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Various Artists - Berlin Atonal 85

Various Artists - Berlin Atonal 85

Cassette, C90
Unofficial Release, France"Berlin Atonal" festival has became mythic in the odyssey of 80s industrial music. Unfortunately, I've not found anywhere a detailed history of the festival. It seems to have began in 1982 and ended in 1990. In 1999, a new edition was organized during several days, but was it the last and least ? Anyone more info ?
Amongst the many artists who performed live in Berlin Atonal, let's mention Einsturzende Neubauten (for the first and last edition, in 1982 and 1999), Laibach, Malaria!, Non Toxique Lost, Psychic TV, Test Dept., Z'EV, Zos Kia...
A record label named Atonal Records was also created, releasing vinyls and CDs, some of these being live recordings from the festival.I've researched on Discogs and found that live recordings from the festival can be heard on those releases :
Alu - Geistige Erneuerung [Cassette, Der Letzte Schrei !]
Einstürzende Neubauten - Architektur & Geißelnahme [LP, Unofficial Release]
Gerechtigkeits Liga - Per Ignem Ad Lucem [2 x LP + 7" + DVD, Vinyl-on-demand]
Head Resonance Company - Live [CDR, GO aHEAD]
Head Resonance Company - Live 1983 [DVDR, Vinyl-on-demand]
Malaria! - Beat The Distance [LP, Rebel Rec.]
Non Toxique Lost - Ogre-Sse [LP, Vinyl-on-demand]
Non Toxique Lost - Live At The Berlin Atonal 2 Festival, 1983 [CDR, Hic Rhodos - Hic Salta]
Psychic TV - Live In Berlin [VHS, Studio !K7]
Psychic TV - Mein*Goett*In*Gen [CD, Dossier]
Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge - Temporary Temple & Atonal [CD, Dossier]
Psychic TV / La Loora - Berlin Atonal Vol. 2 [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
Psychic TV / Z'EV - Berlin Atonal Vol. 1 [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
Test Dept. - Atonal & Hamburg "Live" [CD, Dossier] DOWNLOAD
The Anti Group - The Delivery [LP, Atonal Records] DOWNLOAD
The Anti Group - The Delivery [CD, Anterior Research Recordings]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [Cassette, Nekrophile Rekords]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [LP, Eskaton]
Zos Kia / Coil - Transparent [CD, Threshold House] DOWNLOAD

"Berlin Atonal 85" is an unofficial release featuring excerpts from the concerts recorded during the Berlin Atonal festival, February 17-18 1985 (that cassette was sold to me by french magazine Hello Happy Taxpayers #4/5). All the bands here are "celebrities" needing no introduction, except Art Deco, a band from Budapest (Hungary); they have a discreet page on the Web but it doesn't help much. I'd love to hear more from/about them... And thank to Phoenix Hairpins, those who don't know Zahgurim can download their excellent Moral Rearmament LP !


A1. Intro Atonal

A2. Club Moral - Nazis Of The Night

A3. Test Dept. - [???] / The Fall From Light / Total State Machine

A4. Art Deco - [???]

A5. Étant Donnés - [???]

B1. Zahgurim - [???] / Shower Scene

B2. Laibach - [???] / Ti Ki Izzivas

B3. The Anti Group / Clock DVA - Morpheus' Baby

B4. Gerechtigkeits Liga - [???] / [???]

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