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Survival Unit - fentanyl martyrs

Survival unit los legendarios guerrilleros del power electronics sueco. Para quitarse el sueño y pasar a la acción nihilista, para los que desayunan molotovs, a ellos este disco. Se incluye también en la descarga el ep titulado "NO SURRENDER". Gritemos junto a survival unit: "No surrender, no surrender to the new world order".

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Kommando - Necroinvasiv (2007)

Proyecto paralelo del miembro masculino de Thorofon, muy recomendado. Un disco interesante para todos los que gustan del power electronics de vieja escuela.

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Thorofon - This summer suicide (2003)

*12/02/09 Link reparado // Repaired link

Excelente clásico del power electronics alemán, con ritmos repetitivos y enfermizos, voces agresivas y movilizantes, trabajando sus conceptos en base a la sobre-identificación con las ideas de control y represión de las corporaciones y organismos financieros globales, innovaron en el mensaje contracultural, mostrando la hipocresía y la violencia de la dominación sin ningún tipo de atenuantes. Sin duda para no dejar de escuchar!

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Anenzephalia - Anenzephalia (1996)

Septiembre 1996. Disco en vivo de un grupo que marcó una raya en los anales de la industria germana. Testigos aseguran que fue una experiencia cuasi religiosa, de voces apocalípticas e impulsos electrónicos para levantar espíritus. Editado en 2001 por el sello sueco "Death Factory".

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Anenzephalia – Ephemeral Dawn

r-1076683-1190318419One of the Tesco Organisations’ first releases, Anenzephalia surfaces again with a seminal re-release not only for the Mannheim label, but for industrial music in general. The 11 pieces are drawn from live recordings made between 1992 and 1995 at events held in Kriszthell, Drais Sanatory, 4th Floor Institute,et al.

Those who didn’t get their clammy hands on one of only 750 vinyl copies can take comfort in this digipack re-release. And that’s where the comfort ends. One of the few industrial releases beyond the early 1980s that encapsulates genuine death factory ambience, Dawn is an analogue tour through distorted voices and looped torture machinery, interspersed with analogue winds and inhuman atmospheres.

Anenzephalia’s production is terse, and slightly understated. The handy booklet proclaims, “Here the Dream Dies!” and grainy photo layouts portray torture and death in that recurring obscenity tactfully surnamed “America and the Middle East”. The music is droning, looped and disturbingly compelling. What is so masterful about this release is an ideal lacking in some contemporary industrial power-merchantry . It’s quite simple really: The production is executed with authority and craft, building tension and depth. Not relying on saturating the listener with production overkill and noise gimmicks. IMO.

Ephemeral Dawn simultaneously injects a sense of utter foreboding and hopelessness, whilst relentless samples of mechanised death and decay throb underneath reversed voice-loops and horror film electronics. Somewhat reminiscent of being strapped into a chair and played snuff movies for hour after hour. This is the spirit of genuine claustrophobia and disturbance that early industrial sought. And gradually lost. Dawn’s production is seething and frightening, yet never overplayed. Low hertz frequencies vibrate the nerves and a sense of icy control permeates its collage-like design. “Schockwelle: Krisis” loops the gasping and splashing of some poor sod being held underwater, emulating the rising/falling electronic wind prevailing in TG’s “Hamburger Lady”. That one will stay with you. Track 8, “Liebombast” had to be my favourite. Omnipresent and reverbed strings propel the baleful, disturbed lyrics of B/Moloch, Anenzephalia’s sole member.

Disturbing, soundtrackish and hypnotic. Brilliant. This is an important moment in industrial music, particularly in the charting of its developments and offshoots from the late 1980s period until the present day. This is “Industrial Music for Industrial People”, as once put. If you’re not one of the lucky 750, do yourself a grisly favour and order one. From now on, forget leaving animal entrails and bloody pentagrams on your neighbours’ doorsteps. Rotate this CD instead. Frequently.

01 – Beneath the Shroud
02 – Regime
03 – Kachexie
04 – Infernal Wake
05 – Thaum
06 – Abiding Broadcast Contamination
07 – Genealogy of Disease
08 – Liebombast
09 – Shockwelle – Krisis
10 – Ultra Fear Perception
11 – Coroners Eyes (Global Obsequies)

Ephemeral Dawn

Brighter Death Now – The Slaughterhouse

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Brighter Death Now’s debut full length cd.
Total catacomb ambience.

01 – Dead Bones
02 – Cadaver
03 – Death Party
04 – The Last Call
05 – Grave
06 – Death Consumers
07 – Grave-Cracker
08 – Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse

Lille Roger – Golden Shower


Lille Roger was Roger Karmanik’s band before the conception of Brighter Death Now. This is a compilation CD of selected tracks from 1985 to 1988.

All “Untitled” tracks aren’t listed on the sleeve.
Tracks 1, 3 & 4 are from “A Celebration” split-LP 1985.
Taken directly from vinyl. Enhanced at Re-Enter Salvation, 1993.
Track 6 is previously unreleased, 1985.
Track 7 is from “… According To De Selby” compilation LP 1985.
Track 9 is from “For Life” cassette 1985.
Track 10 is from “Myths of a near future” compilation cassette 1986.
Tracks 11, 13 & 15 are taken from “Älskar Dig” cassette 1986.
Tracks 16 & 18 are taken from “Rock N Roll” split-cassette 1986.
Tracks 20, 21 & 22 are from “Undead” 7″ EP 1987.
Track 23 is from “Döda Talar Inte” compilation cassette 1988.

01 – My Girl
02 – Untitled
03 – Hamburg -35
04 – Empty Flesh
05 – Untitled
06 – 478:5 pt 2
07 – They Burn
08 – Untitled
09 – Free at Last
10 – Zum Morgen
11 – Triumph
12 – Untitled
13 – A Rare Experience
14 – Untitled
15 – The Story of K
16 – Today I’m Deadly
17 – Untitled
18 – Touch Me
19 – Untitled
20 – Undead
21 – Unit 731
22 – In Himmel
23 – Hear Me

Golden Shower

Inade - 2009 The Incarnation of the Solar Architects [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient]

Classic band in our music world! One of the pioniers of dark sound!

Label: Loki Foundation
Catalog#: LOKI 50
Format: CD, Album
Released:May 2009
CD comes in a 6-panel digipak. All material sculptured at various locations 2004 - 2008.
The final mixing & editing made from September 2008 till March 2009 at Lightchannel.

"To Will, To Know, To Dare, To Be Silent"


The Engine Of The Mind (8:10)
Abandoned Inferno (5:19)
A Lefthanded Sign (7:12)
Altar To The Unknown (5:55)
The Tellurian Vortex (6:18)
The World Behind The World (6:29)
From The Angle Of Aleph (6:06)
The Veil Of Eternal Unity (5:37)
Canon Of Proportion (6:04)
Aion Teleos (6:05)


VA - Dimension of a Coffin 1991 vinyl LP ltd.800 [cmi 10]

[Dark Ambient, Industrial]

Vinyl, LP, Compilation , Limited edition of 800 copies.


A1 ConSono Satans Flute (2:51)
A2 ConSono A Ritual (3:19)
A3 Morthond* Dwimordene (4:00)
A4 Morthond* The Path Of Death (3:54)
A5 Archon Satani Voices Of Insanity (3:42)
A6 Archon Satani Grief... (Taste Of Death) (3:32)
B1 Embrocation Modus Vivendi (5:50)
B2 Embrocation Of Unknown Age (2:03)
B3 Mental Destruction Metamorphoses (4:14)
B4 Mental Destruction ...And The Fire (4:10)
B5 Systema As We Go Astray (3:03)
B6 Systema Let Me Come Inside You (4:16)


Le Syndicat Électronique - Defending Man (1999)

Le Syndicat Électronique - A1 - Defending Man
Le Syndicat Électronique - A2 - Shooting Star
Le Syndicat Électronique - B1 - No Message
Le Syndicat Électronique - B2 - Crashland


mardi 14 juillet 2009

The Swanks - Die when you Die (GG ALlin COver)

GG Allin & The Southern Baptists - Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me ( 7" )

Side A - Look Into my Eyes and Hate Me
Side B - Hotel Clermont (My Whorehouse) + Bónus

Original Release Date: 1993

└ Today's Video ┘

GG Allin - Highest Power at The Gas Station (soundcheck)

Black Flag

Black Flag - Annihilate This Week Ep
Black Flag - Damaged
Black Flag - Damaged Demo
Black Flag - Decline Of The Western
Black Flag - Demo Stuff
Black Flag - Demo's Plus More 1982
Black Flag - demo sessions
Black Flag - Everything Went Black
Black Flag - Family Man
Black Flag - Golden Age Studios Demo 5-81
Black Flag - I Can See You Ep
Black Flag - In My Head
Black Flag - Live 81
Black Flag - Live 1984
Black Flag - Live Fenders Lounge
Black Flag - Live Electric Banana
Black Flag - Live At The Starwood In La, CA 8.3.81
Black Flag - Live 8th March 1981
Black Flag - Licorice Pizza Ep
Black Flag - Jealous Again Ep
Black Flag - Live Spray Paint The Walls Bootleg 2006
Black Flag - Live In Passaic NJ 12.25.81
Black Flag - Live Spokane 1985
Black Flag - Live In Tampa 5-21-82
Black Flag - Live Polliwog Park, Manhattan Beach, CA. 22 jul 79
Black Flag - Live At The Calderon 1982
Black Flag - Live In Denver Benefit For The WM3
Black Flag - My War
Black Flag - Louie Louie Ep
Black Flag - Loose Nut
Black Flag - Live With Rollins And Morris
Black Flag - Live Stanley Theater
Black Flag - Live Salt Lake City 6-28-82
Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown Ep
Black Flag - No deposit no return
Black Flag - North Park Lions Club, San Diego - Live
Black Flag - NLPC, Live In San Diego (other version)
Black Flag - Rollins Band - 2003 July 7 Cologne Live
Black Flag - Police Story Live Ep
Black Flag - Panic 78 Demo
Black Flag - The Last Show - Live In Detroit, Michigan 06.28.86
Black Flag - The First Four Years
Black Flag - Spray Paint Live Ep
Black Flag - Rollins Band - 2003 July 7 Cologne Live
Black Flag - Slip It In
Black Flag - The Process Of Weeding Out
Black Flag - Tv Party Ep
Black Flag - Wasted...Again
Black Flag - White Minority Live At The Starship Club Milwauke

V/A - Everybody Loves Antiseen [2006]

Various Artists
Everybody Loves Antiseen [2006]

*Disco 1
1. Cosmorado Oa5599-Thee Cosmic Commander Of Wrestling
2. Kill the Business-Limecell
3. Ugly American-Brody's Militia
4. Ruby, Get Back to the Hills-Hank Williams III
5. I Didn't Ask You For Nothing-Loose Screws
6. Self-Induced Lobotomy-Bumpin' Uglies
7. Wife Beater-Volatile Baby
8. Leeches & Losers-Hellstomper
9. We Got This Far (Without You)-The Faggot Kings
10. Cop Out-Drat!
11. Weight of the World-Dark Ryders
12. Star Whore-Nothing But Puke
13. You're Gonna Tote an Asskickin'-The Deviltones
14. Sabu-Savage City Outlaws
15. People Like You-Simon Stokes
16. Mill Workin' Man-The Poppin Mamas
17. Violence Now-Ike Frasier
18. Hippy Punk-Rancid Vat
19. Funk U-Before I Hang
20. Up All Night-Self-Made Monsters
21. Walking Dead-The Nerds
22. Scapegoat-The Boils
23. Melting Pot-Cianide
24. Evil Rock N Roll-Tom O'Keefe
25. Old Man Hit the Road-Rock N' Roll Outlaw
26. Misery-Gideon Smith
27. Date Rape-Bootleg Bill
28. If I Had a Million Bucks-Blowfly
29. Fuck All Y'All-The Hammerocks

*Disco 2
1. Run My World-Texas Terri Bomb
2. Spare Change-The Bad Vibes
3. I'm a Baby Face Killer-Torg
4. Drug Through the Heavy Ass Mud-Rawhead
5. People Like You-Jeff Dahl
6. Shittin' in High Cotton-Sweet GA Brown
7. Queen City Stomp-Bloody Mary
8. Cactus Jack-The Tunnel Rats
9. Justifiable Homicide-Super Swamper
10. Death Train Comin'-Zeke
11. NC Royalty-D.O.C.
12. Tortured Soul-Marlon Cherry
13. Billy the Kid-Hammerlock
14. White Trash Bitch-The Thrill Killers
15. Stormtrooper-Genocide Superstars
16. Glad I Am the Way I Am-Born Bavarian
17. Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag-Polecat Boogie Revival
18. Warhero-Brothers Of Freaks
19. Watch the Bastards Fry-The Bulemics
20. Nothing's Cool-Clamp
21. Fornication-The Deuce Frehley Band
22. Trapped in Dixie-Empire Falls
23. Hammerhead-The Hookers
24. Absent Minded-Dr. Shock & The Go Go Monsters
25. Od For Me-The Botched Suicides
26. Animals Eat 'Em-Skeleton Army
27. Destructo Rock-XXX Smut
28. Fuck All Y'All-Chaos U.K.

*Disco 1
*Disco 2

viernes 19 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Best Of Antiseen [2008]

Best Of Antiseen [2008]

*Disco 1
1. Queen City Stomp
2. Nothing's Cool
3. Destructo Rock
4. I Don't Ask You For Nothing
5. Hammerhead
6. Wifebeater
7. Warhero
8. Nc Royalty
9. White Trash Bitch
10. Ruby, Ruby Get Back To the Hills
11. Up All Night
12. Hippy Punk
13. On Your Kness
14. Twisted Brain
15. Burnin' Money
16. My God Can Beat Up Your God
17. Kill the Business
18. Two Headed Dog
19. Walking Dead
20. Haunted House

*Disco 2
1. Death Train Comin'
2. Leeches & Losers
3. Last Days On Earth
4. Hate For Power
5. Fornication
6. Today Your Love/Stormtrooper
7. Animals, Eat Em
8. Star Whore
9. Trapped In Dixie
10. Fuck All Yall
11. Cactus Jack
12. Ugly American
13. Spare Change
14. Billy the Kid
15. Od For Me
16. Jailhouse
17. Guns Ablazin'
18. Alpha Male
19. Ftk
20. Pledge Allegiance To the Bomb

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Hank III Split [2006]

Antiseen & Hank III Split [2006]

1. Hank III-Ruby Get Back To The Hills
2. Antiseen-F.T.K.

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Texas Terri Split [2005]

Antiseen & Texas Terri Split [2005]

1. Texas Terri-Dirty Action
2. Antiseen-Beat On The Brat

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Limecell Split [2005]

Antiseen & Limecell Split [2005]

1. Antiseen-Destroyer
2. Limecell-The Seeker

jueves 18 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Electric Frankenstein Split [2004]

Antiseen & Electric Frankenstein Split [2004]

1. Antiseen-Weight Of The World
2. Electric Frankenstein-Burn Bright, Burn Fast!

Antiseen (usa) Badwill Ambassadors [2004]

Badwill Ambassadors [2004]

1. Intro: Thee Cosmic Commander Of Wrestling
2. Alpha Male
3. Alive & Unwell
4. Scapegoat
5. Weight Of The World
6. F.T.K.
7. The Dean Of Sods Returns
8. The Devil Meets The Longhaired Weirdo
9. Cosmo's Cosmic Cookie
10.Ten Pounds Of Shit In A Five Pound Bag
11.No Apologies
12.Cosmo In The Sudan
13.Dear Abby
14.From Parts Unknown
15.Pledge Allegiance To The Bomb
16.Q-Pid (A Twisted Lesson)

Antiseen (usa) Screamin' Bloody Live [2002]

Screamin' Bloody Live [2002]

1. Guns Ablazin'
2. Commando
3. Six Days on the Road
4. Wife Beater
5. Od For Me
6. Ten Pounds of Shit in a 5-Pound Bag
7. Hammerhead
8. Ruby Get Back to the Hills
9. Sod
10. Fornication
11. I'm a Babyface Killer
12. Funk U
13. Cactus Jack
14. Sabu 1
15. Fuck All Ya'll
16. Melting Pot
17. I Don't Like You
18. Intro: The Cosmic Commander of Wrestling
19. Today Your Love
20. Stormtrooper
21. Two Headed Dog
22. My God Can Beat up Your God
23. Perfect to the Rescue
24. Hellstomper

Antiseen (usa) All Live, No Jive: Destructo Wehrmacht EP [2002]

All Live, No Jive: Destructo Wehrmacht EP [2002]

1. Star Whore
2. Sod
3. Sabu
4. Cactus Jack

miércoles 17 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Hookers Split [2002]

Antiseen & Hookers Split [2002]

1. Antiseen-All The Lessons
2. Hookers-Can't Get Enough

Antiseen (usa) Drastic / E.P. Royalty [2002]

Drastic / E.P. Royalty [2002]

The Drastic EP
1. Queen City Stomp
2. She's Part Of The Scene
3. Rumors
4. Psycho Path
5. Absent Minded
6. Nothing's Cool
7. Destructo Rock
E.P. Royalty
8. N.C. Royalty
9. If I Had A Million Bucks
11.Ruby, Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
12.Constant Nagging
13.Cop Out
14.She's Part Of The Scene (Version II)

martes 16 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Boys From Brutalsville [2001]

Boys From Brutalsville [2001]

1. Intro
2. Guns Ablazin'
3. Run My World
4. Six Days On the Road
5. Melting Pot
6. Smoke & Fire
7. Brokw Down Blues
8. Commando
9. Sod
11.I'm a Babyface Killer
12.Talk Show Trash

Antiseen (usa) 15 Minutes Of Fame, 15 Years Of Infamy [2000]

15 Minutes Of Fame, 15 Years Of Infamy [2000]

1. Intro: Bavarian Spice
2. Queen City Stomp
3. Destructo Rock
4. Kill The Business
5. Up All Night
6. Hippy Punk
7. I Wish I Had Killed You
8. I Don't Need You
9. 2 Headed Dog
10.'Cause I Love You
11.Walking Dead
12.Haunted House
13.It Looks Good For Them To Care
14.Fuck All Ya'll
15.Psycho Killer
16.Heavy Mud
17.The Singing Grandfather
19.I Can't Control Myself
20.Date Rape
21.Violence Now
25.Hate For Power
26.People Like You

*Parte 1
*Parte 2

lunes 15 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Blood Battles of the South-Live in Tampa '96 [1999]

Blood Battles of the South-Live in Tampa '96 [1999]

1. Up All Night
2. Self Induced Lobotomy
3. Tote An Ass Kicking
4. Needle And The Spoon
5. N.C. Royalty
6. Cactus Jack

domingo 14 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) One Live Sonofabitch [1997]

One Live Sonofabitch [1997]

1. Today Your Love
2. Stormtrooper
3. Animals Eat 'em
4. I've Aged Twenty Years In Five
5. Glad I Am The Way I Am
6. Haunted House
7. Thanks A Lot
8. Queen City Stomp
9. Deeds Of The Damned
1o.Cactus Jack
11.Trapped In Dixie
12.Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
14.Star Whore
15.I Dont Like You
16.Fuck All Ya 'll

Antiseen (usa) Thanks A Lot EP [1996]

Thanks A Lot EP [1996]

1. Thanks a Lot (Ernest Tubb)
2. (We Will Not) Remember you (Anti-Nowhere League)
3. Space is the Place (Sun Ra)

sábado 13 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Here To Ruin Your Groove [1996]

Here To Ruin Your Groove [1996]

1. Ugly American
2. The Dean Of Sods Speaks
3. Spare Change
4. People Like You
5. The Dean Of Sods Speaks
6. Funk U (A Tribut To Terry Funk)
7. Misery
8. The Dean Of Sod Speaks
9. We Got This Far (Without You)
10.Radio Ruined Groove
11.Billy The Kid (A Real American Hero)
12.Self Induced Lobotomy
13.Sick Things
14.O.D. For Me
15.Needle And The Spoon
16.The Dean Of Sod Speaks
17.Justifiable Homicide
19.Fuck All Ya'll

Antiseen (usa) The Destructo Years [1995]

The Destructo Years [1995]

1. Queen City Stomp
2. Rumors
3. Psycho Path
4. Absent Minded
5. Nothing's Cool
6. Destructo Rock
7. I Don't Ask You For Nothing
8. Jail Bait
9. Meat Market
10.Lil' Sister
11.Drug Thru The Mud
12.Tourtured Soul
13.Colorado OA5599
14.Hammer Head
15.Wife Beater
16.War Hero
17.Face Full Of Teeth
18.N.C. Royalty
19.Million Bucks
20.White Trash Bitch
21.Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
22.Constant Nagging
23.Cop Out
24.She's Part Of The Scene
25.Cock On The Loose
26.Death Train
27.Surfin' Bird
28.Mill Workin' Man

viernes 12 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Seducer Split [1994]

Antiseen & Seducer Split [1994]

1. Seducer-Black Sheep
2. Antiseen-Cactus Jack
3. Antiseen-I Don't Like You

Antiseen (usa) Hell [1994]

Hell [1994]

1. (Don't Worry) If There Is Hell Below
2. I Have Always Been Here Before
3. Taking Care Of Business
4. Thanks A Lot
5. Haunted House
6. Deeds Of The Damned
7. You're Gonna Tote An Ass Kickin
8. I Don't Like You
9. Psycho Killer
10. Masters Of The Sky
11. It All Breaks Down
12. Cactus Jack
13. I Saw The Light
14. Chicken
15. Positively 4th Street
16. (We Will Not) Remember You
17. Space Is The Place
18. Today Your Love
19. I Don't Ask You For Nothing
20. The Witch
21. Bloody Hammer
22. Mean Woman Blues
23. (Don't Worry) If There Is Hell Below
24. Sick Things

jueves 11 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Antiseen & Rancid Vat Split [1994]

Antiseen & Rancid Vat Split [1994]

1. Rancid Vat-Face Full Of Teeth
2. Antiseen-Deeds Of The Damned

Antiseen (usa) Raid Over Europe [1993]

Raid Over Europe [1993]

1. Jailbait
2. Psycho Killer
3. My God Can Beat Up Your God
4. Fuck All Y'All

miércoles 10 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Masters Of The Sky [1993]

Masters Of The Sky [1993]

1. Masters Of The Sky
2. 1969

Antiseen (usa) Eat More Possum [1993]

Eat More Possum [1993]

1. Intro: The Cosmic Commander of Wrestling
2. Today Your Love
3. Stormtrooper
4. I've Aged Twenty Years in Five
5. Cactus Jack
6. Warning
7. Animals...Eat 'Em
8. Glad I Am the Way I Am
9. Dean of Sods Speaks, The
10. Jack Starr
11. Destroy Them All
12. Shittin' in High Cotton
13. Star Whore
14. Break It Off
15. Jack B Gets Framed
16. Trapped in Dixie
17. Fuck All Y'All
18. Jack Starr #2

martes 9 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) The Evil Ones [1992]

The Evil Ones [1992]

1. Bloody Hammer
2. I Have Always Been Here Before
3. The Singing Grandfather

Antiseen (usa) Witch EP [1991]

Witch EP [1991]

1. Today Your Love Tomorrow/I Don't Ask You
2. The Witch

Antiseen (usa) Southern Hostility [1991]

Southern Hostility [1991]

1. Death Train Comin'
2. Leeches & Losers
3. Evil Rock 'N' Roll
4. My God Can Beat Up Your God
5. Kick In The Head
6. Kill The Business
7. Last Days On Earth
8. Old Man, Hit The Road
9. Small Town Schizo
10.Watch The Bastard Fry
11.Slice You Open
12.Hate For Power
13.Ivory Towers
14 .Self Destruction

Antiseen (usa) Destructo Blitzkrieg [1990]

Destructo Blitzkrieg [1990]

1. Up All Night
2. Hippie Punk
3. I Wish I Had Killed You When I Had The Chance
4. I Don't Need You
5. Two Headed Dog
6. 'Cause I Love You
7. Walking Dead
8. Haunted House

lunes 8 de diciembre de 2008

Antiseen (usa) Noise For The Sake Of Noise [1989]

Noise For The Sake Of Noise [1989]

1. On Your Knees
2. Two-Headed Dog
3. Wife Beater
4. Mill Workin' Man
5. Positively 4th Street
6. Cop Out
7. Twisted Brain
8. Psycho Path
9. Nothing's Cool
10. I Don't Care
11. Burnin' Money
12. Crack of Dawn
13. Up All Night
14. N.C. Royalty
15. Hammerhead
16. Destructo Rock
17. Leeches and Loosers
18. Cock on the Loose
19. Death Train (In a Cold Sweat)
20. Surfin' Bird
21. Mill Workin' Man-(Version 2)

Antiseen (usa) Raw Shit [1988]

Raw Shit [1988]

1. Queen City Stomp
2. She's Part Of The Scene
3. Rumours
4. Psycho Path
5. Absent Minded
6. Nothing's Cool
7. Destructo Rock
8. Jailbait
9. Lil' Sister
10.You Can't Touch Me There
11.Cock On The Loose
12.Death Train
13.Surfin' Bird
14.Mill Workin' Man

Antiseen (usa) Honour Among Thieves [1988]

Honour Among Thieves [1988]

1. N.C. Royalty
2. I Don't Ask You For Nuthin'
3. Jailbait
4. Absent Minded
5. Meat Market
6. Queen City Stomp
7. Lil' Sister
8. Drug Thru The Mud
9. Tourtured Soul
10.Colorado OA5599
14.White Trash Bitch
15.Ruby, Ruby
16.Face Full Of Teeth
17.Destructo Rock

Antiseen (usa) Blood Of Freaks [1988]

La mayor parte de las bandas tienen la suerte de existir veinticinco minutos. ANTISEEN tiene veinticinco años de vida. Ellos lograran sostenerse sin amamantar de las ubres aumentadas de la vaca gorda corporativa esto hace su longevidad mucho más impresionante. El factor en su lírica abrasiva, polémica y sus confrontales shows en vivo, y su longevidad jode asombrosamente.
ANTISEEN a forjado su reputación sobre hechos, no palabras. Ellos no esperaron a alguien más para reconocer lo que son ellos hicieron, ellos salieron sobre el camino y trabajado en el circuito de la honesta vieja escuela DIY. Sudor de sangre y lágrimas...
Hay grabaciones, muchas de ellos. Alrededor de los 16 lp's y 40 ep's es algo significo, siempre jodiendo a las etiquetas grandes. SUB-POP, Rave, TKO, New Rose, Steel Cage y Safehouse son algunos de los independientes bastante vigorosos que editaron al poderoso ANTISEEN.
En el vivo muestra demuestran su salvajismo en todos los sentidos: volumen, derramamiento de sangre, destrucción y matanza. Olvide el emo, el rockabilly o cualquier otro subgénero, ANTISEEN entregan la estrangulada energía y la acción sin una red de seguridad de subgénero.
Hay admiradores. Un culto devoto después de atravesar el globo de la empatia jodiendo la unidad de la “escena”.
Hay alabanza y al reconocimiento de gente que le gusta como a Hank III, GG Allin, Phil Anselmo, Trent Reznor, Jello Biafra, Simon Stokes, Jack Starr, Jeff Dahl, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, Supersuckers, Nirvana, Dwarves, Zeke, Nashville Pussy y mas tarde a el gran Joey Ramone.
Su actitud ha hecho que ellos nunca se cambian. Durante veinticinco años ellos se han quedado verdaderos a los componentes básicos del gran ruido del rock and roll. Ellos nunca agotaron entradas, ellos nunca se rindieron y ellos nunca sacaron provecho. Esto es un muestra a su integridad. ANTISEEN han llevado su permanencia verdadera y su visión sin sacrificar un fragmento de integridad.
Seguramente sobre el curso de veinticinco años ellos han tenido su parte de controversia y confrontación. Calificados como cortes sin talento, maleducados, racista, homofóbicos, misóginos... ANTISEEN lo absorbe todo sin defensa. Ellos no tienen que defenderse, ellos lo saben mejor. Y ellos saben que lo que no los mata los hace más fuertes.

Blood Of Freaks [1988]

1. Up All Night
2. Hippy Punk
3. I Wish I Had Killed You When I Had The Chance
4. I Don't Need You