jeudi 22 mai 2008


:: Live in Pankow ::

:: Spara Jurij ::

:: Punk Islam.mp3 ::

This is the first record from Italian band, CCCP-Fedeli Alla Linea (USSR – Faithful to the Line), released on commie-red 7-inch vinyl in 1984 by Attack Punk Records. I really dug what I was hearing here, so I picked up their 1987 LP released on Virgin, Socialismo E Barbarie, but was disappointed to find that they’d veered off into a more synthesizer laden direction. Each of the releases seems to concentrate on communism and Islam, but I couldn’t tell you what their take on it all is – are they proponents or just being ironic? If I understood Italian, perhaps I’d know. Regardless, it’s the music that counts and this 7-inch is good stuff, especially the final song, “Punk Islam.” There’s a minor skip or two at the end of the song, so apologies in advance. I’ll return your money if you’re unsatisfied.


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