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desert culturel

Groupe anarkopunk originaire de besançon formé en 1988, ils font du punk rock bien année alternatif (normal c'est d'époque). Le groupe a splitté en 1994. Si vous voulez en savoir un peu plus sur eux j'ai déniché une interview en 1993 dans le numéro 2 du zine idées noires

1er Lp "tant qu'on aura la colère" 6 titres sorti en 1990 sur le label on a faim.

2éme album "Plus d'espoir que de haine" 14 titres sorti en 1991 toujours par le label "on a faim".


Groupe anarkopunk formé en 1988 à agen aujourd'hui splitté. Je ne m'éternise pas sur leur biographie il en existe une sur leur site.
K7 démo 7 titres sorti en 1989

Ep 2 titres "viva zapata" sorti en 1990 en autoproduction et par le label "on a faim". J'ai rajouté dans l'archive le titre "la nuit des barricades" qui est tiré de la compilation "cette machine sert à tuer tous les fascistes"

1er Lp "là où dansent les morts", 12 titres sorti en 1992 en autoproduction. J'ai rajouté dans l'archive les titres "maria dynamita" tiré de la compil un "peu..." en soutien à radio libertaire et le titre "ethnocide" tiré de la compil "pogo avec les loups"

double Ep 4 titres en split avec conflict, enregistrement concert en soutien "mouvement anarchiste en france" (ndr: ????) sorti en 1995 par maloka, kazimodo, guerilla urbaine et black iroquoise.

2ème Lp "Dans le meilleur des mondes" 12 titres soti en 1997 par maloka et toujours en autoprod..

Mini Lp "plus dure sera la chute" 6 titres sorti et dispo chez maloka ou . J'ai rajouté à l'archive le titre "les 6 couleurs" tiré de la compil en soutien à l'APF et le titre "Lettre d'une détenue du couloir de la mort" tiré de la compil "résistance.." en soutien aux antifasciste emprisonnés.

site du groupe


Punk From France

Get It Here:


Punk From France

Get It Here:


Rien Qu'en Trainant

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Live Clermont Ferrand -87-



Live Nantes -83-




2 Sites about Camera Silens (In French): &

Buy CD's Here: &

KIDNAP - Révolution

From France

(Again Big Thanks to Alex for this.)

Get It Here:

KIDNAP - Hélène

Punk From France

(Thanks to Alex for this)

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ICK - Intolérable panorama - 2005

Made in 2005 - outtakes and live.
given to friends, collaborators.....not for sale. autoprod. limited.


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Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk

Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk

Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records
Catalog#: GIGOLO 32 CDFormat: CD
Pays: Germany
Date: 05 Nov 1999
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro

01.Cellular Phone
02.Technic 1200
04.Rocket Scientist
05.Master Organism
08.Plastiphilia 2
09.Voice Activated
10.Speak & Spell
11.Denki No Zuno
Pass :

Porn.Darsteller - Romance

Porn.Darsteller - Romance

Limited to 700 copies

Label: Invasion Planète Recordings

Catalog#: IP012Format: Vinyl, LP

Pays: France

Année: 2002

Genre: Electronic

Style: Electro
A1.Mme Richard

A2.Still There


A4.Loving Night

A5.Wedding Day




B4.Hands On Me


Pass :

UN MUST !!!!

Dopplereffekt live 2008

Dopplereffekt live 2008

Dopplereffekt es un proyecto culto de la electro, creado en Detroit por el misterioso Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller, tambien fue miembro de Drexciya y sigue sacando obras sobre los nombres de Arpanet, Japanese Telecom o Der Zyklus.
live sweden 2008

New Order - Movement

New Order - Movement
Alternative/New Wave (1981)

Download (MediaFire)

When Ian Curtis died, Joy Division died. But Joy Division left some traces in New Order, and you can hear these in Movement, New Order's first album. Some songs directly refer to Ian, like The Him, Denial and ICB (Ian Curtis Buried). The music comes very close to Joy Divisions last record. I love the first two songs: Dreams Never End and Truth, it's a shame these lack the vocals of Ian. The best album New Order made in my opinion.

crystal castles / heartsrevolution - split ep [heartsrevolution - 2007]

crystal castles - crystal castles [last gang records - 2008]

1. Untrust Us

2. Alice Practice

3. Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. Health)

4. Magic Spells

5. xxzxcuzx

6. Air War

7. Courtship Dating

8. Good Time

9. 1991

10. Vanished

11. Knights

12. Love And Caring

13. Through The Hosiery

14. Reckless

15. Black Panther

16. Tell Me What To Swallow

BRAQUE - Mlp - 1981 - Cellulloid

There is something slick going on here, suave New Wave in a kooky synth style. France 1981! Oui!Le man, le legend..Braqueshort & sweet

hey déconnez pas, il y a Sophie Duez aux choeurs...

Get it here Braque

METAL BOYS - Tokyo airport

Metal Boys
The Metal Boys created one of the greatest synth-pop experiments of the time, but until now few have been able to hear their long out-of-print avant-electro. This GAINSBOURG-esque synth Parisian treat is a real great Gem!!Metal Boys (Feat. China) - Tokyo Airport LP - 1980 - France

Get it here:METAL

Clair Obscur - Demos (1981)

Clair Obscur - Demos (1981)
The excellent example to compare early and late albums.Especially, guitars strikingly differ.Early songs were fulfilled with a "fresh youth" energy.Hysterical, tragic and even apocalyptic demo.


01) hear my voice

02) nichevo

03) bad lover

04) trust in you

05) tristan tzara

06) holy men

07) souvenirs de la foret

08) sound of the toundra

09) cudecos plastified

10) photo romance

Various Artists - Berlin Atonal 85

Various Artists - Berlin Atonal 85

Cassette, C90
Unofficial Release, France"Berlin Atonal" festival has became mythic in the odyssey of 80s industrial music. Unfortunately, I've not found anywhere a detailed history of the festival. It seems to have began in 1982 and ended in 1990. In 1999, a new edition was organized during several days, but was it the last and least ? Anyone more info ?
Amongst the many artists who performed live in Berlin Atonal, let's mention Einsturzende Neubauten (for the first and last edition, in 1982 and 1999), Laibach, Malaria!, Non Toxique Lost, Psychic TV, Test Dept., Z'EV, Zos Kia...
A record label named Atonal Records was also created, releasing vinyls and CDs, some of these being live recordings from the festival.I've researched on Discogs and found that live recordings from the festival can be heard on those releases :
Alu - Geistige Erneuerung [Cassette, Der Letzte Schrei !]
Einstürzende Neubauten - Architektur & Geißelnahme [LP, Unofficial Release]
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Per Ignem Ad Lucem [2 x LP + 7" + DVD, Vinyl-on-demand]
Head Resonance Company - Live [CDR, GO aHEAD]
Head Resonance Company - Live 1983 [DVDR, Vinyl-on-demand]
Malaria! - Beat The Distance [LP, Rebel Rec.]
Non Toxique Lost - Ogre-Sse [LP, Vinyl-on-demand]
Non Toxique Lost - Live At The Berlin Atonal 2 Festival, 1983 [CDR, Hic Rhodos - Hic Salta]
Psychic TV - Live In Berlin [VHS, Studio !K7]
Psychic TV - Mein*Goett*In*Gen [CD, Dossier]
Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge - Temporary Temple & Atonal [CD, Dossier]
Psychic TV / La Loora - Berlin Atonal Vol. 2 [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
Psychic TV / Z'EV - Berlin Atonal Vol. 1 [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
Test Dept. - Atonal & Hamburg "Live" [CD, Dossier] DOWNLOAD
The Anti Group - The Delivery [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
The Anti Group - The Delivery [CD, Anterior Research Recordings]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [Cassette, Nekrophile Rekords]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [LP, Eskaton]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [CD, Threshold House] DOWNLOAD

"Berlin Atonal 85" is an unofficial release featuring excerpts from the concerts recorded during the Berlin Atonal festival, February 17-18 1985 (that cassette was sold to me by french magazine Hello Happy Taxpayers #4/5). All the bands here are "celebrities" needing no introduction, except Art Deco, a band from Budapest (Hungary); they have a discreet page on the Web but it doesn't help much. I'd love to hear more from/about them... And thank to Phoenix Hairpins, those who don't know Zahgurim can download their excellent Moral Rearmament LP !


A1. Intro Atonal

A2. Club Moral - Nazis Of The Night

A3. Test Dept. - [???] / The Fall From Light / Total State Machine

A4. Art Deco - [???]

A5. Étant Donnés - [???]

B1. Zahgurim - [???] / Shower Scene

B2. Laibach - [???] / Ti Ki Izzivas

B3. The Anti Group / Clock DVA - Morpheus' Baby

B4. Gerechtigkeits Liga - [???] / [???]

SEX PISTOLS: Live at The Longhorn Ballroom

01. E. M. I.
02. Bodies
03. Belsen was a gas
04. Holidays in the Sun
05. No feelings
06. Problems
07. Pretty vacant
08. Anarchy in the U. K.
09. No fun
10. Anarchy in the U. K. (video clip)
11. God save the Queen (video clipe)
covers -
part 1 -
part 2 -
part 3 -
part 4 -
part 5 -
pass -

ADICTS videos

Adicts - Live Up Your Tower Blackpool 1982 (237mb = 29min.)
Adicts - Live @ Manhatten Club Bradford Uk 1983 (331mb = 41min.)

Adicts - Viva La Revolution 26.76 MB

Adicts - Let's Go (VHS Rip) (780MB = 41min.)

GBH videos

G.B.H. - Live In Italy, 27.02.1987.
G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked
G.B.H. - Sick Boy Live Punk On The Road
Stiff Little Fingers - Live Belfast 1980 A friend gave me this one, and the quality is NOT good, But it doesent matter...Its GREAT !
Video: MPEG1 Video 352x288 (4:3) 25.00fps 1150Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps
Size: 185mb
1. Gotta Getaway
2. Johnny Was
3. Alternative Ulster
4. Suspect Device


Sid & Nancy - (1986)

Uma trágica história de amor e devoção total até a morte. O lendário Sid Vicious, integrante do Sex Pistols, tem sua participação menosprezada pela banda, mas teve uma vida mais agitada e fascinante do que todos os integrantes juntos. Sua vida já tumultuada e autodestrutiva, foi potencializada com a chegada de Nancy. Viciados em heroína e tendo eles juntos como uma droga do outro, Sid & Nancy são os ícones perfeitos da geração punk da década de 1970. Gary Oldman e Chloe Webb impressionam nos papéis centrais, e nos levam numa alucinante viagem aos becos e porões do movimento punk na Inglaterra. GÊNERO: DRAMA ÁUDIO: INGLÊS LEGENDA: PORTUGUÊS TAMANHO: 380 MB FORMATO: RMVB

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Die Form - Bach Project

Un disco que consiste en interpretaciones de Clasicos de Bach, un album que mezcla sonidos organicos y electronicos con elementos Neoclasicos, junto o los mas frios elementos tecnicos que de se confrontan con la erotica voz de Eliane, un trabajo sumamente agradable.
Pais: Francia
Genero: Clasical/Industrial
Año: 2008


01. BWV 42-7 Am Abend aber desselbigen Sabbats (Church Cantata)
02. BWV 243-3-4 Magnificat: Quia Respexit & Omnes Generationes
03. BWV 1031 Sonata Nr 2 in Es-Dur
04. BWV 1002 Partita Nr 1 in B Moll
05. BWV 147-5 Bereite Dir Jesu noch itzo die Bahn (Herz und Mund)
06. BWV 1030 Sonata Nr 1 in H Moll
07. BWV 1004 Partita Nr 2 in D Moll
08. BWV 565 Toccata Nr 2 in D Moll
09. BWV 54-1 Aria: Widerstehe doch der Sünde
10. BWV 29 Wir danken Dir Gott wir danken Dir
11. BWV 209 2+3 Recitativ: Non sa che sia dolore & Aria: Parti pur
12. BWV 4 Christ lag in Todesbanden
13. BWV 244-39 Matthäus Passion - Aria: Erbarme Dich mein Gott!

Die Form - Die Puppe 2

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 2004-Feb-23
Estilo: Dark Electro, Darkwave
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Trisol Music Group
Formato: Digipack CD
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 89,1 mb

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.


01. Re-Search 2:36
02. Automatic Death 3:19
03. Invalid 5:34
04. Hand In Hand 3:52
05. Darkness 4:20
06. Prefazione di Pompei 4:17
07. In A Tea Room 4:49
08. After The Crime 2:23
09. Leders Klub 6:05
10. After The Last Gaze 3:53
11. Eastern Ghost 1:55
12. Message Through Her[t]z 5:59
13. Strange[r] 3:45
14. Sex By Force 4:37
15. Ton retrait des eaux 2:47
12. Ouverture 2:39

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Die Form - Rain of Blood

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 1999-Nov-30
Estilo: darkwave, Dark Electro
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Trisol Music Group
Formato: Digipack CD
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 39,31 mb

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.


01. Rain of Blood 2 4:03
02. Anode Current 2 3:53
03. Radiomorphism 5:05
04. La jeune fille et la mort 2 5:35
05. Automatic Love 2 4:13
06. Rain of Blood (Download version) 4:56

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Die Form - Histories I

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 1999
Estilo: darkwave
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Trisol Music Group
Formato: CD
Quality: mp3, 210 kbps
Size: 82.8 mb

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.


01. Re-Search 2:33
02. Sex By Force 4:38
03. Heart of The Monster 5:57
04. Autolyse 2:00
05. Grey Scale 3:29
06. Little Boy 1:56
07. Serial Clones 2:50
08. Tote Kinders 3:32
09. Long-term Survivor 5:15
10. Experiment With Tears 3:41
11. Slavesex 4:00
12. Savage Logic (remix) 4:23
13. Silent Order 5:12
14. Deep Skin 4:32
15. Imagine 4:41
16. Doctor X 5:09
17. Bite of God 4:04
18. Chronovision 4:24

Passwor: die

Die Form Histories II

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 1999
Estilo: darkwave
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Trisol Music Group
Formato: 2CD
Quality: mp3, 192kbps
Size: 98.8 mb


01. Sonic Temple 4:31
02. Cantique 6:38
03. Martyrium 1 (The Lovers) 4:29
04. Unreal Cinema 8:33
05. Phenomena of Visitation 3 4:18
06. Masochist 2 4:55
07. Poison 3:43
08. Eclipse 2 4:59
09. Kagami 3:51
10. Dark World 4:17
11. Bionic House Inc. 4:21
12. Impudicus Rex 4:19
13. Electricity 3:54
14. Carnal Sins 4:57
15. Mechano Fraktur 2 4:25

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Die Form - L'ame Electrique

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 1999-Nov-30
Estilo: darkwave
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Trisol Music Group
Formato: Compact Disc
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 101 mb


01. Martyrium 2 (Memorial to Hiroshima) 3:26
02. Phenomena of Visitation 4:34
03. Rosa Aeterna (to Robert Desnos) 4:13
04. La Somnambule 5:20
05. The Hate 4:27
06. Le Reve 2 5:04
07. Martyrium 1 (The Lovers) 4:29
08. La Machine Moderne 4:17
09. Le Reve 1 3:31
10. Luminary (L'ame Electrique) 5:06
11. Hallucigenia 4:42
12. Unreal Cinema 1 8:33
13. The Hate 2 4:28
14. Phenomena of Visitation 2 5:19
15. Phenomena of Visitation 3 (Video Version) 4:17

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Die Form - InHuman

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Año: 2004-Mar-26
Estilo: darkwave
Pais: France
Etiqueta: Matrix Cube
Formato: Compact Disc
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 64,7 mb

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.


01. The Supreme Vice 4:15
02. Ad Libitum 3:50
03. In The Depths of Mania 3:55
04. Feerie 4:24
05. Zoopsia 3:37
06. Amnestic Disorder 3:47
07. Natura Obscura 4:04
08. Psychic Colours 3:39
09. Diktat (Savage Peace) 4:04
10. Fossilized Light 3:09
11. Disjointed World 3:52
12. InHuman 3:59

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Die Form - ExHuman

No se puede mostrar la imagen “” porque contiene errores.

Año: 2006-Mar-31
Estilo: darkwave
Pais: France
Sello: Trisol Music Group
Formato: Compact Disc
Quality: mp3, 192 kbps
Size: 105 mb

Yo Personalmente recomiendo este disco


01. Morphosis 4:24
02. Nature destruction 4:04
03. Neo futura 4:34
04. Agnostic vision 5:08
05. Electroid 4:19
06. Fatal insomnia-2 3:49
07. Pendulum 3:47
08. Hypnogramme 4:10
09. New erotica 3:46
10. Dismember 4:43
11. Chaos theory 3:52
12. Vox ExHumana 4:31
13. Electroid-2 4:31
14. Nox ExHumana 4:15
15. Fatal insomnia 4:09
16. Neo futura-2 3:51

Password: die





Made in Britain


the last resort & combat 84