lundi 31 mars 2008

Megaptera - The Curse Of The Scarecrow

[Dark Ambient / Death Industrial, Sweden]


1. Disturbance
2. Cog-Wheel Machinery
3. Don't Desecrate The Dead
4. The Curse Of The Scarecrow
5. More Disturbance
6. Hear My Bowels
7. Kingdom Of Death
8. Skullfracture


Allerseelen - Gotos=Kalanda

[Industrial / Neofolk, Austria]


01. Hartung
02. Hornung
03. Lenzing
04. Ostermond
05. Wonnemond
06. Brachmond
07. Heumond
08. Ernting
09. Scheiding
10. Gilbhart
11. Nebelung
12. Julmond


Lille Roger - Undead

[Industrial, Sweden] Pre BDN


A Undead (5:07)
B1 Unit 731 (2:57)
B2 In Himmel (2:41)
Total Play Time: 00:10:45


Deutsch Nepal - The Silent Earth

[Neofolk/Industrial, Sweden]


1 Jacques-Yves Cousteau Im Memorandum
2 The Habit Of Civilisation
3 Saturation
4 The Sharks Battue
5 Bibulous
6 The Silent Earth
7 Angel Impact '95
8 Wir Kapitulieren Nie Mahl
9 Hovercraft In Dark Waters


Deutsch Nepal - Only Silence Among The Filthy

[Industrial, Sweden]


A1 Temples of Death (4:52)
A2 Only Silence Among the Filthy (6:46)
A3 The Since Long Lost Lust (5:02)
A4 9 O'Clock Mass (6:18)
B1 Tribe Assembly (5:27)
B2 In Search of Your Soul (6:37)
B3 Message 777 (1:53)
B4 Brainpiercing (1:58)
B5 Bowie Electric (5:01


Radio Werewolf - The Lightning And The Sun

[Dark Ritual Ambient, USA]


The Lightning
A1 Providence
A2 The Wild Hunt
A3 Epiphany on The Freinberg

The Sun
B1 Sleepwalker
B2 No Human Power
B3 Against Time


7/Inanna/7 - Sodom

Death Industrial / Dark Ambient, Sweden


A1 Still...Crying Jehova (1:46)
A2 Little Angel 1. Fascist Day (6:10)
A3 Ockki-Wokki (Cum Terror) (3:21)
A4 Dark Halls-Red Orgie (6:36)
A5 Little Angel Il (Dedicated To Lotten) (1:35)
B1 Dissasst.666 (6:46)
B2 Laws Of Pier Paolo (3:11)
B3 Wacky Masturb. (5:32)
B4 Dead Control Mind 6XL (3:45)


Inanna - Project.Inanna.Dead.Inanna

[Death Industrial / Dark Ambient / Experimental, Sweden]


A1 Remain Dead 1-3 (Uggae) (10:01)
A2 Awakening Remain (5:42)
A3 Re-Enter My Skull (1:03)
A4 Hole... (14:02)
B1 Cold/Cold/Cold (3:30)
B2 Weakness (3:29)
B3 Untitled (0:47)
B4 Office Ov The Demon / Pazuzu (6:55)
B5 Ag Shittu Ag / Alla Xul-Dingir Xul (7:01)
B6 Zi Dingir Anna Kanpal (7:03)


Megaptera - You Will Never Survive This Nightmare

[Death Industrial / Dark Ambient, Sweden]

A1 Inoculated Death (2:14)
A2 Dèsirer Avoir Le Douleur (5:49)
A3 Damage Mind (7:25)
A4 Brain Surgery (6:26)
A5 Gut Transplantation (7:32)
A6 The Recovering (9:44)
B1 Murder Introduction (6:48)
B2 Research Of Epileptic Attacks (2:48)
B3 Graveyard Of Bones (6:46)
B4 Entraced By Death (12:13)
B5 Anthropophagy (3:39)
B6 Experimental Noise (10:59)

Part 1
Part 2

Deutsch Nepal - Behind A Wall Of Silence

[Industrial / Dark Ambient, Sweden]


A1 Saeta
A2 Behind A Wall Of Silence
A3 We're All Prostitutes
B1 King Misery
B2 Tintomara
B3 As Stupidity Discovered
B4 Deutsch Nepal


Les Joyaux De La Princesse - 1940-1944

[Industrial / Martial / Neoclassical. France]


1-1 Exode (13:31)
1-2 Témoignage (1:58)
1-3 Jours Sombres (4:46)
1-4 Automne 1941 (2:52)
1-5 Le Tambour (3:29)
1-6 Le Drapeau (2:56)
1-7 Le Petit Garçon (2:53)
1-8 Dernier Éditorial (3:08)
2-1 Untitled (4:08)
2-2 Untitled (6:49)
2-3 Untitled (6:00)
2-4 Unitlted (4:12)
2-5 Untitled (6:41)
2-6 Marche Funèbre (10:39)
2-7 Untitled (1:26)
2-8 Messe Solennelle (12:19)
3-1 Untitled (2:53)
3-2 Untitled (2:35)
3-3 Untitled (3:59)
3-4 Untitled (3:00)
3-5 Untitled (3:08)
3-6 Untitled (3:28)
3-7 Untitled (0:15)
3-8 Untitled (3:02)
3-9 Untitled (3:16)
3-10 Untitled (3:57)
3-11 Untitled (3:11)
3-12 Untitled (3:08)
3-13 Untitled (2:49)
3-14 Untitled (3:26)
3-15 Untitled (2:56)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Archon Satani - Virgin Birth ... (Born Again)


[Dark Ritual / Dark Ambient / Industrial, Sweden]


1 In The Body Ov Christ (6:06)
2 Chambers Ov Death (3:53)
3 Insain With Fear (4:29)
4 Hymn Ov Despair (4:08)
5 Nailed (4:22)
6 Breath With Mortality (4:04)
7 Sanitorium Ov Christ (5:08)
8 Witchcraft Holocaust (4:44)
9 Ritual Murder (6:10)
10 Female Muslim Genital Disposal (4:41)
11 You Will Burn (4:48)



[A dark ritual project, playing eerie and haunting industrial ambient music with a satanic background, obsessive percussions and frightening demonic voices. The original line-up consisted of Tomas Pettersson and Mikael Stravöstrand. They worked together from 1990 to 1993, then the former went on to form Ordo Equilibrio, while the latter continued under the name Archon Satani, as well as with his other project Inanna. Highly recommended.]

Ain Soph - Ars Regia

[Dark Ambient / Industrial. Italy. Athanor]


1 V.I.T.R.I.O.L. (6:37)
2 Credo (G. Kremmerz) (5:38)
3 Lapis Niger (7:41)
4 Honorii Ponteficis Evocatio (6:18)
5 Gradalis (5:53)
6 Apathanathismos (15:25)


Death In June & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Östenbräun

[Neofolk / Industrial / Experimental. UK. France. Les Joyaux De La Princesse]


A1 Les Cavaliers Du Crépuscule
A2 Heilige...
A3 The Congress
A5 Östenbräun (Collaboration I)
A6 Nichts
B1 Blood By Despair (Collaboration II)
B2 Östenmarsch
B3 Östenbräun
B4 Triumph Of The Will
C1 Interview with Douglas P. of Death In June
D1 Theme



[This a digipak CD reissue of the limited edition Östenbräun 2xCassette Box (SB 01), with some additions and omissions. There is also a limited special edition of this CD that comes in a cardboard box with one 15x10 cm and two 17x12 cm sized cards of which one is signed. It is limited to 300 copies. Included to all is an 8-page booklet. Distributed via World Serpent Distribution.

Tracks 1-8 & 11 are from Östenbräun 2xCassette Box [Note: Tracks B3 ("Östenbräun"), C1 ("Interview with Douglas P. of Death In June") and D1 ("Theme") were not reissued here]. Tracks 9-10 are previously unreleased.]

Ain Soph - Kshatriya

[Experimental Occult Industrial. Italy. Musica Maxima Magnetica]


1 Decimus Gradus (5:07)
2 Monsalvat (8:15)
3 I.A.O. (9:30)
4 Kshatriya (5:25)
5 Stella Maris (14:09)


dimanche 30 mars 2008

Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Aux Petits Enfants De France


The wonderful first release from one of my favorite artists of all time. Les Joyaux De La Princesse is Erik Konofal. Each of his releases present an exhaustively-researched historical point of interest, always dealing with the state of Europe (and France in particular) in the era building up to and during World War II. It's difficult to pidgeonhole him into a particular genre, but industrial is the one most commonly associated with him. His compositions range from droning industrial landscapes to mournful organ dirges, often sampling archival vocal songs and speeches from his era of interest.

This is a remastered version of his first release, which was limited to 49 cassette copies in packaging which set the tone for what would be a trend of lavish presentation: a wooden, coffin-shaped box with several postcard inserts and a sheaf of wheat.

01: Exode
02: Témoignage
03: Jours Sombres
04: Automne 1941
05: Le Tambour
06: Le Drapeau
07: Le Petit Garçon
08: Dernier Éditorial

Click This

Wolverine - Chapter MC

Project of Gerd Zaunig (Predominance) and of course it's great.
This release was limited to 200 pieces.

Loki Foundation

01. H:M:J: (10:36)
02. First Order (5:51)
03. Blind Generation (3:38)
04. Untitled (10:42)
05. After Cremation [Live] (4:45)
06. Jesus Slaves [Live] (4:52)
07. War Religion [Live] (6:23)
08. Blood and Honour (4:00)
09. Chamber (5:07)
10. Untitled (5:14)


jeudi 27 mars 2008

Oeil Pour Oeil - rock anti cailleras - cd

2eme cd de ce groupe oï parisien aujourd'hui défunt.

01. Oeil Pour Oeil
02. red is dead
03. pointeur
04. voyageur
05. al bundy style
06. harry potter
07. rock anti cailleras
08. l'usine
09. la grande vadrouille
10. l'escalier
11. jose
12. j'ai rate le telefoot
13. paris by night


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BERURIER NOIR - Nada - 1983 - mlp

En 1985, Bondage Records rééditera la partie Nada (donc juste la partie de Bérurier Noir) de ce maxi avec deux titres en plus : Nada 2 et Nada 3 (qui sont en fait des versions différente du titre nada). Cette réédition des morceaux de Bérurier Noir du split sera intitulée Nada nada.
Ces morceaux de Bérurier Noir seront compilé en bonus sur la version CD de Macadam Massacre.

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Komintern Sect - Pourquoi tant d'amour - cd

Komintern sect "Pourquoi tant d'amour ?" CD (Combat rock - CR032) 1998

Plus fort que tout / Les années d'acier / Les autres / Amsterdam (de Jacques Brel) / La crampe / Unis par le vin / Nation païenne / Tous ensemble / Dans la nuit / Rêves de liberté / Barcelone 1936 / Les vauriens / Interlude / Quand meurent les légendes / Toujours le premier / Coup d'état / Les seigneurs de la guerre / Dans les tribunes / 23 minutes en enfer / Dernier combat / Maison de retraite / Ulster / Par le feu et par le sang (live) / Des flageolets / Real enemy (live Des Business).

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Lucrate Milk was formed in 1981 at Paris. They have stopped before to split in 1983. In those 3 years they have put out 2 autoproduced e.p. and a split album with MKB. Here is the 2nd e.p.

Lucrate Milk was:

*Nina (keyboard & vocals)
*Laul (bass, then Bérurier noir)
*Gaboni (drums, then M.K.B.)
*Masto (sax, then Washington dead cats & Bérurier noir)
*Helno (vocals, then Bérurier noir & Négresses vertes).

Nepla relou
I love you fuck off
Fucking pacifist
Ricos (Tse-tse)

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BERURIER NOIR - Nada 84 - 45 tours

Avec Gaboni en face B, le batteur de Lucrate Milk. Il s'agit du fameux episode du vol de la boite à rythme des BxN au forum des halles. On ne retrouva jamais le voleur de l'elektro harmonix DRM je n'y suis pour rien ;)
I don't have to introduce this well known french band. The live tracks was recorded with a drummer (Gaboni from Lucrate Milk) because guys has stolen the drum machine.The record was limited to 700 hand numbered copies.
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WARUM JOE: Le goût de l'effort 7"

Warum Joe is a band from Paris. They began in 1981. Their music was somewhere between punk and coldwave. The sound is characteristic because they use a drum machine. This 7" was put out by New Rose in 1983, the band was very happy of this record.

Warum Joe was:






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Franz Kultur et les cramés - Ouest France

Maschinenzimmer 412 - Macht Durch Stimme

1er album longue durée. Avant que le groupe ne glisse dans le grand guignol "true black industrial" avec les peintures sur la tronche et les tatouages 666....

vynil 555 copies....on aurait apprécié 666 copies !!!

[Industrial / Dark Ambient. Sweden. Dark Vinyl Records]


1 Kreuzigung
2 Malfeitor
3 Aptionstheorie
4 August Piccard's Nightmare
5 Ecaf Dloc
6 Still
7 Ecaf Dloc
8 Intersektion
9 Dissekt
10 Aptionstheorie
11 Rood
12 Sequela


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Memorandum - Ars Moriendi

Quand cold meat industry signifiait encore quelque chose.
Excellent projet (bien meilleur que le side project electronique d'Atomine elektrine), de musique industrielle rituelle et tribale.

1 Malebolge (5:48)
2 Where The Dead Lost Their Bones (5:41)
3 New Primitivism (4:31)
4 Despite (2:59)
5 Pura Dalem (4:05)
6 A Harsh Grating Death (1:35)
7 Drums Of Agony (5:20)
8 No Pain Or Pleasure (5:39)
9 Carnage Of Ragnarok (3:08)
10 Inner Sanctum (4:44)
11 Voodoo Tribal Ritual (4:34)
12 Taurobolium (3:32)
13 Insecticide (2:06)
14 Exterminans (3:27)
15 The Caved Mask (3:24)
16 The Dead Remains (2:44)
17 Esthetiks Of Cruelty (4:05)
18 Insecticide II (7:12)


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V/A. - Chaos In Europe

01-Komintern Sect-Tous ensemble
02-Reich Orgasm-Supporter
03-Decibelios-Dodot no ha muerto
05-Al Kapott-Les bras musclés
06-F.F.F.-Bobby's spelunke
07-Neurotic Arseholes-Blutige gesichter
08-Slam-Ingens slav
09-Asta Kask-Tv'n
10-Kambrones-Toujours ça d'gagné
11-Drei Oklok-Cunégonde
12-Nabat-Laida bologna
13-NV Le Anderen-The girl on the pavement
14-Brutal Combat-Mercenaire
15-Robert Et Les Enfants Sauvages-Pépé X



oï oï skins and punks, The french compilations. cd bootleg. The 2 vynils are long time sold out.

01 CAMERA SILENS - Pour la gloire
02 COLLABOS - Sylvain Bergaste
03 TROTKIDS - Geule d'enfer
04 DREI OKLOK - Les petits vauriens
05 BLANK SS - El volk securite
06 DECONTROL - Children in ulser
07 KOMINTERN SECT - Unis par le vin
09 REICH ORGASM - Salope
10 SUB KIDS - Against the law
11 NO CLASS - On est basié
12 FOUTRE - Coryez-vous
13 SNIX - Unité
14 CAMERA SILENS - Semaine rouge
15 TROTKIDS - Pas de voyous
16 REICH ORGASM - Futur pour tous
17 KIDNAP - Putain de vie
18 BRIGADES - Les héors sont tombés
19 MOPO MOGO - Pouvoir
21 KOMINTERN SECT - Reve de liberté
22 COLLABOS - Eté 69
24 NO CLASS - Liberté, égalité, fraternité
25 RATS - Suburban
26 SK.NIX - La force
27 NANA BONNARD - Morpionibus
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mercredi 26 mars 2008

NON - Pagan Muzak




The Grey Wolves - The Age Of Dissent

Excelent power electronics! This was re-released on CD but I'm sharing the original vinyl version that was limited to 520 copies on Tesco


A1 Crawl (4:20)

A2 Empty Threat (5:08)

A3 Destructive State (3:57)

A4 Aura Of Violence (5:33)

B1 The Age Of Dissent (5:35)

B2 Skin Hunger (4:52)

B3 Low Level Transmission (3:38)

B4 New World Dis/Order (4:19)

B5 Body Count (4:04)

Blackhouse - Five Minutes After I Die

Blackhouse are an oddity in the Industrial scene, because their music features Christian themes and lyrics! The duo of Ivo Cutler & Sterling Cross come from the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, and have baffled the scene since they began opposing the libertine power electronics of Whitehouse with their Bible-obsessed messages. Unlike bland Xian pop, Blackhouse preach the good word over the wicked sounds of raw beats and harsh electronix. They see no contradiction in their art, because as they say: "There is no war more holy than the fight for peace."I always thought they were just being cheeky. I appreciate the underlying sickness of religion, so I don't frown upon mocking it, and thought Blackhouse was the same.

année: 1986
pays: USA

01. Five Minutes After I Die (18:01)
02. His Zion (2:40)
03. Halo Hearth (1:16)
04. Answers For You (5:15)
05. A Thousands Tongues (2:17)
06. Numerology (2:48)
07. Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise) (11:43)


Current 93 - Live At Bar Maldoror (1986)

Remenisent of "Dogs Blood Rising" (an OUTSTANDING LP) only stretched out a bit. Actually, if it wasn't for the length of the original two tracks featured here, I think that this release would be fine. But as one reviewer said, you can pretty much here a 1 minute stretch of "Only Shadows Of Hooks" and you pretty much have heard all 21 minutes of it. Thankfully, included in this package are 2 bonus tracks also from the same era."Live At Bar Maldoror" was originally released on Mi-Mort records in 1986. Appearing on this recording was David Tibet, Steven Stapleton, John Murphy, John Balance, John Fothergill. This particular version is the 1990 reissue which featured bonus material.Christ's First Howling and Fields Of Rape are taken from the NER compilation album "From Torture To Conscience".When is a door not a door? When it's a ducasse!

Track Listing:

1 Alone Into The Alone
2 Only Shadows Of Hooks
3 Christ's First Howling
4 Fields Of Rape

Get it HERE

The Exploited - Troops of Tomorrow

This is a crucial album in the evolution of The Exploited. It is altogether a solid album, guitar is great, the drums are loud and fast and the vox are pist. This is not the remastered version but the sound is always good.

1. Jimmy Boyle
2. Daily News
3. Disorder
4. Alternative
5. U.S.A.
6. Rapist
7. Troops of Tomorrow
8. UK '82
9. Sid Vicious Was Innocent
10. War
11. They Won't Stop
12. So Tragic
13. Germs

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The Exploited - Punks not dead

01. Punks not dead
02. Mucky pup
03. Cop cars
04. Free flight
05. Army life
06. Blown to bits
07. Sex and violence
08. S.P.G.
09. Royalty
10. Dole q
11. Exploited barmy army
12. Ripper
13. Out of control
14. Son of a copper
15. I believe in anarchy
16. Dogs of war
17. What you gonna do

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Zero Kama - The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H.

Zero Kama was a ritual experimental project of Michael DeWitt the founder of Nekrophile Records.. This is a awesome record and one of my favorites on Nekrophile Records.
"All instruments to be heard on this album were exclusively made from human bones and skulls by the hand of Zero Kama. They never have been used since the time of its recording, which took place at the Secret Temple of Laylah from 5th to 28th of May 1984 . Remixed at Psychonaut Studio Vienna in November 1987, and dedicated to the symbol of Laylah, meaning night and death, as well as to its numerical equivalent, Oz, a goat or unrestrained sexual force of creation, thus showing the identity of the basic two opposite forces in this generous universe of beauty and strength, in which the Lovers my find ecstasy in Pan. Who wishes to enter this world of darkness, in which the Great Goat dwelleth, may pass through the sigil of Oz given at the front of this Cover.
"The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H. was original released on tape in 1984 by Nekrophile Records (NRC 07). Rereleased on lp in 1988 by Permis De Construire (PER 009) and on cd by the same label in 1991 (PER 023).
This is the lp version.

Tracks :

1. Death Posture
2. Atavism Dream
3. Night Of Matter
4. Inaguration Of The Pleasure Dome
5. Love Alway Yieldeth
6. Azure-Lidded Woman (Pregnant Womb Of Non)
7. Hassan Sabbah
8. Starlit Mire
9. Winged Eye Hadit
10. Love Alwey Hardeneth
11. Town Of Pyramids (Night Of Pan)

The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H.

Survival Unit - Continuity

1 Awakening & Bravery (5:07)Featuring - Troy Southgate
2 Low Cost / Lost Cause (3:48)
3 Lessons Learned The Hard Way (3:30)
4 Bringing Down The Heat (2:37)
5 Lead Song (Negative Approach. STP.) (4:07)
6 Continuity (3:13)
7 Uppror I Kasban (3:52)Featuring - Bo Cavefors
8 End Of All Hope (4:26)
9 Werewolf Training (2:06)
10 The Warprayer (5:03)
11 Only Failure Is Immoral (3:11)
12 Predators In The Urban Jungle (3:28)
13 After The Fact (4:56)
14 De Ridderliga Soldaternas Väg (5:51)Featuring - Bo Cavefors
15 Sic Semper Tyrannis (4:36)
16 Deliverance From The Claws Of Their Final Grasp / What Works Is Good (10:26)
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The Beast 666 & The Archangels Of Sex Rule The Destruction Of The Regime

This is a selection of tracks from the original two cassettes (NRC 03, NRC06) released on Nekrophile Rekords . A wide variety of different styles , from ambient to ritual to industrial , something for everyone . And the same problem as with The Elephant Table Album why did they not make it a two disk edition? Would have been very nice. These are the missing tracks (if I find them a link will be added) :

from The Beast 666 :

Coil - Here To Here (Double Headed Secret) (link added)
Kathan Spiss - The Serpent
Stigma Diaboli - La Force Pas La Joie
Mr. Vile Thumb - Introducing The Brides Of Christ II Part B

From The Archangels of... :

Coming To Now - Thy Call To Kia
Sleep Chamber - Coven Of Angels

With a BIG THANKS to Acts Of Worship who has found and given me the missing tracks of The Beast 666 & The Archangels of Sex..... compilations.So here they are :

So Thank him for a job well done!!!!
Note :The Coil track is still available as a separate download,because a lot of people have downloaded the track and it would be unfair for them to download it again,thanks for your understanding.

The Beast 666 & The Archangels Of Sex Rule The Destruction Of TheRegime was released on Nekrophile Rekords / co Staalplaat in 1992 ,limited to 1000 numbered copies .

Tracks :
1 Sleep Chamber - W:O:M
2 Zero Kama - Prayer Of Zos
3 Ain Soph - Theme III
4 Ewald Spiss - Gbvrh
5 Metgumbnerbone - Death
6 Korpses Katatonik - Choronzon
7 Hunting Lodge - Learn To Will I
8 Toy Muzik - Introducing The Brides Of Christ II
9 Hunting Lodge - Learn To Will II
10 Zero Kama - V.V.V.V.
11 Post Mortem - The Sea Of Cefalu
12 Zero Kama - Seven Nights Of Tantra
13 Ain Soph - Theme II
14 Ewald Spiss - Ntzch

The Beast 666 -
The Archangels Of Sex -

The Grey Wolves - Where Darkness Reigns

The Grey Wolves are Dave Padbury and Trevor Ward. They exist since the early '80s and have released a lot of tapes via their label Anal Probe, which later split into Artaman and Zeal SS, the latter changed it's name quite often and is nowadays Open Wound. In 1992 they were contacted by Tesco Organisation and recorded their first LP. Their art is definied as "A Manifestation Of The Cultural Terrorism Network", and their packages and visuals are collages of disturbing and provocative images, photos and symbols. The Grey Wolves play heavy industrial noise with a genuine punk attitude, being irriverent and nasty, but never lacking self-irony.

Label:Open wound
Notes:A retrospective CDR featuring 13 tracks from early Grey Wolves 7"/ EP'S / compilation tracks etc.

1 Dominator (5:07)
2 Riddled With Cancer (3:22)
3 Incinerator (2:23)
4 Terror Intensifies (5:29)
5 Viral Factory (1:17)
6 Fragmentation (Fuck Fm) (4:50)
7 Savage Sex (3:40)
8 A Wealth Of Misery (7:24)
9 Zero Tolerance (6:01)
10 Suck On Sarin (4:34)
11 Terror Chamber (5:17)
12 Lest We Forget (5:39)
13 Slave Morality (4:40)

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Test Dept - European Network (tape, V2, 1986)

Test Department at their peak, as far as I think. They played The Netherlands in november 1985 and both Staalplaat and V2 wanted to release this on cassette. V2 'won' the bidding war, perhaps because their recording (back then to a 'hi-fi stereo video') or the more art-presence of V2? I don't know, but this is an excellent live recording and quite a popular cassette release in the 80s, alsodue to the fact that it came in a nice black carton box. You'll find also scans of the various inserts, which may have been only part of the first edition.enjoy

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Ain Soph - Rituals

[Ritual - Death Industrial / Experimental. Italy. Old Europa Cafe]
Live 1985
1 Untitled (6:57)
2 Untitled (5:36)
3 Untitled (3:28)
4 Untitled (3:42)
5 Untitled (7:36)
6 Untitled (4:35)
7 Untitled (1:37)
8 Untitled (4:15)

Hunting Lodge - Night From Night 7"

Back in April mutantsounds posted the Exhumed cassette, and that's what gave me the idea to pull out my old vinyl, first up is Hunting lodge's first 7". Night From Night was released in Dec. 1983. The title track is a slow rather lo-fi rhythmic piece with the title repeated over and over. The b-side is an untitled track that sounds like Hunting Lodge's attempt at kodo. For more info go check out the Exhumed post, mutantsounds posted an entire biography with interviews and such. i suck at these writeups.

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Norma Loy- S/T 12'' (Romance)

Today's post is the very first 12'' single by classic French coldwave band Norma Loy, one of the first bands of the genre, and one of the few to get significant exposure outside of their home country. Though original members Usher and Chelsea first met and collaborated in 1977, Norma Loy properly formed in 1981, dubbed so by Alan Vega of Suicide. Heavily drawing on the intensity of post-punk, the cold buzzing synths of wave, and the theatrics of performance art, the band released several singles and full lengths with various lineups before disbanding in 1993. Usher and Chelsea continued their collaborations sporadically while each explored solo projects and various other art experiments in alternate mediums. In the meanwhile, the band's influence grew, as several compilations and reissues sprung up from the band's ashes. After a thirteen year hiatus, Norma Loy reformed for a series of hometown shows, original members Chelsea and Usher joined by Lol (bass), Yann Reversat (guitar), Guillaume (drums), and Helene (buto dance). The band is seemingly still active, most recently appearing in Prague, yet no new material has surfaced. I've uploaded their very first release, 1983's self-titled 12'', occasionally referred to as the Romance 12''.

Without any further adieu, the details:

Norma Loy- S/T 12'' (aka Romance)

1. Romance
2. Crazy Soul
3. Glance In Your Eyes
4. Tragic Venus

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Dirty Rotten EP/LP is the 1983 debut release by the punk band Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. The album has a very gritty sound and is the band's only punk album without metal influence. It is considered one of the most influential hardcore albums of all time, and is also considered one of the first thrashcore albums. Originally released as a 7" Dirty Rotten EP (played at 33 RPM) with 22 songs, it sold out quickly. It was later remixed and re-released as a full album with the same 22 songs, but in a different order, and titled "Dirty Rotten LP". This album would also be combined with all four songs from their 1984 Violent Pacification EP. The Dirty Rotten LP was re-released yet again in 2003 as the Dirty Rotten CD, with 22 bonus tracks.

1. DRI - Sad To Be (2:09)

2. DRI - War Crimes (1:10)

4. DRI - Draft Me (0:19)

5. DRI - FRDC (0:21)

6. DRI - Capatalists Suck (0:35)

7. DRI - Misery Loves Company (0:32)

9. DRI - Blockhead (0:55)

10. DRI - I Dont Need Society (1:13)

11. DRI - Commuter Man (0:55)

12. DRI - Plastique (0:23)

13. DRI - Why (0:17)

14. DRI - Balance Of Terror (0:38)

15. DRI - My Fate To Hate (0:24)

16. DRI - Who Am I (0:44)

17. DRI - Money Stinks (0:42)

19. DRI - Yes Maam (0:46)

20. DRI - Dennis Problem (0:47)

21. DRI - Closet Punk (0:30)

22. DRI - Reakanomics (0:38)

ACTION DIRECTE - La nouvelle conspiration - LP

Groupe oi'n'ska de paris. Lp 14 titres "la nouvelle conspiration"Des textes militant, d'autres moins.. le tout finissant par une reprise de kochise et des morceaux live.
Musak for pogo...
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ACTION DIRECTE - "lorsque la tentation l'emporte..." - cassette - 1998

démo 6 titres

Les Olivensteins: Fier de ne rien faire EP

1. Fier de ne rien faire
2. Euthanasie
3. Je suis négatif


Vivenza - Machines (12", Musee St. Pierre, 1985)

Perhaps my final posting on the work of Vivenza, this is a rather short one, but quite nice example of his machine music. As my friend AV pointed out, the thing Vivenza didn't do was making music with recordings of machines. He made the scan of the Vivenza equipment as shown in the booklet of his V2 cassette. We can two putney at the core of his set up. Interesting. Find the picture separate from the post... The person in the picture is not Vivenza, in case you might wonder.
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Esplendor Geométrico - Necrosis en la poya 7" (1981)

Estamos ante la institución del sonido industrial en España por excelencia, una banda formada por ex-miembros de Aviador Dro, quienes por diferencias musicales se marchan de este grupo para adentrarse en una propuesta más radical en el sonido (Aviador Dro estaban bastante influenciados por grupos como Kraftwerk y Devo), Esplendor Geométrico seguiría la senda trazada por los padres del industrial Throbbing Gristle y los australianos S.P.K. Tomando su nombre de un libro futurista llamado: El esplendor geométrico de la mecánica del mundo, de Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. La semilla de este proyecto estaría conformada por: Arturo Lanz, Gabriel Riaza y Juan Carlos Sastre. Este es su primer sencillo, con tres cortes bastante provocadores (sobre todo las letras en Negros hambrientos) corrosión, mucha corrosión y perturbadores ambientes maquinales.


1. Necrosis en la poya
2. Paedophile information exchange
3. Negros hambrientos

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MECANO-Autoportrait (1982)

Masterpiece of post punk / cold wave from the Netherlands.


The suggestive sleep
Autumnmatic play
The mutant jasz
March of iron workers
To life's re-union

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Norma Loy - Sacrifice / T.Vision - 1988

Named by Alan Vega, Norma Loy (an anagram of 'Nom Royal' - Royal Name) formed in 1981. 'Sacrifice' is a radical LP, offering a hard and cold sound, dealing with the downfall of the 80's and has become a classic in the genre.1988 - France - Justin Distribution
01. Power Of Spirit (4:25)
02. Belinda's Dead Friends (4:19)
03. Bitchy Boy (3:00)
04. L'Homme A La Moto (4:49)
05. Sacrifice (2:40)
06. 666 [We Shall Win] (4:15)
07. Replicants (5:06)
08. Dead In The Bed (3:44)
09. Death To The LW** (4:10)
10. Eden Is Again (7:14)
11. T.Vision (2:59)
12. Heaven (4:11)
13. Disconnected (3:35)
14. TV Friends (3:08)
15. Ghost Rider [Suicide cover] (3:12)
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