lundi 31 mars 2008

Archon Satani - Virgin Birth ... (Born Again)


[Dark Ritual / Dark Ambient / Industrial, Sweden]


1 In The Body Ov Christ (6:06)
2 Chambers Ov Death (3:53)
3 Insain With Fear (4:29)
4 Hymn Ov Despair (4:08)
5 Nailed (4:22)
6 Breath With Mortality (4:04)
7 Sanitorium Ov Christ (5:08)
8 Witchcraft Holocaust (4:44)
9 Ritual Murder (6:10)
10 Female Muslim Genital Disposal (4:41)
11 You Will Burn (4:48)



[A dark ritual project, playing eerie and haunting industrial ambient music with a satanic background, obsessive percussions and frightening demonic voices. The original line-up consisted of Tomas Pettersson and Mikael Stravöstrand. They worked together from 1990 to 1993, then the former went on to form Ordo Equilibrio, while the latter continued under the name Archon Satani, as well as with his other project Inanna. Highly recommended.]

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W. a dit…


This IS good.

Great to have Die Form's "Histories" because they have several rare tracks on them.

I tried getting the following;
Die Form - Die Puppe, ExHuman, & InHuman,
and Wim Mertens & Glenn Branca,
but either I'm using the wrong password or they don't work anymore.

Seeing as how they are one of your favourites I'd also to hear like some Les Joyaux De La Princesse (1940-1944 possibly) but the files are missing.

Big THANK YOU for the wonderful posts!