mercredi 26 mars 2008

Blackhouse - Five Minutes After I Die

Blackhouse are an oddity in the Industrial scene, because their music features Christian themes and lyrics! The duo of Ivo Cutler & Sterling Cross come from the heart of Mormon country, Salt Lake City, and have baffled the scene since they began opposing the libertine power electronics of Whitehouse with their Bible-obsessed messages. Unlike bland Xian pop, Blackhouse preach the good word over the wicked sounds of raw beats and harsh electronix. They see no contradiction in their art, because as they say: "There is no war more holy than the fight for peace."I always thought they were just being cheeky. I appreciate the underlying sickness of religion, so I don't frown upon mocking it, and thought Blackhouse was the same.

année: 1986
pays: USA

01. Five Minutes After I Die (18:01)
02. His Zion (2:40)
03. Halo Hearth (1:16)
04. Answers For You (5:15)
05. A Thousands Tongues (2:17)
06. Numerology (2:48)
07. Five Minutes After I Die (Reprise) (11:43)


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