jeudi 22 mai 2008

KaS Product- 'Try Out' LP

KaS Product were a French coldwave duo, formed in 1980 by French musician Spatsz on electronics and American jazz singer and instrumentalist Mona Soyoc on vocal duties, piano, and guitar. The band formed in 1980, released a series of singles and four seminal electronic/coldwave records, and split neatly in 1990, though some uncertain sources credit the band as reactivating in 2005 to spearhead a handful of early reissues. Other scattered sources claim Rowland S. Howard of Birthday Party and These Immortal Souls fame occasionally collaborated with the band in a live setting.

KaS Product's sound is more tense, abrasive, and synth-driven than their contemporaries (see past few posts), partially due to Spatsz's interest in classic analog synthetics and abrasive textures, the tension in their music seemingly a result of his working stint in a psychiatric ward. Meanwhile, a trickle of Mona's jazz upbringing creeps into the band's style, creating a rather unique hybrid of sharp melodies and icy electronics.

Though all four of their records make for solid listening, I've uploaded their debut album, 1982's Try Out.


KaS Product- Try Out LP
1. One of the Kind
2. Man of Time
3. No Shame
4. Countdown
5. Never Come Back
6. Underground Movie
7. So Young But So Cold
8. Digging in a Hole
9. Sober
10. Breakloose
11. Pussy X

*download it here* watch the video for 'Never Come Back,' click below:

Here's a handful of links for your browsing pleasure, both their main web page and a link to purchase reissues of band's first two records from Forced Exposure:

KaS Product dot com
purchase Try Out and Bypass reissues

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