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Pig, co-created by Rozz Williams(singer/founder of goth band Christian Death) and Dutchman Nico B. is a diamond in the rough of somewhat contemporary short films. This is especially true in regards to films of a similar nature (if there is anything similar). Shot on gritty and scratched black and white film, Pig looks like its film was found in the abandoned house it was filmed in. It captures a world that is buried at the bottom of a dark soul’s unconscious.

Rozz William’s set design is amazing as expected. Collages of the apocalypse surround rooms and they are even read from a truly unholy book. Rozz’s art is easily identifiable as it is piercingly full of taboos. Pig is also easily the most lively of Rozz’s art(for more of his art checkout the book "Art of Rozz Williams : From Christian Death to Death") as it is his only film.

I think that Rozz Williams and Nico B. may owe a small debt to auteurs of the past. Luis Buñuel (Un Chien Andalou), Jean Cocteau (Blood of a Poet), Maya Deren (Meshes of the Afternoon), and Kenneth Anger (Fireworks) to name a few. Pig is easily able to hold its own with these masterpieces. I have yet to see any other recent short films worthy of this recognition (unless you count the first 15 minutes of Elias Merhige’s Begotten).

Pig in its entirety is one bad (or good) surrealistic dream. Body mutilation, head bandaged sign language, and atmospheric car rides stick in your mind long after the film is over. This is a world I would enjoy visiting if I had the opportunity and nerve to do so. I am sure Rozz Williams did as he committed suicide (April Fool’s 1998) shortly after Pig’s completion.

The musical score of Pig is similar to that of Rozz William’s music projects (Christian Death, Shadow Project, etc). Ambient sounds and noise perfectly compliment the film’s nihilistic and detached tone. Obviously something you would expect of Rozz Williams. The score becomes especially intense in a scene that continuously spins around in circles in a room in the abandoned house. Hitler also makes a couple auditory appearances.

Pig is a film that is recommended reviewing for everyday of the week. When I watch it I can’t help to think what Rozz Williams could have created cinema wise in years to come. Rozz admittedly used Pig as a way to exorcise and transfer his inner demons. In real life I don’t think he accomplished this.(his suicide is an indicator of that) Instead he created a transgressive masterpiece.


Hunting Lodge - Exhumed,tape,1983,Germany

S/M Operations was formed in March of 1982, for the purpose of publishing a small magazine. The name comes from the two creators former projects: Lon C Diehl was putting out a small publication called Smarm (magazine), and Richard Skott was releasing cassettes under the name of Screw Machine (thus the name is read—Ess Emm Operations, no "and"). In May of that year the only issue of S/M Operations was released, and the two members collaborated together musically for the first time (the result of this can be found on the WILL lp as the song "S/M Operations"). Along with another member, Karl Nordstrom – Hunting Lodge played "live" for the first time in September of ’82, at a local Hotel hall – The Harrington Ballroom. This event was recorded on a portable cassette player, and became the first release on S/M Operations – released on cassette in an edition of 150 (later reissued by the West German Datenverarbeitung). The second S/M Operations product was a promotional cassette in an edition of under 20, entitled "23 Minutes of Murder" – 23 minutes of "studio" material. In January of 1983 Karl Nordstrom left Hunting Lodge, and the remaining members began recording for their first album. In March, Datenverarbeitung released a cassette, which featured "practice sessions" and all of "23 Minutes of Murder", which was entitled "Exhumed". The lp "WILL" was released in May of 1983, in an edition of 500. In September, S/M Operations staged an event with John Wright, Shame Exposure, and Hunting Lodge at the Harrington Ballroom. Parts of this concert were released on a "live" sampler cassette shortly thereafter, called "S/M Operations". In October S/M Operations started a mail order service, which distributed a cassette by Shame Exposure as well as other S/M Operations releases. In December of ’83, S/M Operations released the Hunting Lodge 45, "Night From Night", and in April of 1984, released a cassette by John Wright which is called "John Wright and the Young Losers Welcome 1984". In July Hunting Lodge played at Composite Lodge in Detroit, doing a set of songs from the upcoming "Nomad Souls" lp. Roselle Williams (who can be heard on two songs on Nomad Souls) performed along Lon C Diehl and Richard Skott. In September of 1984 the recording of "Nomad Souls" was completed. October 23rd became the first step on the Hunting Lodge tour, which started at the Danceteria in New York and ended November 18 at the Graffiti in San Francisco. At this time, Hunting Lodge and S/M Operations made its first major personnel change with the departure of Richard Skott, who now lives in San Francisco. In December of 1984 "Nomad Souls" was finally released, in an edition of 1000. The lp will also be released in England on the Side Effekts Rekords early in 1985. A twelve-inch EP will be released in February on S/M Operations, which will contain "Tribal Warning Shot" (the vocal version which Hunting Lodge performed on tour) as well as two new tracks. Those of you who have heard John Wright’s "Hoping For Hawaii" will be pleased to learn that Mr. Wright now resides in Honolulu.______________________________________________________
HUNTING LODGE INTERVIEW [This interview was originally published in “The Other Sound” issue #7 way back in 1986.]
: C H I L D H O O D : It was very normal. A very normal, somewhat suburban childhood. I lived on a lake in New Baltimore, Michigan with my mum and dad and a bunch of older brothers and sisters—very much older—thirteen years was the youngest to me. I was never extremely sociable…at least that’s what I believe…perhaps it was just that nobody liked me. I ended up spending a lot of time alone; drawing…that was my favorite pastime. There was nothing extremely traumatic or different from anybody else’s childhood. When I was 15 we moved to a small farming community up north. My father retired and I ended up spending a lot of time, about 3 years, in the woods by myself. To this day I still like my privacy a great deal, and need a minimum of 3 hours a night or else I start losing my sanity. Also when I was 15 another slight personality quirk of mine probably came into existence when I was told that I had been adopted, after living 15 years without a clue. That tends to make you not jump to conclusions as quick as other people would—not take things at face value as much. My first gig was in 1974 at the First Congregational Church in New Baltimore, Michigan where I played organ on Good Friday. : P A R E N T S : Yes, they certainly do know. I don’t think they totally comprehend it, but I never really bothered to try to convince them of its validity. My father is an engineer, so he enjoys looking at my equipment and talking about the technical side of it. The rest of my family are pretty much oblivious to it, although one holiday I came up to my parent’s house and played “WILL” for my family (it was right after that album had been released)… after the entire album was over nobody said anything for a little while and then my sister finally said “So, do people actually pay money for this?”… : F O R M A T I O N S : Directly before starting Hunting Lodge & S/M Operations with Skott, I had been doing a magazine for a number of years called “Smarm”…and then the last issue was called “S/M Operations” when Skott joined me. I was in a number of bands… when I was in college up in Central Michigan University I was lucky enough to get hooked up with a number of creative people. We were doing mostly improvisational shows of funky/jazzy/noisy kinds of things. At the end it was called “All Night Movies”, but we changed the name every time we played up until then. That ended in 1980, and then when I came to Port Huron I started playing with some ex-members of a fantastic band that used to be in the area called “Problem”, who unfortunately never released anything. But I got together with some of those people and we called ourselves “Hate/Grey”…we played one show and it just kind of fell apart after that. The formation of S/M Operations came about when I met Skott. I got a job at a record store and I met him through that. We found out we had a lot of similar interests. The first day we got together and did something musically (it’s on “WILL”—it’s called “S/M Operations”)…we just plugged in and did it. Then we listened to it back and we obviously felt we had something worth pursuing. So we solicited the help of another person, Karl Nordstrom, who was on the initial live tape and he also had bits and pieces on “WILL” and “Exhumed”.
: L I V E 1 9 8 4 T O U R : I guess you could say they were successful. Back then our shows were more of an excuse to get together and play. I would give Skott a tape of the things we would be playing over that night, and we’d each hear what the other person was doing at the show. I would say the most all-around successful show in my opinion (I was never fond of playing live) was the very first one, where Karl Nordstrom (who did the visuals on “WILL”) presented a slide show—black and white slides of material very similar to what was on the album cover. It really came together quite well that night. I suppose it went fairly well on the tour…once again it’s not something I love to do: play live and drive, and drive, and drive. But we did have a few good times on the tour. The New York show was the worst…it was the first show. We hadn’t practiced any of the material yet (but I don’t think that was a big problem), it was mostly because the P.A. was turned down to the volume level at which you’d expect someone to listen to Windham Hill or Brian Eno “ambient” records…quite a shame since that was the best P.A. I saw on the whole tour. Danceteria has a really gorgeous P.A. but we unfortunately utilized about one eighth of its potential that night…so we got hecklers over the noise and every time I’d try to turn it up the P.A. man would turn it down, farther…people heckled until “Tribal Warning Shot”, then they danced for 5 minutes, and then started heckling again. The best show all around was Denver—the P.A. was in good shape (it was extremely loud and I believe in stereo) and people waltzed. I really enjoyed that quite a bit. Also the final show in San Francisco was interesting; it was the last show .
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septic death demo 84 85

Heres a little info i got from wikipedia on septic death:
Septic Death (Boise, Idaho) is a hardcore punk band fronted by artist Brian"Pushead"Schroeder. Septic Death's music became a major influence on bands like Integrity, Citizen's Arrest, Infest, and many other bands tied to the hardcore punk, thrashcore, crust punk, grindcore etc. scenes.
"Septic death's songs deal mainly with fear and paranoia, the mental state of a person and how it functions. A few songs deal with current issues, but those are so depressing just to read the paper, why bring more attention than a song? If you seek to bring out solutions or terror to open eyes of fear, that is well constructed. But just complaints do not have meanings of knowledge. Strength away from fear or the acceptance of fear and what it creates makes it wiser for the mind... not the person who sings the song he writes but lives in terror of them. Open the eyes and let the enjoyment in; the awareness is essential.
This is there 84 85 demo ripped as 1 track @192 kbps.The track list is below:

sweat of a nightmare
core of reality
dream silent
poison mask

septic death demo 84 85

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead ep 1983

This ep from Conflict features in the title track one of the most powerful punk rock ballads of all time. Lyrically brilliant and musically mammoth. It evokes power and passion that was just fucking amazing back in the early 80's. Their "To A Nation Of Animal Lovers" ep on Corpus Christi was outstanding and "The Ungovernable Force" LP has to be one of the finest musical statements from an Anarchist band ever laid to vinyl but this ep still holds a special place in my heart. My poor copy of it has been thrashed to death. This was also the first Mortarhate release. So expect a few records from the likes of the Subhumans, Icons Of Filth, The Exploited, The Fits, Dead Mans Shadow, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Instigators, Amebix, Lost Cherrees, Discharge and many many more.

01 - The Serenade Is Dead
02 - The Positive Junk
03 - The System Maintains

Mortarhate Records.

D-prime97 - L'un Contre L'autre

I didn't find any information about this band. It's clearly to me that this guys are from France, and play punk rock.

.. tu te souviens
.. barre d'acier
.. deception
.. parano
.. l'un contre l'autre
.. marginale
.. alcoolique
.. laissé pour compte
.. flash back
.. cours
.. vive l'alcool

.. Year: ---
.. Label: ---
.. Country: France
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
.. MySpace: ---
.. ---
.. Wikipedia: ---
.. BUY ME: ---
.. Home-Page: ---

|Heart Attack Link|
[[[ pass - hangoverhard ]]]

Pur Malt - - Beer Sex & Gerboulade

Four songs about Beer and Sex. Oi-Streetpunk from Paris (France). Strong voice, good spirit. This is their first release, hand-numbered, limited to 500 copies.

1. Un Verre Avec Toi
2. Roger
3. C'est Toi Que L'on Baise
4. Le Mec Bourré
5. L'e Pave Humaine

.. Year: n/a
.. Label: Sparte Records
.. Country: France
.. Bitrate: 192 kbps
.. BUY ME: n/a
.. Home-Page: n/a

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CONFLICT: Do Not Question Authority Mudcrow Bootleg

Conflict is an anarcho-punk band originally based around Eltham in South London. Formed in 1981, the band's original line up consisted of: Colin Jerwood (vocals), Francisco 'Paco' Carreno (drums), Big John (bass), Steve (guitars), Pauline (vocals), Paul aka 'Nihilistic Nobody' (visuals). Their first release was the ep "The House That Man Built" on Crass Records. By the time they released their debut album It's Time to See Who's Who on Corpus Christi Records, Pauline and Paul had left the band. Conflict later set up their own Mortarhate label, which put out releases by other artists including Hagar the Womb, Icons of Filth, Lost Cherrees, The Apostles, Admit Your Shit and others.
In 1983 Steve Ignorant, at the time a member of the band Crass, guested on the band's pro-animal rights single "To A Nation of Animal Lovers". After the dissolution of Crass, Ignorant later became second vocalist for Conflict on a semi-permanent basis. This followed a 1986 gig in Brixton, London wherein he had joined the band on stage for a few numbers.The band have always been outspoken regarding issues such as anarchism, animal rights, the anti-war movement and in their support for the organisation Class War, and a number of their gigs during the 1980s were followed by riots and disturbances. The band's 'Mortarhate' logo, originally designed by 'Nihilistic Nobody' is claimed to be a reference to the initials CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) as well as incorporating two 'A's for anarchy and autonomy, and an 'N' for nihilism. The logo originally appeared around 1980 in Thanatos, a small circulation pamphlet produced by Toxic Graffity (sic) fanzine editor Mike Diboll. The band continues to exist today and are currently on tour in America, with further gigs lined up around England throughout 2007.

1. a declaration of independence
2. a message to who
3. barricades and broken dreams
4. berkshire cunt
5. blood morons
6. do they owe us a living
7. exploitation
8. force or service
9. from protest to resistance
10. increase the pressure
11. meat means murder
12. mighty and superior
13. neither is this
14. no island of dreams
15. missing ***
16. pink inn'it
17. radio trash
18. someday soon
19. the a team
20. assured mutual destruction
21. banned from the uk
22. the day before
23. i heard a rumour
24. the final conflict
25. the ungovernable force
26. tough shit mickey
27. the positive junk
** Covers: (No)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)
** pw:

D** Link :-)))


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Va - Cold Meat Industry

VA Karmanik Collection


VA ...and eves wolfes hid their theet


VA ...and even wolves hid their teeth

Note: This is a european version of compilation.

PPF / I-C-K - Seuls Contre Tous

Sans doute le projet le plus violent issu d'une collaboration PPF et I-C-K, un hommage power electronics au film de Gaspar Noe. Ce cd-r sorti en 2002 ne sera jamais réédité.

PPF - Les Années De Soviet

Label: Art Konkret
Catalog#: ART 34
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Power Electronics
Limited to 500 copies.
1 Au Delá Du Réel (7:12)
2 Guerilla (11:16)
3 Mind Control (4:09)
4 Nomenculator (4:08)
5 Coordination Ruvale (7:10)
6 Paix (9:26)
7 Rhone-Poulenc III (6:10)
8 Kinder (7:51)
9 Elements D'une Thermodynamique Nouvelle (9:10)

The Beast 666 & The Archangels Of Sex Rule The Destruction Of The Regime

This is a selection of tracks from the original two cassettes (NRC 03, NRC06) released on Nekrophile Rekords . A wide variety of different styles , from ambient to ritual to industrial , something for everyone . And the same problem as with The Elephant Table Album why did they not make it a two disk edition? Would have been very nice. These are the missing tracks (if I find them a link will be added) :

from The Beast 666 :

Coil - Here To Here (Double Headed Secret) (link added)
Kathan Spiss - The Serpent
Stigma Diaboli - La Force Pas La Joie
Mr. Vile Thumb - Introducing The Brides Of Christ II Part B

From The Archangels of... :

Coming To Now - Thy Call To Kia
Sleep Chamber - Coven Of Angels

With a BIG THANKS to Acts Of Worship who has found and given me the missing tracks of The Beast 666 & The Archangels of Sex..... compilations.

So here they are :

Missing Tracks

So Thank him for a job well done!!!!

Note :
The Coil track is still available as a separate download,because a lot of people have downloaded the track and it would be unfair for them to download it again,thanks for your understanding.

The Beast 666 & The Archangels Of Sex Rule The Destruction Of The
Regime was released on Nekrophile Rekords / co Staalplaat in 1992 ,
limited to 1000 numbered copies .

Tracks :

1 Sleep Chamber - W:O:M
2 Zero Kama - Prayer Of Zos
3 Ain Soph - Theme III
4 Ewald Spiss - Gbvrh
5 Metgumbnerbone - Death
6 Korpses Katatonik - Choronzon
7 Hunting Lodge - Learn To Will I
8 Toy Muzik - Introducing The Brides Of Christ II
9 Hunting Lodge - Learn To Will II
10 Zero Kama - V.V.V.V.
11 Post Mortem - The Sea Of Cefalu
12 Zero Kama - Seven Nights Of Tantra
13 Ain Soph - Theme II
14 Ewald Spiss - Ntzch

The Beast 666
The Archangels Of Sex

V/A-Sacrifice Moderne,LP,2005,France(limited to 330 copies)

A1 Ich Wollte Ich Könnte - This Hour
A2 Ottomas - Intermède 1
A3 G.K. Agenda - The Insect Collector
A4 Silent Signals - A Cheer To Leslie
A5 G.K. Agenda - Uj Identitas
B1 Silent Signals - Cinema Antarctica
B2 Ich Wollte Ich Könnte - No Tomorrow
B3 Ottomas - Mon Appartenance
B4 G.K. Agenda - Enyhüles

If the music on this record displays the future of elektro-wave and the future of Invasion Planète I am happy, and so should you be. On Sacrifice Moderne are four artists, of which two are established Invasion Planète artists (Ottomas and Silent Signals) and two are new comers to the camp (G.K. Agenda and Ich Wollte Ich Könnte). What is probably more important is the fine collection of sounds and moods on this record.
If you like dark minimal electronics you cannot get better then this. The record opens with a brilliant but tragic minimal wave piece (‘This Hour’) by Ich Wollte Ich Könnte and closes with a dark dance tune by G.K. Agenda (‘Enyhüle’s’). In between these two tracks you are being spoiled with seven other highlights in minimal electronics.
G.K. Agenda contributed two more dark electronic pieces that somewhat are reminiscent of Le Syndicat Electronique. Ich Wollte Ich Könnte treats you with the superb ‘No Tomorrow’, which features a sort of procession melody played on trumpet. Also Ottomas serves two tracks. His style is that of strange sounds and rhythms but he knows to catch the attention with that.
If there is one outstanding track then it should be ‘A Cheer To Leslie’ by Silent Signals. This song begins very tranquil but evolves into a dancefloor filler with a touch of classic EBM.
There are many players in the field of minimal electronics but Invasion Planète is still on top of it. They prove it with this record, which is an instant classic. Of course (like always) a lot of attention is paid to the sleeve, for which this time the credits go to Rollinka. Pflichtkauf!
get it here

Die Form - Excisions / Archives & Doküments 1+2+3 / Heart Of The Monster / Limited Documents Vol.1

Here are more Bain Total cassette releases of Die Form. (I also snuck in a vinyl release on Front De L'Est.)

ANNEES: 1983 / 1984 / 1987 / (1982-1986) 1998
PAYS: France
LABEL: Bain Total / Front De L'Est

☼ Die Form - Excisions MC

01. Instruments (3:32)
02. Mission In Asia (2:30)
03. Projected Sign (6:24)
04. Permutacion (6:14)
05. Lili Marleen (0:38)
06. Poursuite (2:56)
07. Arabian Draught (3:52)
08. Screams From Monastery (4:55)
09. Torture (Section 1/2) (6:18)
10. Enforced Sex (4:09)
11. Bestiality (2:03)
12. Sequence Viol (In Real Time) (7:06)
13. Simulacra (3:43)
14. Leders Klub (7:08)
15. Zimmer 23 (1:06)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

☼ Die Form - Archives & Doküments 1 MC

01. Disabled Landscape (18:49)
02. Sprain (10:57)
03. Zeitung (10:59)
04. Resumé (9:23)
05. Der Diwan I (0:35)
06. Der Diwan II (3:42)
07. Moda-Guise (3:28)
08. Sexual Discipline (1:34)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

☼ Die Form - Archives & Doküments 2 «Die Puppe» MC

01. Automatic Death (3:30)
02. Invalid (5:43)
03. Eastern Ghost (1:56)
04. Darkness (4:19)
05. Prefazione Di Pompei (4:13)
06. After The Crime (2:31)
07. Love With Animal (4:42)
08. Lectura (3:12)
09. Night Over My Life (4:39)
10. Re-Search (2:39)
11. In A Tea Room (5:02)

☼ Die Form - Archives & Doküments 3: Some Experiences With Shock MC

〜 Survival & Determination 〜
01. Heart Of The Monster (5:59)
02. Autolyse (2:18)
03. Close Up (2:10)
04. Damaged Corpse (4:00)
05. Masochist (1:55)
06. Caresse (3:17)
07. Red Action (2:05)
〜 Lacerations & Immolation 〜
08. Intractable Pain A.A. (6:26)
09. Survival Of A Severely Burned Child (2:24)
10. Catheterization (3:00)
11. Anesthesia & Disfigurement (2:48)
12. Medial Canthus Operation (7:41)

☼ Die Form - Heart Of The Monster 7''

01. Heart Of The Monster (5:55)
02. Présence (3:13)

» » » » P L U S « « « «

☼ Die Form - Limited Documents 1982-1986 Vol.1 MC

01. Urban Rains (4:11)
02. Schizophrenia (2:47)
03. Perversion 1 (4:14)
04. The Scent Of Death (5:32)
05. Mental Code (2:12)
06. Captive (4:27)
07. Metaphase [Pre] (2:03)
08. Morning [Part 2] (5:51)
09. Life Inside The Machines (2:48)
10. Transmission-Axe 2 (2:19)
11. Dédale (2:11)
12. Ko.Ka 2 (3:30)
13. La Fille Aux Yeux d'Or 2 (6:26)
14. Distress (2:36)
15. Songe (3:01)
16. Untitled (4:13)


Die Form - Die Form 1 + Zoophilic Lolita [w/Eva-Johanna Reichstag] + Split w/Metabolist + Virgin Flavour 2

Some early releases from this French electronic project.

1977 / 1978 / 1981 / 1986
Bain Total

☼ Die Form - Die Form 1 MC

01. Tension (1:29)
02. Base (2:24)
03. Toys 1 (3:36)
04. Blister 1 (3:54)
05. Andenken 2 (1:11)
06. Editorial (5:06)
07. Jazz (0:23)
08. Oper No. 1 (0:46)
09. Pyromaniac Tragik (0:35)
10. Switch On (4:31)
11. First Talks (3:42)
12. Anesthesia (1:36)
13. Toys 2 (2:22)
14. Tropicallmarch (1:20)
15. Wistfull Acid [Eva-Johanna Reichstag] (4:58)
16. Divertissement (4:33)
17. Speedwash (2:53)
18. Großmutter Traum (0:39)
19. Scaffhold 23 (2:04)
20. Swinging Cakes (1:48)
21. Childish Room 1 (3:58)
22. Childish Room 2 (2:38)
23. Ludwig's (1:03)
24. Please (1:30)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

☼ Eva-Johanna Reichstag & Die Form - Zoophilic Lolita 7'' / Metabolist & Die Form - Split 7''

〜 Eva-Johanna Reichstag & Die Form 〜
01. Zoophilic Lolita (6:03)
02. Tanz (3:44)
〜 Metabolist & Die Form 〜
01. Metabolist: Le Grand Prique (4:01)
02. Die Form: Situation Base (3:20)
03. Die Form: Gestual Equivoque (1:47)

☼ Die Form - Virgin Flavour 2 MC

01. Raped Flesh (10:18)
02. Your Reality (2:52)
03. Ritual (3:26)
04. Strates (2:22)
05. Usage (1:50)
06. Examination (2:44)
07. White Carnation (0:46)
08. Generique (0:59)
09. Carmel Snow ['86 Remix] (4:14)
10. Absolute Time (3:32)
11. Intermedia [Live] (3:58)
12. Final Days 1 (2:28)
13. Internation [Live] (1:38)
14. Wardance [Live] (1:20)
15. Dead Man (Suicide) (2:30)
16. Freitag 13 [Live] (7:48)
17. Observations Cliniques (2:57)
18. Mit Klangloser Stimme ['86 Remix] (1:55)
19. In/Form Cablature Of Desire ['86 Remix] (1:15)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

Die Form - Du Coeur Humain MC

By request, here's another Bain Total cassette release.

Bain Total

01. L'Impulsion / Le Remords. (12:16)
02. État D'émotion / État D'émotion (11:54)
03. La Nuque. (7:49)
04. La Force (10:23)
05. Les Effets (4:21)
06. Signifie : / Fluctuants. (10:50)
07. 32. (6:12)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

Die Form - Es Lebe Der Tod MC

By request, here's another Bain Total cassette release.

Bain Total

01. Reflex 2 (3:44)
02. Criminal Passion (4:25)
03. Sing Song (3:39)
04. Dance Music (5:01)
05. Maldoror (Chant Troisième) (3:09)
06. Uns Kill (2:37)
07. Es Lebe Der Tod (11:15)
08. Murder/Projection (4:31)
09. Psychotrope (3:44)
10. Tote Kinder Aus Deutschland (3:34)


Die Form - Les Plomb Des Cartes | La Loge Infernal MC

By request, here's another Bain Total cassette release.

Bain Total

01. Traces D'A.A. Sur Le Mur Gris (9:38)
02. Blue Cinema II (4:09)
03. Hard Fraktion (4:14)
04. Cortege [part I/II/III/IV] (3:30)
05. Statische Reise III (1:42)
06. Face & Faceless (3:16)
07. Cabaret (4:39)
08. Draps (5:17)
09. Messer Im Fleisch (6:08)
10. Gloria Mundi (2:11)
11. Convulsive & Nude (4:15)
12. Test Bild (6:35)
13. Method Of Execution (9:59)
14. Cruel Phylosophy (2:35)
15. Germs (5:00)
16. Fire / Climax (8:56)
17. M (6:49)

HERE 1 -and- HERE 2

Die Form / Asmus Tietchens - Face To Face Vol. 1

Die Form is a French industrial and electronic band formed in 1977. The name 'Die Form' means '(the) form' in German, like the Bauhaus diary and is a play on the English homonym 'deform' and on the French homonym 'difforme' (without form). the project is known for its innovative music and darkly erotic imagery. Live performances have involved video and film projection, live voices over pre-recorded music, Philippe Fichot is also a photographer, and creates all the album art.
Asmus Tietchens is a German electronic musician who has pursued "absolute music" through an almost mathematical process of rigid formal exercises. With strong ties to Karlheinz Stockhausen's early electronic work, Tietchens specializes in irregular patterns of sonic abstractions that are suspended in gray drones to create cold textural voids from external references. His music is often inspired and refers to the texts of the philosopher E.M Cioran. Excellent split album with an experimental electronic Die Form and a dark electronic AsmusTietchens. Animal Instinct is the soundtrack to the movie with the same title. Face To Face Vol 1 was released on vinyl by Odd Size ( OS 04) in 1988.

Tracks :

1. Die Form - Animal Instinct (Total Version)

2. Asmus Tietchens - Mysterien Des Hafens
  • a. Bubendey Notturno
  • b. Ritual Auf Der Halde

Face To Face Vol 1

D.F. Sadist School - Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome

Requested by Soma here's Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome or The 120 Days Of Sodom, based on the famous and cruelest novel by D.A.F. De Sade, in 1975 poured into the movie Salo by Passolini. D.F. Sadist School is a side project of Philippe Fichot (Die Form). This is the first vinyl release of D.F.S. and is in the style of the later Die Form releases, but more an experimental electronic sound than the ebm of Die Form. Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome was released on vinyl by Parade Amoureuse ( PHOE 18) in 1990, released on cd by the same label ( PHOE 18/CD) with two extra tracks: X-Zone and La Fille Aux Yeux Morts, in 1991. This is the vinyl version.

Tracks :

1. Viola Porpora
2. Sector Of Hell
3. The Scavenger
4. Autolyse 8990
5. Cafe Morgue
6. La Femme Sans Tete

Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome

Die Form Sadist School - Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome / Bacterium | Aimant + Aimant - [w/Étant Donnés]

Die Form side project.

1990 / 1992
Parade Amoureuse / Danceteria

☼ D.F. Sadist School - Les Cent Vingt Journées De Sodome

01. Viola Porpora (2:32)
02. Sector Of Hell (6:40)
03. The Scavenger (6:36)
04. Autolyse 8990 (3:53)
05. Cafe Morgue (13:26)
06. La Femme Sans Tete (8:31)
07. X-Zone (4:03)
08. La Fille Aux Yeux Morts (8:15)

» » » » P L U S « « « «

☼ Die Form Sadist School - Bacterium / Étant Donnés - Aimant + Aimant -

〜 Bacterium 〜
01. Die Form Sadist School: Bacterium a.) Secret Door, b.) Incubation, c.) Anomalies, d.) Animal Heat (17:24)
02. Die Form Sadist School: Poison (3:44)
03. Die Form Sadist School: Incubus (4:30)
〜 Aimant + Aimant - 〜
04. Étant Donnés: Sol (1:51)
05. Étant Donnés: Aimant + Aimant - (13:16)
06. Étant Donnés: Vent (3:17)

Die Form

Die Form a su imposer au fil des années une musique et une image des plus aboutis dans la pratique du théâtre et de l'intervention multimedia (musique, performance, photographie et vidéo). Depuis 1978, outre de multiples participations à des projets internationaux, une trentaine d'albums, de nombreux vidéo-clips & films et deux livres d'art permettent d'en apprécier l'univers particulier : électronique industrielle et organique, néo classique torturé et constructions expérimentales. Constructions hors-normes où s'ajoute une dimension mécanique et sensuelle.

Line up:
Philippe Fichot (musique), Eliane P. (voix)

01. Sleeping Body Under Water
02. Paradise

03. Purgatory II

04. The Visionary Garden

05. Eclipse III

06. Via Dolorosa (instr.)

07. Eclipse II

08. Mechano Fraktur

09. Ad Nauseam

10. Bite of Dog

11. New Sentimental


01. The Hidden Cage II

02. The Hidden Cage I

03. Spiral I

04. Spiral II

01. Sombre Printemps
02. Chrysalid World

03. Magnet

04. Oceanic Terminal

05. Possession

06. Parasitic Noise Extasy

07. Orphaned

08. Rapture

09. Convulse

10. Nude with a Cross


01. Cantique II
02. Automatot 994

03. Bite of Dog

04. Eclipse II

05. Silent Order

06. Slavsex 994

07. Savage Logic


01. Doctor X
02. Silent Order 4
03. Bite of God
04. Masochist 2
05. Cantique 1
06. Slavesex 994
07. Savage Logic Remix
08. Mental Epidemic
09. Bite of Dog
10. Necrophilia
11. Sonic Temple
12. Imagine
13. Kagami
14. Therapy

samedi 13 septembre 2008

VA.\Death Odors II MC


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Panorama / Decree 12''


3. Oktober - Geburt Einer Nation 12''


M.B. December 21, 1984




Das Spiel Ist Aus EP



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