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Lowfish - Frozen and Broken CD 2008

Lowfish - Frozen&Broken
Label: Noise Factory Records
Catalog#: NOISECD941
Format: CD, Album, Digipak
Country: Canada
Released: 14 Oct 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Electro
Credits: Mastered By - Stephanie Villa
Producer, Written-By - Gregory De Rocher
Notes: All tracks written and produced 2008. Most sounds are a JP6, evolver, odyssey, 808, DRM-1, CS20M, pulse, logic & macs.

Mastered at Stephen Marsh Mastering.

1 Things Fall Apart (6:19)
2 Frozen & Broken (6:27)
3 DFD (4:09)
4 Knives (5:47)
5 Lies (4:07)
6 Little Mistakes (6:35)
7 Engine (4:16)
8 Claustrophobe (5:33)
9 The Bite That Bleeds (4:34)
10 Pulled & Put Back (3:29)

Hear all samples at once - Listen!
DPS brings the electro once more.

This is Lowfish rebuilt and reassembled. Well known for his
punishing analog electro and catchy melodic electronica, Canada's
Lowfish will release his 6th full-length album in North America
October 14, 2008 on Noise Factory Records. Frozen & Broken
represents Lowfish's most complex, most brooding and most cohesive
record to date. The playful robotics of yesteryear is well in
place, but it's the fine detail of machinery and staccato bass
that now take the fore. This is a record steeped in the craft of
electronic music and strives to work both on and off the dance
floor. It's a record painstakingly produced with both state of the
art digital tools and an ever malfunctioning, temperamental room
full of dated synths and rhythm boxes. Frozen & Broken is ten
brand new Lowfish tracks covering perfectly formed midnight techno
variants, themes to a Blade Runner-esque metropolis and Artificial
Intelligence era IDM rammed with the ethos of Detroit electro.

Where has minimal, brooding techno been all these years? Actual
techno - not the ignorant man's umbrella term for the vast gamut
of electronic music out there. Where has it been? Festering on the
borders of our musical subconscious, that's where. Now, Toronto's
Gregory De Rocher aka Lowfish, attempts to bring the brooding
squiggles and pulsing drum patters back to the forefront of our
imagination with Frozen & Broken.

Frozen & Broken is an ultra-modern dune buggy ride through the
desolate ruins of future cities. The jagged electronic whirs and
wavering synth pads that De Rocher employs stir up a hallowed
wasteland, on which the remnants of decadence and industry can be
found. Tracks like Things Fall Apart and Knives weave
straight-ahead drum punctuations with strained electronic scrapes
and crunches - a measured back drop to the stringent use of
overwrought synthesizer melodies that struggle to be heard and
then disintegrate into nothingness. De Rocher's attempt to create
an album that simmers in manic disquiet yet never boils over is
achieved through the mere consistency of distopian imagery that
Frozen & Broken tends to evoke.

However, even with its brooding conceptual implications carrying
the album to its conclusion, there is a desire for something more.
More tones to feast on, more atmosphere to be immersed within.
Frozen & Broken does nothing to impress beyond its self-imposed
limitations. Listening to the unhealthy tones of The Bite That
Bleeds you realize the album would be a fitting addition to a film
like Fight Club, if that movie didn't already have a fantastic
soundtrack by the Dust Brothers. De Rocher doesn't quite find that
visceral insidiousness that the Dust Brothers manage to achieve,
but the effort is consistent and enjoyable nonetheless.


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