planète?"). the guy behind le syndicat electronique is the creator of the european third wave movement, also known as retro-garde (lovely name, isn't it?). retro-garde is here being used to describe the comeback of obscure and minimal electronics and is probably in some way linked to the laibachian artistic tendencies called "retro-avant garde".

this is a small 7'' vinyl release, limited to 300 copies in both, red and blue vinyl. i chose it cause i think it's a pretty nice introduction to the world of minimal synth/electronic, not groundbreaking, not exotic, but very dark and danceable (no prejudices now, please). after hearing this record, i decided to get more of lse's material. maybe you'll express the same wish.

Le Syndicat Electronique - Grandeur Et Decadence (2003)

v.a.- kosmoloko

germany is nowadays a country with a respectable and highly established power electronics scene. among the german labels that keep this scene various and alive is galakthorrö. it's run by mr. and ms. arafna, who create magnificent, disturbing sounds in projects like haus arafna and november növelet. on the occassion of galakthorrö's tenth jubilee, they released the compilation "kosmoloko" with cover art just as pleasant as the release.

"this is a compilation comprised of two new and exclusive titles each from haus arafna, karl runau, maska genetik, november növelet and subliminal, together on one disc. the artists have lovingly presented their diverse and individual styles. a birthday present for mother galakthorrö." (galakthorroe.de)

VA - Kosmoloko (2004)

november növelet - from heaven on earth

banned from heaven to a life on earth the angels are painting the shadows a little darker: a morbidly melancholic trip through the bitterness of knowledge. the haus arafna side-project dispenses with the elements of noise, and places the distant female vocals in a scenario of concentrated minimalistic and partly melodic electronics, cold and gloomy. (galakthorrö)

hand-numbered limited edition of 665 copies.

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November Növelet - From Heaven On Earth (1999)

november növelet - sacred 7''

limited edition of 806 handnumbered copies. а galakthorrö release.

November Növelet - Sacred (2008)

korpses katatonik - sensitive liberated autistiks

Korpses Katatonik - Sensitive Liberated Autistiks (1982)

Brighter Death Now - Temp Tations

Cassette, C60
Label : Börft Records, Sweden, 1989
Limited edition of 50 numbered copies

Very first BDN cassette !

Tracklisting :

A1. Now (6:38)
A2. Demands & Commands (4:55)
A3. Trained (3:52)
A4. Singality (5:20)
A5. The Housewives (9:44)
B1. Luci-A-Fer (5:09)
B2. Overaged Seduction (4:14)
B3. Bloodsex & Murder (4:48)
B4. Blood On The Sheets (12:58)
B5. Death Continues (3:50)


Test Dept - Beating A Retreat (1984)

South Wales Striking Miners Choir & Test Dept. - Shoulder To Shoulder (1985 - Vinyl)

Test Dept. - The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom (1986 - Vinyl)

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Test Dept. - Victory (1987 - 12''Vinyl)

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Test Dept. - Terra Firma (1988 - Vinyl)

Test Dept. - Pax Britannica [An Oratorio In Five Movements] (1996)

Test Dept - Tactics For Evolution (1998)

Test Dept - Natura Victus (1988 - 12''Vinyl)

Test Dept. & Brith Gof - Gododdin (1989)

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Test Dept - Compulsion (1983 - 12''Vinyl)

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01. Compulsion (Machine Run)
02. Pulsations 1 (Human Run)
03. Pulsations 2 (Human Run)

Test Dept - Atonal And Hamburg Live (1985)

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01. Fall From Light
02. Total State Machine
03. Shockwork
04. Gdansk
05. Kick To Kill
06. Fist
07. 53rd State Of America


Test Dept - A Good Night Out (1987)

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