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Mz.412 – Nordik Battle Signs

Nordik Battle Signs is a disturbing nightmare featuring power electronics and spoken word, industrial noise with a harsh ‘explosive’ quality, shouts and screams, a Satanic ritual, and the militaristic drumming of an infernal army.

01 – Hz 412 / Introduktion
02 – Algiz – Konvergence of Life and Death
03 – Satan Jugend
04 – Der Kampf geht weiter
05 – Satan Jugend II: Global Konquering
06 – Tyranor
07 – NBS Act I: Begravning
08 – NBS Act II: 14W

Nordik Battle Signs
PW: heavyelectronics.wordpress.com

Inade - 2009 Audio Mythology Live DVD bonus [Loki Found] - audio rip

[Dark Ambient]

Loki Foundation
DVD-Video, Limited Edition
May 2009

Limited edition of 259 hand numbered edition.

The DVD is divided into four parts:
part 1: Zürich, 30.08.2008: background / performance video & live music (sound mastered by Andreas Wahnmann at Secretlab March 2009)
part 2: Leipzig, 01.12.2007: background video & live music (mastered by Andreas Wahnmann at Secretlab March 2008)
part 3: Pictures
part 4: Extra

Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann at secretlab.

The DVD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

Audio rip from DVD Audio Mythology Live from the The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects 2 X CD + DVD Box.


Audio Mythology Live (73:46)

30.08.2008 Zürich, Theater Stadelhofen, Switzerland (40:09)
Eternity's Crevice 6:32
Conquer Time 5:31
The Conquest Of Being Seprarted 7:17
Abandoned Inferno 5:19
A Lefthanded Sign 7:50
The World Behind The World 7:38

01.12.2007 Leipzig, Weezie - Gallery Of Contemporary Art, Germany: Signals From 68 Dimensions (22:57)
Signals From 68 Dimensions [Part One] 5:34
Abandoned Inferno 5:31
The Quiet Room 4:16
The Conquest Of Being Seprarted [Part One] 7:25

Pictures: Inade Picture Collection (5:34)
Divine Hybrid 5:34

Extra: Audio Mythology Live Archive (5:52)
"Ghost Sector" Live At The Black Box 13.05.2006 5:52





Presented by Au-Delà du Silence

Entrée / Billing : 16 euros

Cinéma l'Archipel
17 boulevard de Strasbourg
75010 Paris
Métro : Strasbourg Saint-Denis

Nombre de places limité, prévente conseillée / Limited entries, pre-ordering is advised.


A partir de début décembre, vous les tro...uverez également / Available early December through:


Inade - 2005 Colliding Dimensions 4CD Box [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient]

loki 38
4 x CD, Compilation
Box Set


First Season: 1995-1997; Esterhofen, Dresden, Rostock, Prague
1-1 Breath Of Europa 4:43
1-2 Myth Encoded 3:56
1-3 Grinding Inside 7:08
1-4 Traumbrecht 6:07
1-5 Lineage Of Gold 5:14
1-6 L'Age D'Or 5:42
1-7 Breaking The Walls 4:05
1-8 Movement And Construction 4:50
Second Season: 1998-2000; Erlangen, London, Leeds, New York City, Cleveland
2-1 Vitriol I 6:16
2-2 The Conquest Of Being Separated II 6:01
2-3 Ashram 4:36
2-4 With The Flood To Light 7:30
2-5 Lemuria Revised 4:47
2-6 Serpentine Energy 6:04
2-7 Vitriol II 6:38
Third Season: 1999-2002; Lille, Toronto, Frederick, Prague
3-1 Genius Loci IV 5:43
3-2 Spiritual Army 6:59
3-3 Universal Wave Function 5:50
3-4 Quartered Conclusion 6:45
3-5 Palatine Of Sublime Heaven 6:22
3-6 Divine Hybrid 5:58
3-7 Legion Of God 8:01
Fourth Season: 2000-2002; Berlin, Moscow, Wroclaw, St. Niklaas, St. Petersburg
4-1 Kwa Non Se I 9:20
4-2 Kwa Non Se II 6:24
4-3 The Last Wing Of Alchemical States 5:29
4-4 And Death Shall Not Have Dominion 3:49
4-5 Titan In Shivering Sand 5:56
4-6 Caldera 4:40
4-7 Chapel Perilous 7:22

Subtitle: Four Live Seasons 1995-2002

All material recorded and sculptured during live shows and rehearsal sessions 1995-2002.
Reprocessed, equalized, finalized, remixed and edited at Light Channel 2004-2005.
Mastered at Secretlab 2005.

Housed in a full-color box with an 8 page booklet.

There is a mistake on the tracklist: 1-3 is listed as "Impulse", but it is the live version of "Grinding Inside" from the "The Flood Of White Light" 10" (Malignant Records).

At the intersection between dreams and ears wide open cognizance, between the known reality and the spiderweb cluster of dimensions dissecting it, reside the premier purveyors of dark ambience, Inade. But it's more than simple dark ambience that they traffic in, for their dreams are vast and unrestricted, and their imaginative, ears wide open approach to sound manipulation is audacious and unparalleled. It's as much weird ambient as it is dark ambient; strange, perplexing sounds in which origin must be questioned. Arcane musings from the cosmic wasteland collide with insectiod utterances culled from ancient alien terrain; deep audio ripples pulsing across dark matter plains collide with the ephemeral flotsam of German occult murmurings. Pterodactyl's squeal in atavistic joy, space itself breathes--inhalations like crackling Cthulhuian dread, exhalations etched on the machinery whine of Forever--and the ever shifting cartography of the infinite is sonically translated along the ridge of collision, where Inade dare to explore.
What remains is incomparable: the audio mythology they have nurtured, and the legacy that is Colliding Dimensions. Announced for several years we can finally present the long requested compendium of INADE that closes a circle from near the starting point of the project to their Peryt Shou release and concert in December 2002. All material of this set was recorded and sculptured during live shows and rehearsal sessions from 1995 to 2002 and was especially selected and mastered to receive high quality audio recordings with no compromise in sound. More than a half of the tracks have not been released in any form yet and this release brings back as well a lot of long sold out material like Vitriol, Flood Of White Light and more in new and powerful live versions.
The vinyl edition is limited to 525 copies only.

Download Disk 1
Download Disk 2
Download Disk 3
Download Disk 4


Survival Unit - 2009 Will To Zero

[Death Industrial, Power Electronics]

Label: Autarkeia
Released: 2009


01. Moment Of Revolt
02. Oppression Freedoom
03. Born Into Slavery
04. Stot Till (Angrip Livsnerven)
05. The End Justifies
06. Conflict And Adversity
07. Breaking The Surface
08. The Struggle Continues
09. In The Wake Of Deception
10 The Will To Zero


VA - Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill 3 CD BOX 2002 ltd.500

[Power Electronics, Noise, Industrial]

3 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, Gatefold Cardboard Sleeve

This release comes in a glossy gatefold cardboard sleeve.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

track 1-02: created in a hate induced fury at storms of the underworld Painesville Ohio 5/29/02
track 1-10: recorded 1999
track 3-12: in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth. 1900-2002


1-01 Anenzephalia - Voice Of Freedom 9:23
1-02 Murderous Vision - Random Attack 5:35
1-03 Drape Excrement - Meinungsmacht 3:24
1-04 DØdsdØmd* - Poultry House Mayhem 6:13
1-05 DJK (2) - War Against You 4:37
1-06 Axon Neuron / Vagwa - Radio Message 1970 6:29
1-07 Dresden 45* - Future Is Empty 3:21
1-08 Sickness - Who Is Prey? 5:46
1-09 Anon Plus - Vote With A Bullet 6:53
1-10 SRP (2) - Magische Nation 4:14
1-11 Government Alpha - Underdogs 7:08
1-12 Strom.ec* - Truth Will Triumph 5:28
1-13 Virologic - Worm-Tunnel 5:20
2-01 Rasthof Dachau - Lines Of Deception 4:42
2-02 Azoikum - Gainesville Dementia 5:33
2-03 Today, I'm Dead* - One For Me 4:06
2-04 Blank Banner - Vertilgung 4:42
2-05 Sektor - Fraktal 5:32
2-06 Grey Wolves, The - Fightpath To Allah 4:06
2-07 Industriepalast & SK (3) - Arsenjunkie 5:02
2-08 Napalmed - Komblex 5. 4:41
2-09 Sektion B - Crimetime (Short Remix) 4:32
2-10 Atrax Morgue - Nerveshatter 2 3:38
2-11 Alienlovers In Amagasaki - Pneumatic Bowl 8:21
2-12 Thorofon - Otaku In Bloodlust (4-8 Bit Version) 4:28
2-13 Taint - Needing 4:28
2-14 Grunt - Anyone 4:21
2-15 CoCaspar.osp* - Hulls Weg Im Nebel 4:28
3-01 Phosgen - Everyday Madness 5:13
3-02 Ex.Order - Desert Eagle 6:08
3-03 Human Destructur - Woreship Frequencies 3:07
3-04 Irikarah - Kontrolle 5:47
3-05 Krieger (2) - Saat Braucht Licht 4:03
3-06 PTT - Surviving & Copulating 5:36
3-07 Skin Crime - Survive The Night 5:50
3-08 Survival Unit - In Razor Wire Orchards & Bar Code Reefs 5:53
3-09 Propergol - RDX - Considered Armed And Extremely Dangerous 9:41
3-10 Wutanes Heer - Alchemica Pugna 6:34
3-11 Lefthandeddecision - Blind 3:05
3-12 Streicher - Royal Household Cavalry Sonata 12:43

Download disc I
Download disc II
Download disc III

VA - Die Geburt Des Jahrtausends vinyl 2002 ltd.500

[Dark Ambient, Industrial, Power Electronics]

SK 20
Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition, Compilation

Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies. Gatefold cover.


A1 Krieger (2) - Die Geburt Des Jahrtausends

A2 Legion Condor - Aeon

A3 Operation Julmond - Third Mankind / Effacement

B1 Sektion B - The World Is On Fire (Version

B2 Leiche Rustikal - Epiloque - Schizma - Proloque

B3 Rasthof Dachau - Heilung


Predominance - 2002 White Ashes ltd.100+150 [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient]

Cassette, Box Set, Limited Edition

First edition limited to 100 copies in a box with inserts and ashes.
Second edition housed in a snap-case. Limited to approx. 150 copies.


Heimatlied 4:09
The Eternal Fulfilment 7:21
Enfer = Paradis 4:26
Kremation 3:56
Nails Of Christ 8:33
Buntfeuer 3:50
Thermonuclear Winter 7:29


Mörder Machine feat. Atrax Morgue - 1998 DeathShow [Slaughter Prod]

[Death Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial]

Label: Slaughter Productions
Catalog#: SPT109 & SPCD04
Format: Cassette & CD

Tape notes: Credited on the cover as Mörder Machine featuring Atrax Morgue.
Tracks recorded jan '98 by Atrax Morgue.
Presented in a videotape box with inserts.
First 20 copies come with a bloody gift.

CD notes: Reissue of the limited edition cassette tape (T.109).


I'm So (5:56)
What's A Human ? (7:35)
Andei - Ice (6:48)
I'm So (Reprise) (4:47)
Terrortory (5:41)


I'm So (5:56)
What's A Human (7:35)
Andei-Ice (Destructive Element) (6:48)
I'm So (Reprise) (4:47)
DeathShow (9:59)
Terrortory (5:41)
Music For Dead Brains (12:39)

This is rip from CD version.

Ones of the sick pionier of power electronics noise and death ambient/ death industrial!
This time as a Mörder Machine.

Strongly recomended release!!!

Marco Corbelli R.I.P. [i]


VA - Getting Away With Murder 2003 ltd.500

[Industrial, Power Electronics]

Label: UHF Records (2)
Catalog#: UHF 01
Format: CD, Compilation, Limited Edition, digipak
Released:19 Apr 2003

Limited to 500 copies.


1 Maison Close Chain Reaction (8:27)
2 PPF Malthus Brigade (5:01)
3 Sektion B Everyone's A Killer (3:49)
4 Propergol The Last Laugh - Lenny Bruce (6:03)
5 Moribund One Of My Dreams (5:10)
6 Slogun And Yet Afrain (3:37)
7 Cleanse Premeditated (6:11)
8 Control (3) Impulse (5:19)
9 STROM.ec Prosecution / Focus (4:11)
10 Survival Unit Trapped Inside Their Walls Of Power (5:13)
11 Green Army Fraction Order (4:49)

Featuring - Third Mind (3)
12 Grunt Media Myth Of Murder (3:56)


VA - Incendium II 2008 [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient, Industrial]

CD, Compilation, Cardboard Slipcase, Catalog#: LOKI 46, Loki Foundation


1 Circular (2) The Triangular Center (6:02)
2 Fjernlys Intermediate Nature (5:16)
3 Antlers Mulm Sunflowers (5:36)
4 Herbst9 4000 Years Of Damascus (5:14)
5 Predominance Quantum Statics (4:31)
6 First Law* Bad Influence (Excerpt) (6:15)
7 Inade Divine Hybrid (Excerpt) (2:05)
8 Inade Kwa Non Se Part II (Excerpt) (4:43)
9 Land:Fire Space Interferometry Mission (Excerpt) (3:32)
10 Ionosphere (2) Gravitation In The Mind (3:33)
11 First Law* Creating Worlds (Excerpt) (5:38)
12 Inade Uninhabited Red (5:20)
13 Vestigial Summoned By Panopticonian Flames (Excerpt) (3:18)
14 Penjaga Insaf Tenangan (Excerpt) (3:06)
15 Ionosphere (2) Meta III (4:17)
16 Herbst9 / Z'EV Enshrinement (Maschinenkult Pt. 2) (5:28)
17 Ex.Order Skillful Killing (3:23)

Original sources of the tracks:
Track 1: Taken from loki 44 "Shaping The Unknown" CD.
Track 2: Taken from loki 42 "Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" 2CD.
Track 3: Taken from loki 47 "Of Withered Sparks" CD/LP.
Track 4: Taken from loki 39 "Buried Under Time And Sand" CD.
Track 5: Taken from loki 40 "Dark Stars Unfolding" 2CD.
Track 6: Taken from loki 43 "Chaos Structure" CD.
Tracks 7 & 8: Taken from loki 38 "Colliding Dimensions" 4CD/4LP.
Tracks 9 & 10: Taken from pas 20 "Of Mind And Of Abyss" MLP.
Track 11: Taken from loki 37 "Beyond IO" CD&12inch set/CD.
Track 12: Taken from loki 41 "Samadhi State" CD.
Tracks 13 & 14: Taken from pas 22 "Of Earth And Of Fire" MLP.
Track 15: Taken from pas 19 "Angular Momentum" CD.
Track 16: Taken from loki 45 "Through Bleak Landscapes" CD.
Track 17: Taken from pas 21 "Corporate Control" CD/LP.


VA - Incendium 2003 [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient]

Last this day pearl from Loki Foundation - one of the most creative and orginal Dark Ambient recs.


1 First Law* Master Of The Universe (6:08)
2 Turbund Sturmwerk Kainsmal (7:42)
3 Predominance Aurora Borealis (3:58)
4 Inade Titan In Shivering Sand (6:10)
5 Herbst9 Blood Whisper (6:33)
6 First Law* Loxapine (4:16)
7 Predominance Luftschiffe 2002 (6:02)
8 Herbst9 Consolamentum (Excerpt) (4:56)
9 First Law* A Generation Wasted (5:06)
10 Bad Sector Ampos (5:00)
11 Land:Fire Before They Are Sent / Gone (7:10)
12 Ex.Order American Dawn (5:01)
13 Virologic Bugged (Excerpt) (5:07)

Track 1 taken from Velochrome CD.
Track 2 taken from Weltbrand CD.
Track 3 taken from Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence CD.
Track 4 taken from The Crackling Of The Anonymous CD/LP.
Track 5 taken from :Eta Carinae: CD.
Track 6 taken from Violent :: Sedated CD.
Track 7 taken from Hindenburg CD.
Track 8 taken from Consolamentum 12".
Track 9 taken from Refusal As Attitude CD.
Track 10 taken from Ampos CD.
Track 11 taken from Gone LP.
Track 12 taken from Broadcast 23 LP.
Track 13 taken from Bugged CD3".


jeudi 19 novembre 2009



FINAL SOLUTION were a power electronics group from NYC. they existed in the early 90s and created some of the most raw and intense power electronics ever. they could be compared to great white death era whitehouse, but they really emit a hard new york ugliness that only an american born group could bring. final solution are one of my all time favorite acts. here is the complete discography save some comp tracks. enjoy.



1. Do As You're Told
2. Kill Mode



1. Rape Session
2. Strip Search



01. Death Machine [Live 29.09.90] (4:22)
02. Clitwork (8:06)
03. After Death - Downtown Beyrut II [Live 06.12.90] (4:11)
04. 69 (3:25)
05. Bludgeon (4:53)
06. Horny And Angry [Live 23.03.91] (7:51)
07. Rome Song (4:11) (sheer terror cover)
08. Bloodbath [Live 16.08.91] (3:10)
09. Cum O.D. [Live 16.08.91] (2:30)
10. Highspeedchase (1:23)
11. Pussyripper [Live 06.12.91] (7:34)

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Sleep Chamber - Sexmagick Ritual

Its hard to find any recording whose strange, dark and frankly demonic amospheres compare to Sleep Chamber's 'Sex Magick Ritual'. This album is a work of dark art.

So damn hard to find due to its limited release and its quite obvious uncommercial appeal, it remains one of those must have collectors pieces. Shame this sort of stuff doesnt attract a larger audience because I think this stuff deserves wider exposure. Really very talented stuff.

01 Flesh Trixsen (27:49)
02 Succubi Circle (4:32)
03 The Beast (3:39)
04 Nessus (2:29)
05 Leviathan (5:05)
06 The Vision & Voice (7:56)
07 Into The Abyss (4:33)
08 Twenty Three (3:25)
09 Weapons Ov Magick (Live) (9:08)


Password: exu156

ARCHON SATANI (re re re up!!!)

Archon Satani - In Shelter (1994)

Label:Dark Vinyl Records
Catalog#:DVLR 6
Format:CD, Album


1 Sheltering - Offering (16:01)
2 Fleshseed (11:39)
3 Deadbeat (16:59)
4 Entering An Soul (10:23)
5 ....In Abhorence (13:56)

Archon Satani - Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken (2002)

Label:Cold Meat Industry
Format:2 x CD, Compilation
Released:10 Oct 2002



1-01Heavenly Inoculation (6:36)
1-02Beyond All Thee Sickness (13:47)
1-03Reigned Ov Flesh (12:22)
1-04Incubus (10:52)
1-05Voices Of Insanity (3:45)
1-06Grief...Taste Of Death (3:37)
1-07Eternal Suffering This Christian World (5:13)


2-01Session I Untitled (4:36)
2-02Session II Untitled (6:01)
2-03Session III Untitled (8:14)
2-04Session IV Untitled (4:30)
2-05Session V Exceeding Insalubrity (4:49)
2-06Session VI Untitled (7:50)
2-07Session VII Untitled (6:20)
2-08Session VIII Heavenly Inoculation Part II (7:51)
2-09Session IX & X Untitled (4:29)

Archon Satani - Mind Of Flesh & Bones (1993)

Catalog#:STCD 071


1 Mental Shiver Dispersal I (6:36)
2 Mental Shiver Dispersal II (9:33)
3 Mental Shiver Dispersal III (7:27)
4 Mental Shiver Dispersal IV (8:35)
5 Mental Shiver Dispersal V (12:58)

Archon Satani - Beyond All Thee Sickness (1992)

Label:A.C. Recordings
Catalog#:ACR 03
Format:Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
A1 Heavenly Inoculation (12:30)
A2 Beyond All Thee Sickness (11:00)
B1 Reigned Ov Flesh (6:38)
B2 Incubus (14:00)


Realities of war 7"EP (Clay, 1980)
Fight back 7"EP (Clay, 1980)
Decontrol 7"EP (Clay, 1980)
Why 12" (Clay, 1981)
Never againN 7"EP (Clay, 1981)
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing LP (Clay, 1982)
State violence state control 7"EP (Clay, 1982)
Warning Her Majesty's Governement 12" (Clay, 1982)
The price of silence 7"EP (Clay, 1983)
The more I see 12" (Clay, 1983)
Ignorance 7"EP (Clay, 1985)
Grave new world LP (Clay/Rock Hotel/Profile, 1986)
Live at the City Garden, New Jersey (Clay, 1989)
Massacre divine (Clay, 1991)
Shootin' up the world (Clay, 1995)
Live - The nightmare continues (Clay, 1996)
Discharge CD (2002)
split MG-15 7"EP
The beginning of the end 7"EP (2006)
Disensitise: deny - remove - destroy CD

Never Again LP (Clay, 1983)
Discharge 1980-1986 LP (Clay, 1987)
Punk and destroy LP
Why CD (1992)
Clay Punk Singles Collection CD (1995)
Protest And Survive 1980-1984 (1996)
Vision Of War 2xCD (1998)
Hardcore Hits CD (1999)
Free Speech For The Dumb - Anthology (1999)
Decontrol - The Singles (2002)
Society's Victims (2005)
Demo 1977 LP

Driven to death LP (Clay, 1990)

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Deutsch Nepal - Live In Barcelona (2009)

Another gift from 1HOMBRE. This one is the Deutsch Nepal portion of the above show (in Barcelona). Again, it's a pretty good audience recording for what seems like a very good show. He also included some photo's from the night.

I don't know the set list as I am not versed in the Deutsch Nepal discography. If someone wants to give it to me I would be grateful.

Get it HERE

Archon Satani - 1997 The Righteous Way To Completion ltd.1000 [Cold Spring]

[Dark Ambient, Industrial]

CD, Limited Edition, Album

Limited to 1000 copies. Comes with 4-page booklet.


A Shiny Day Of Destruction 14:59
Another Great Moment In Paradise 9:11
I Speak As I Lie 6:45
Ende 13:24


Archon Satani - 1997 The Final Completion 10''picture EP ltd.500 [Cold Spring]

[Dark Ambient, Industrial]

Vinyl, 10", Limited Edition, Picture Disc

Limited to 500 copies.
Released simultaneously with the full length album, "The Righteous Way To Completion" (CSR16CD).


Sanctified Pins Or Nails

:Love One Another:


more archon satani:

Archon Satani - 1991 Memento Mori [CD version 1993]
Archon Satani - 1993 Virgin Birth...[Born Again]
Archon Satani - 1992 Beyond All Thee Sickness vinyl LP ltd.25 [rest of pressing ltd.200]

THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENATH A CLOUD (all discography and book)

I think all of you that come the R.N. know this amazing project, they are one of my favourite bands of all time, like Dead Can Dance and Muslimgauze. I decide to post all the records here on R.N., this posts were on the other blog that im a contributor "The Rosemary Locale" (music blog that i dont post anything along time ago...), but i think they fit very well here, so i tranfer them to R.N. Behind the original records that i have, in this same post you find the book with all music letters created by Alzbeth. I know that its easy to find some of TMLHBAC records on the blogger world, and i also know that allmust that what you find was taken from my posts on The Rosemary Locale :P

"The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud (TMLHBAC) was an Austrian musical duo composed of Albin Julius ( Der Blutharsch). and Alzbeth. Their music reflected their deep fascination with myriad aspects of European medievalism including ritual, clerical chants and the daily experience of the peasantry.Their music combined modern electronics, tape loops and samplers with medieval instruments such as the shawm, hurdy gurdy, and Hexenscheit. Alzbeth was the primary vocalist for the group and often sang traditional songs in numerous archaic languages including Middle High German, Latin and Old French. Julius provided distorted and backup vocals."

The project name describe a phenomenon that occur in every place on earth, its a real situation that we can present. This situation provoke different reactions and experiences on people. Some feel exalted others stronger, free, depressed or puzzled with the scenery. But all feel noble with the phenomenon. The TMLHBAC music must be feel by the listener in personal way, This is the reason why they never put names on tracks and label their music, the space is open to fantasy…
Becouse the tracks are untitled, i will only say how mutch them are in ich record.The music was released on their own Arthur's Round Table record label and distributed by World Serpent Distribution.

Alzbeth presents - The Book of Lyrics (2000)

The book included lyrics, photographs and references for the historical themes used by the band.

Hard-backed, cloth-bound book. Limited to 777 copies


L.A.A. - Mass for the Dead [2002] DCD

L.A.A. was the Pre - The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud project,” Mass for the Dead" is a 2 x CD, Unofficial Release recorded on 1990-91. The first CD is studio material, thus rather clear sounding, whereas the second CD contains tape recordings done during sessions; the sound quality is very poor and the tracks are more or less identical to those on the first CD. Limited edition of 500 copies.

CD1 - VII tracks


CD2 - V tracks



The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud (1993)

This was the first official record from TMLHBAC.

“ On the begin Arthur was transported to Avalon. Bloody bells and drums mourn over is leaving. Meanwhile in the Round Table swords were raise on silence. In the woods an orgiastic dance was performed around the incandescent fire. Gloomy dances with fairys that mixed with the bewitch virgins by the immortal dragons. Lancelot notice from the mist…”

Words translated from the interview to TMLHBAC ,on the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998 (you find here on R.N.)

-X tracks



Amara Tanta Tyri...(1994)

“ Skeletons dance trough the marching sound of the pagan warriors. Two faces, Albin and Alzbeth. An austrian scream by the night. Few words…the mystery persist. Names don’t exist and aren’t foreboding. Denominations don’t exist too, only to not capture the imagination and limit the evasion.The laceration emotions only stay. Despite the unknown sound, something is familiar, like it always exist in us studded on our chest.”
Words translated from the interview to TMLHBAC ,on the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998 (you find here on R.N.)

Second Album of TMLHBAC, the one with more Medieval influences. This is the re-issue which came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information.

-XXIII tracks


A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King (1995)

I like all records from TMLHBAC but this one is very special for me, becouse was my first approach to their sound, i perfectly remember the story behind this one. I was in school and one of my friends that in that time listen some stuff in Gothic Ethereal and DarkWave field, had visit a music store in Lisbon called "Symbiose" and he take to me their catologue, and in all that they have there was a very strange name that catch my attention, and when he had back to the store i had tell him to buy that one, and when i listening that, i think to my self "what the f.... is this? its AMAZING :) so from that time im a big "fan" of the band :)

" The castle ruins continue cursed.Black words of victory are now listen. A new order emerge from the silence. The standards where risen to the wind on the proclamation of heretic rites. Meanwhile, the intense and painful fog proceed. Angels chants invade our body,that is tortured on the front of our eyes. Alzebeth voice invoke the eternal blood...the Graal search is incessant and obsessive, like the religion images. Cristh is again crucify by the Alzbeth chant, with the sounds of Julius and words of Crowley, that are reveal by the moon and the sounding fog. Tradicional melodies drag appear to is own slow agonizing decomposition.The holy nation is involve by a atmosphere were scottish sounds and movie pictures by Kenneth Branagh, mix up on a spiral to the final battle."

Words translated from the interview to TMLHBAC ,on the defunct Portuguese Azorean zine “Crepusculi Aurora” issue #1, 1998 (you find here on R.N.)

Third Album of TMLHBAC, The first pressing is a limited edition folded cardboard sleeve with A.R.T. and World Serpent contact information. Later re-issues came in a jewel case with A.R.T., World Serpent and WKN contact information.

-XX tracks


Kostnice (1996, Vinyl 7")

Kostnice was recorded at the ossuary of Köstel Vsech svatých (All Saints' Church) in Bohemia.It has to be said that the music on this live recording is a bit thin and the sound quality does not compare with the studio-recorded CDs.
Issued in a limited edition of 222 numbered copies. Packaged in a paper similar to parchment-style and sealed with wax seals.

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A Night In Fear (Split cd with DEUTSCH NEPAL) (1996)

A Night In Fear (1996 ART 8) is a joint production of the Moon lay hidden and their good friend, Lina of Deutsch Nepal. This is not a split CD but a close collaboration between the two parties, creating a neo-folk/ritual-industrial hybrid which is more than the sum of its parts. The CD cover appears to feature some jolly huntsmen, but in usual minimalist Moon style other details are marked by their absence.
Released in a jewel case with textured paper.

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The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud & Hybryds - Madhr (1996, vinyl 7'')

This 7" was originally ment to be givin away at the 1996 concert of both groups at a church in Weißenburg, Germany. Although due to unacceptable restrictions from the Weißenburg Church Council, the concert was cancelled, and the 7" was made available through Arthur's Round Table. Initially ment as a split release by the two bands, it later evolved into a collaboration as each band "finished" the tracks of the other artist. Limited edition released in a sleeve with an embossed Algiz rune.

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Were You of Silver, Were You of Gold (1996)

"Were you of silver, Were you of gold" (1996 ART 6) contains eight tracks which were specially written and recorded for the Dutch Radio 3/VPRO show 'Grand Disco Classique' and first broadcast in October 1995. This will also was issued in a limited (to 500) vinyl edition with an extra track.The theme reflects their "inner conflict" with the bloody history of Yugoslavia and its style is very Balkan indeed.

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Yndalongg (1996, Vinyl, 10")

Yndalongg containing unreleased tracks, all recorded at Little Saxam Church, Suffolk
The A side is more typical of the duo's normal style,first track concerns the heinous 'Children's Crusade' of 1212 in which corrupt merchants traded on Christian zeal to transport thousands of children from Marseilles to Alexandria where they were sold into slavery. The song has a strong melody line, clever counterpoising of Elisabeth's two vocal tracks. The second track appears to be a thematic sequel.
The B side has a laid-back, ambient-industrial instrumental which is very like some Nurse With Wound.
Yndalongg is a 10" and comes in a grey sleeve with a grey poster featuring the group's logo. Limited edition to 555 copies.

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S/T (1997, 7")

Vinyl, 7", Picture Disc, Single One-sided picture disc, Limited numbered edition of 222 copies.

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The Smell Of Blood But Victory (1997, Box Set)

The definitive work of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud. Symphonic strata of orchestral samples, beating martial rhythms and haunting chants evocate a very frightening vision of war and destruction. Track 02 is the one which will be reworked and used by Albin Julius with his solo project Der Blutharsch as the famous "God Punish England". CD 2 includes one of the best tracks ever by the band: it is about the madness of nazi SS commander Heinrich Himmler and the music is a powerful Wagnerian orchestration which would be worth of the best Laibach and Autopsia. The final track is a beautiful 14 minutes loops created using a sample from Prokofiev's "Alexander Nievski".

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Double CD box including poster. Limited edition 2000 copies.



Rest On Your Arms Reversed (1999)

Another great record with a collection of all material on limited releases, all bonus tracks, compilations and unreleased material.

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AD 18.8.1997 (Der Tag, Als Die Pest Zum Treffen Kam) 2007

Bootleg from The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud's live appearance at Moritzbastei during the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival, Leipzig 1997. There are 2 editions of this release. Mine comes in a brown slipcase cover with brown inner sleeve, the other is in Grey and both are limited to 444 copies. There is also a Special edition in boxset with bonus DVD (incl. live footage), a photo and a pin. Limited and numbered edition of 99 copies, that i dont have :(

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ETERNAL LIFE TO "THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD" and many thanks to your wonderfull sounds and songs