samedi 20 septembre 2008

Conflict - The Serenade Is Dead ep 1983

This ep from Conflict features in the title track one of the most powerful punk rock ballads of all time. Lyrically brilliant and musically mammoth. It evokes power and passion that was just fucking amazing back in the early 80's. Their "To A Nation Of Animal Lovers" ep on Corpus Christi was outstanding and "The Ungovernable Force" LP has to be one of the finest musical statements from an Anarchist band ever laid to vinyl but this ep still holds a special place in my heart. My poor copy of it has been thrashed to death. This was also the first Mortarhate release. So expect a few records from the likes of the Subhumans, Icons Of Filth, The Exploited, The Fits, Dead Mans Shadow, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Instigators, Amebix, Lost Cherrees, Discharge and many many more.

01 - The Serenade Is Dead
02 - The Positive Junk
03 - The System Maintains

Mortarhate Records.

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