mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Sleep Chamber - Sexmagick Ritual

Its hard to find any recording whose strange, dark and frankly demonic amospheres compare to Sleep Chamber's 'Sex Magick Ritual'. This album is a work of dark art.

So damn hard to find due to its limited release and its quite obvious uncommercial appeal, it remains one of those must have collectors pieces. Shame this sort of stuff doesnt attract a larger audience because I think this stuff deserves wider exposure. Really very talented stuff.

01 Flesh Trixsen (27:49)
02 Succubi Circle (4:32)
03 The Beast (3:39)
04 Nessus (2:29)
05 Leviathan (5:05)
06 The Vision & Voice (7:56)
07 Into The Abyss (4:33)
08 Twenty Three (3:25)
09 Weapons Ov Magick (Live) (9:08)


Password: exu156

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