lundi 19 mai 2008

This is the A.L.F - V/A

The album of the movement, the Animal Liberation Front, smashed open the doors of animal abuse and changed things forever. This compilation album contains some of the many groups from across the punk spectrum that supports the A.L.F. in the crusade to totally abolish animal abuse. Includes Anarcho Punk Favorites Crass, Conflict, A Flux Of Pink Indians ,Subhumans ,Poison Girls ,Chumbawamba and many more.’This is the A.L.F.’ - the album, attracted mass media attention - most unfavourable, which in fact helped the album become so successful that two versions were released. Digitally remastered from source material, both versions are included in this project, presented in a deluxe digipack containing both all the original artwork from Richard Allen Turner, new updated material and full lyric booklet.

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