mercredi 26 mars 2008

Norma Loy- S/T 12'' (Romance)

Today's post is the very first 12'' single by classic French coldwave band Norma Loy, one of the first bands of the genre, and one of the few to get significant exposure outside of their home country. Though original members Usher and Chelsea first met and collaborated in 1977, Norma Loy properly formed in 1981, dubbed so by Alan Vega of Suicide. Heavily drawing on the intensity of post-punk, the cold buzzing synths of wave, and the theatrics of performance art, the band released several singles and full lengths with various lineups before disbanding in 1993. Usher and Chelsea continued their collaborations sporadically while each explored solo projects and various other art experiments in alternate mediums. In the meanwhile, the band's influence grew, as several compilations and reissues sprung up from the band's ashes. After a thirteen year hiatus, Norma Loy reformed for a series of hometown shows, original members Chelsea and Usher joined by Lol (bass), Yann Reversat (guitar), Guillaume (drums), and Helene (buto dance). The band is seemingly still active, most recently appearing in Prague, yet no new material has surfaced. I've uploaded their very first release, 1983's self-titled 12'', occasionally referred to as the Romance 12''.

Without any further adieu, the details:

Norma Loy- S/T 12'' (aka Romance)

1. Romance
2. Crazy Soul
3. Glance In Your Eyes
4. Tragic Venus

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