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The Ultimate DOKUMENT of time of a historical Band. S.P.K., a Myth, a Cult, a Philosophy.
After more than 12 months of planing and organising this Momumental release is finally realised.
VOD is proud to present a limited 800 copies Wooden-Box-Set that documents the first 5 years and the first stage of the band. 6-Lp’s with 36-page Booklet documenting the time plus a T-Shirt.
Besides the official Tape-Releases such as Wars of Islam, From Science to Ritual, at The Crypt, and Last Attempt at Paradise, this Box-Set also includes Live recordings from their first concert in Sydney in 79, the Heaven Concert London in 80, the Brickwerkz-Concert in 82, the SO36 Concert in Berlin plus a few more live-documents.
Members will recieve their edition with a limited 3x7“wooden Box-Set containing their first 3 Side Effect 7“ from 1979 plus a Post-card-Set with photographies by SPK-Member Sinan Revell and the option to buy more boxes

LP1 (pt1/pt2)
LP2 (pt1/pt2)
LP3 (pt1/pt2)

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The exaltics - 10 million light years

The exaltics - 10 million light years

Label: Solar One Music
Catalog#: SOM01
Format: Memory Stick
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro
Notes: USB Stick with a full flash based application, like a mini website. PC/MAC compatible.

1 10 Million Light Years
2 What's Wrong
3 High Voltage Accelerator
4 10 Million Light Years (Kan3da Remix)
Remix - Kan3da


Rude 66 - Black Sabbath: The Three Faces Of Fear / Sadistic Tendencies

From deep atmospheric soundtrack acid to dark industrial electro-funk and melancholic electronic wave disco, Rude 66 has done it with a Dystopian edge of new wave-futurism. Via noise and EBM in the 80's, Rude 66 landed on Bunker Records in 1993 where, with Unit Moebius and I-f, he defined the acid sound of The Hague: lo-fi acid from the sewer. In 1997 Rude 66, bored with corporate techno and empty distorted acid, evolved his style to dark electro funk. A string of EP’s on leading genre labels like Bunker, Vynalogica, Angelmaker, Crème Organization and Viewlexx established Rude’s name as one of the masters of the dark side of electro-wave, pushing his analogue studio to the limits.

Год: 2005 / 2008
Страна: Holland
Лейбл: Crème Organization

☼ Rude 66 - Black Sabbath: The Three Faces Of Fear

01. Black Sabbath (8:52)
02. Hysteresis (6:35)
03. Isolation (6:31)
04. Paradox Lake (5:17)
05. Three Faces Of Fear (5:22)

▬▬▬▬ P L U S ▬▬▬▬

☼ Rude 66 - Sadistic Tendencies

01. The Staircase (1:39)
02. As [Album Version] (4:10)
03. Walked In Line (5:44)
04. The Human Flesh (4:49)
05. Horrified (5:59)
06. Crawl Space (2:04)
07. Blood Is Blood (6:10)
08. Massenmorder (6:03)
09. No One Had A Clue (5:40)
10. The 1000 Year Storm [Album Version] (5:13)
11. Fishbait (1:37)
12. Angst Bleibt [Ein Bisschen Kurzer] (6:44)
13. January 3, 1970 (2:11)
14. Sadistic Tendencies (6:44)

Скачать: BOTH

AS1 - Midnight Rider

AS1 - Midnight Rider

Label: Transient Force
Catalog#: TF001
Format: CD
Released: 2005
Style: Electro
Credits: All Tracks Written And Produced By - As1
Design By - As1


Battle Ground (4:42)
Circular Motion (5:20)
Incoming Message (2:04)
Kill The Drama (3:39)
Megaton (2:54)
Melobotic (5:08)
Midnight Creep (3:54)
No Rest (3:39)
Resurface (3:34)
Silent Target (3:32)
Space Dreaming (8:17)
Subsonic Delays (3:45)
Swarm On Metropolis (3:12)
We Live In... (4:20)

pass: ikiks

Solvent - Apples And Synthesizers

Solvent - Apples And Synthesizers

Label: Ghostly International
Catalog#: GI-35A
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 21 Sep 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Synth-pop

A1 Operating Ease
A2 Remote Control
A3 Radar Receiver
A4 Steve Strange
B1 Think Like Us
B2 Instructograph
B3 Science With Synthesizers
B4 Tilt-Top


PUZIQUe - Don't Go [2007]

Artist: PUZIQUe
Title: Don't Go
Label: Boysnoize Records
Catalog#: BNR 015
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Germany
Released: Aug 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Electro
Quality: 320 kbps
Lenght: 17:13 min
Size: 32.7 mb

A Don't Go
B1 Cissor
B2 Suite 9

Download: Rapidshare | DepositFiles
Password: electro

Datafreq - Fun For The Whole Family

Datafreq - Fun For The Whole Family

Label: Das Drehmoment
Catalog#: das drehmoment 004
Format: CD, Enhanced
Country: Germany
Released: 12 Jun 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Synth-pop

1 Arcade Intro
2 Just Like 1981
3 Scene Machine
4 I Desire
5 Arcade Junkie
6 Deadman Control
7 Silhouette City
Vocals - Andreas Gregor
8 Claudia Bruckens Lips
9 Circuitropolis
10 Diskophonic
Vocals - Andreas Gregor
11 I Like Japanese Girls


Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna Vinyl 2007

Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna
Label: Bunker Records
Catalog#: Bunker 3065
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: Netherlands
Released: 25 Mar 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro

A1 Lukenburg
A2 Disarm Sismi
A3 Children Of Qana
B1 Manmade Hill
B2 Kommando Amphora
B3 Moanings From The English Cemetery


Lowfish - Frozen and Broken CD 2008

Lowfish - Frozen&Broken
Label: Noise Factory Records
Catalog#: NOISECD941
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Canada
Released: 14 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Electro
Credits: Mastered By - Stephanie Villa
Producer, Written-By - Gregory De Rocher
Notes: All tracks written and produced 2008. Most sounds are a JP6, evolver, odyssey, 808, DRM-1, CS20M, pulse, logic & macs.

Mastered at Stephen Marsh Mastering.

1 Things Fall Apart (6:19)
2 Frozen & Broken (6:27)
3 DFD (4:09)
4 Knives (5:47)
5 Lies (4:07)
6 Little Mistakes (6:35)
7 Engine (4:16)
8 Claustrophobe (5:33)
9 The Bite That Bleeds (4:34)
10 Pulled & Put Back (3:29)

Hear all samples at once - Listen!
DPS brings the electro once more.

This is Lowfish rebuilt and reassembled. Well known for his
punishing analog electro and catchy melodic electronica, Canada's
Lowfish will release his 6th full-length album in North America
October 14, 2008 on Noise Factory Records. Frozen & Broken
represents Lowfish's most complex, most brooding and most cohesive
record to date. The playful robotics of yesteryear is well in
place, but it's the fine detail of machinery and staccato bass
that now take the fore. This is a record steeped in the craft of
electronic music and strives to work both on and off the dance
floor. It's a record painstakingly produced with both state of the
art digital tools and an ever malfunctioning, temperamental room
full of dated synths and rhythm boxes. Frozen & Broken is ten
brand new Lowfish tracks covering perfectly formed midnight techno
variants, themes to a Blade Runner-esque metropolis and Artificial
Intelligence era IDM rammed with the ethos of Detroit electro.

Where has minimal, brooding techno been all these years? Actual
techno - not the ignorant man's umbrella term for the vast gamut
of electronic music out there. Where has it been? Festering on the
borders of our musical subconscious, that's where. Now, Toronto's
Gregory De Rocher aka Lowfish, attempts to bring the brooding
squiggles and pulsing drum patters back to the forefront of our
imagination with Frozen & Broken.

Frozen & Broken is an ultra-modern dune buggy ride through the
desolate ruins of future cities. The jagged electronic whirs and
wavering synth pads that De Rocher employs stir up a hallowed
wasteland, on which the remnants of decadence and industry can be
found. Tracks like Things Fall Apart and Knives weave
straight-ahead drum punctuations with strained electronic scrapes
and crunches - a measured back drop to the stringent use of
overwrought synthesizer melodies that struggle to be heard and
then disintegrate into nothingness. De Rocher's attempt to create
an album that simmers in manic disquiet yet never boils over is
achieved through the mere consistency of distopian imagery that
Frozen & Broken tends to evoke.

However, even with its brooding conceptual implications carrying
the album to its conclusion, there is a desire for something more.
More tones to feast on, more atmosphere to be immersed within.
Frozen & Broken does nothing to impress beyond its self-imposed
limitations. Listening to the unhealthy tones of The Bite That
Bleeds you realize the album would be a fitting addition to a film
like Fight Club, if that movie didn't already have a fantastic
soundtrack by the Dust Brothers. De Rocher doesn't quite find that
visceral insidiousness that the Dust Brothers manage to achieve,
but the effort is consistent and enjoyable nonetheless.


Der Zyklus - Der Zyklus II Vinyl 2001

Der Zyklus - Der Zyklus II
Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records
Catalog#: GIGOLO 63
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro
Credits: Mastered By [Uncredited] - Lawrie Immersion
Producer - Heinrich Müller*
Notes: Mastered at Curve Pusher.
EFA 27563-6
A side: Seite Eins
B side: Seite Zwei

Barcode: 7 18752 75636 5

A1 Elektronisches Zeitecho
A2 Mxyzptlk
B1 Formenverwandler
B2 Mathematische Modelle
Smooth minimal (kraftwerk like) electro tracks by Heinrich Mnller aka Dopplereffekt, Japanese telecom. Must for those who know...


Solvent - Radio Ga Ga Pt 2 Vinyl 2004

Solvent - Radio Ga Ga Pt. 2
Label: Ghostly International
Catalog#: GI-23
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Synth-pop
Credits: Mastered By - Loop-o
Notes: The LP jacket has a printing error: B3 mentions Radio Goo Goo as track name, but this track name was reversed with that of Radio Ga Ga Pt. 1, so the track is in fact Poly Ensemble.

A1 For You (Extended Mix)
A2 My Radio (Mitgang Audio Remix)
Remix - Mitgang Audio, The
B1 My Radio (Legowelt Remake)
Remix - Legowelt
B2 For You (ISAN Remix)
Remix - ISAN
B3 Poly Ensemble

Solvent, AKA Jason Amm, has been making his inimitable brand of Robot Pop since the Mid-90’s, simultaneously co-running the revered Suction Records since 1997, a label that even Andrew Weatherall deems as essential territory.

One of the few true classics of the new synth era, Solvent’s My Radio (from Ghostly’s Tangent 2002: Disco Nouveau) has become one of the most lasting impressions of the last few years in electro. In keeping with Ghostly’s commitment to pushing songs in the electronic realm, a coda release for the song, plus a new single, For You, was conceived between Amm and the label.

Radio Ga Ga is a concept release as much as it is a remix collection. Encouraged to create “interpretations” of the Solvent oeuvre, the featured artists have held true to the spirit of the original songs but also have added something completely new to their renditions. Mute’s electronic-pop wunderkind, Schneider TM, dusted off his Fender Mustang for his rework of My Radio, complete with new lyrics and attitude, while Holland’s electro master, Legowelt, turned the melancholy ode to the yesterday’s radio into an F.U. body-music resistance track.

Re-rubs of For You, a bizarre but funky love song, finds Suction co-founder, Lowfish, fattening the original up for the clubs and Morr Music mainstays, ISAN, stripping the song into almost an ambient seasoning of its former self.

Moody, emotive, playful and even sexy, Solvent’s music seems to find that perfect place between wit and sincerity. Producing music with an ice-cold production style but warm rich centers.

Rebotini - Music Components Web 2008

Rebotini - Music Components
Label: Citizen Records
Catalog#: CDZ023
Format: CD, Album
Country: France
Released: 20 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro
Credits: Artwork By [Design] - Tomass Further
Mastered By - Moritz von Oswald
Producer - Arnaud Rebotini
Written-By - Arnaud Rebotini
Notes: Under exclusive licence to Modulor

1 The Spirit Of Boogie (4:56)
2 Un Cheval D'Orgueil (5:41)
3 1314 (6:42)
4 Cm (5:47)
5 The Swamp Waltz (5:46)
6 Horns Of Innocence (5:04)
7 Conakry Filter Sweep (10:01)
8 777 (5:58)
9 Decade Of Aggression (4:26)
10 Mnll (11:36)

Producer and singer from Black Strobe Arnaud Rebotini was raised on funk and disco by his father nonetheless he rebelled and formed death metal and noise grunge bands. A student in computer science, he was soon seduced by technology, bought a 303, a 808 and began crafting skewed electronica and techno. In 2000 he released an album 'Organique' under the moniker Zend Avesta, an experimental pop project. A classical buff he also works for the GRM, a state institution created by veteran innovators Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer devoted to contemporary music. Arnaud is an eclectic and brilliant composer always involved in new exciting projects. He is also a great DJ surprising and moving the crowd with accurate choices. Many producers asked him remixes such like Oliver Huntemann, Zen Kei, or as Blackstrobe, The Rapure, Depeche mode Tiefswartz and many more. Aside his Blackstrobe discography Arnaud Rebotini lately released records on Kling Klong, Goodlife, and Dimmer. Now is focus on an full Album project signed on Citizen (Vitalic’s label) . Bored to composed and produced music with computers since years and since , Arnaud drop his laptop and go back to analog, and build a vintage set up with classical electro/techno machine: 2 beatbox (Roland TR 909, and TR 808) and 3 Synth (Roland SH 101, Juno 60, and a Korg Monopoly) to jam with. After 5 days of Jamming in studio, the result was 1 hour of groovy electro/techno. While his live set Arnaud only use this machines and obviously no laptop or any external sequencers. This set is made to shake the dance floor with real hot analog sound. A first 12 inch will be out in septembre , a second 12 and the Album in novembre


Andreas Herz - Ego & Psycho Vinyl 2008

Andreas Herz - Ego & Psycho
Label: MinimalRome
Catalog#: MR010
Format: Vinyl, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Italy
Released: Sep 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: EBM, Electro, New Wave
Notes: Edition limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Comes with a custom made cover in plain PVC sleeves.

A1 École Des Cadavres (7:36)
A2 Ego & Psycho (5:24)
A3 Rebis (4:28)
A4 Sinister (3:54)
B1 Hier Geht Es Nicht Durch (6:40)
B2 Hamburg Fairgrounds (8:50)
B3 Mystic Pentagram (4:35)
B4 Rebis (Reprise) (1:45)


Nacho Patrol - The Maze Of Violence (Il Labirinto Di Roma Violenta) Vinyl 2008

[MR012] Nacho Patrol - The Maze of Violence (Il Labirinto di Roma Violenta)

Legowelt presents:
Nacho Patrol - The Maze of Violence (Il Labirinto di Roma Violenta)
This obscure lost soundtrack for an even more obscure (and also lost and never finished) "Italia violenta" cop movie was recently discovered when I bought the dusty reel tapes from a restaurant owner in Fiumicino, a seaside town near Rome.
"Panter 777" aka "Il Labirinto di Roma Violenta" aka "The Maze of Violence", he told me, was directed by Gervasio Giardano in 1981 and was considered too (politically) explicit by the movie production company who dropped the project after the first screening.Apparently heavily influenced by the cult poliziesco "La polizia sta a guardare" (Ransom! Police is Watching) it tells the story about a corrupt cop who plans to kidnap some big industrial boss as an act of revenge after the cop's daughter dies in a chemical waste accident. He discovers the involvement of the catholic church and the goverment and gets entangled in a maze of corruptness and violence.

The soundtrack, an explosion of wahwah funk riffs and juicy analog synthesizers, was composed by an obscure band called Nacho Patrol. The restaurant owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was one of the band members and composed most of the tracks. (Danny Wolfers)

A MinimalRome production
All tracks written produced and performed by Danny Wolfers
Mastered by Alden Tyrell

tracklist (click for audio samples):
A1 Color Sound
A2 Chase on the Highway
A3 Sword of the Lambda
B1 Puzzles of the Golem
B2 Corruptness of Society

Available in LP (exclusive distritution) thru Clone and MC (lim. to 30 copies) only thru preorder at Mannequine mailorder).

In the MC there will be the bonus track "Panter 777".
Both formats come with a postcard

Heinrich Dressel - Escape From The Hill 2008

Heinrich Dressel - Escape From The Hill
Label: MinimalRome
Catalog#: MR011
Format: Vinyl, 12", LP
Country: Italy
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Electro
Credits: Written-By, Producer - Valerio Lombardozzi
Notes: Mastered at R.XX Studio.

The "second voyage" of Heinrich Dressel.
After the dawn from the top of the hill (at the end of the first album Mons Testaceum), a new awakening.
The obscure encounter with the Roman Consul Servius Sulpicius Galba.
The discovery of the Horrea Sulpicia...

Dai negletti cocci del Testaccio era uscita una nuova luce per le conoscenze del mondo romano.

tracklist (click for audio samples):
A1 The bright side
A2 Escape from the hill
A3 Porticus Aemilia
B1 Lost into the Horrea Sulpicia
B2 Sailing from Ripa Grande
B3 The dark side

Hadamard - Ignorance Is Bliss Vinyl 2007

Hadamard - Ignorance Is Bliss
Label: Transient Force
Catalog#: TF007
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: US
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Electro
Notes: This black labeled record comes in a plain white sleeve and with a separate artwork inlay.
All housed in a plastic transparent sleeve.

1 spiritualisation of cruelty
2 in the land of the blind
3 i want to know
4 take me away
5 sanko sakusen
The 3rd vinyl installment from Miami's Transient Force imprint is from Hadamard. An alias of Janko Bartelink from Holland who is already known for his productions on the Bunker Robot Dystopia series. His harsh, dark and robotic sound explorations will appeal to anyone into the music from Der Zyklus, Vmax or Frustrated Funk.


As1 - Mvsm

03.In The End
04.Lets Be Honest
05.Pounding Steel
06.Reflective Reflection
09.Stomping Grounds
10.Tinman Boogie
11.Unpredictable Tomorrow
12.Lets Be Honest (The Exaltics Remix)

Throbbing Gristle - Discography

Banda: Throbbing Gristle
Gênero: Industrial, Noise, Post-Punk
Site Oficial

1977 - The Second Annual Report
1978 - D.O.A. The Third And Final Report
1979 - 20 Jazz Funk Greats
1980 - Funk Beyond Jazz
1980 - Heathen Earth (The Live Sound Of T.G.)
1981 - Dimensia In Excelsis
1981 - Mission Of Dead Souls- The Last Live Performance
1982 - Journey Through A Body
1984 - In The Shadow Of The Sun
1986 - Cd1
2001 - The First Annual Report Of Throbbing Gristle
2004 - Mutant Throbbing Gristle
2004 – Now
2007 - Part Two - The Endless Not

Die Form - Discography

Country: France
Genre: Industrial/Electrogoth

Die Form 1 - 1978
Die Puppe - 1982


Some Experiences With Shock - 1984


Virgin Flavour 2 - 1986

Archives & Documents - 1988
Part 1 / Part 2


Photogrammes - 1988

Corpus Delicti - 1990

Ad Infinitum - 1991


Confessions - 1992

Suspiria De Profundis - 1994

L'âme Électrique - 1995

Vicious Circle - 1996
Duality - 1997


Histories - 1998

Extremum - 2000


AKT - Sideprojects & Experimental Collection - 2001
Part 1 / Part 2


InHuman - 2004

The Visionary Garden - 2005

ExHuman - 2006

Bach Project - 2008