lundi 31 mars 2008

Death In June & Les Joyaux De La Princesse - Östenbräun

[Neofolk / Industrial / Experimental. UK. France. Les Joyaux De La Princesse]


A1 Les Cavaliers Du Crépuscule
A2 Heilige...
A3 The Congress
A5 Östenbräun (Collaboration I)
A6 Nichts
B1 Blood By Despair (Collaboration II)
B2 Östenmarsch
B3 Östenbräun
B4 Triumph Of The Will
C1 Interview with Douglas P. of Death In June
D1 Theme



[This a digipak CD reissue of the limited edition Östenbräun 2xCassette Box (SB 01), with some additions and omissions. There is also a limited special edition of this CD that comes in a cardboard box with one 15x10 cm and two 17x12 cm sized cards of which one is signed. It is limited to 300 copies. Included to all is an 8-page booklet. Distributed via World Serpent Distribution.

Tracks 1-8 & 11 are from Östenbräun 2xCassette Box [Note: Tracks B3 ("Östenbräun"), C1 ("Interview with Douglas P. of Death In June") and D1 ("Theme") were not reissued here]. Tracks 9-10 are previously unreleased.]

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