dimanche 8 novembre 2009


Symphonie No. 3 (1994)
Longhair Minimalism

Like many listeners with less than a passing knowledge of classical music, I've still managed to accumulate a handful of favorite pieces over the years. This moody, micro-evolving symphony by Gorecki is a consistent go-to for me. It's a slow build of anticipation in three parts that should appeal to minimalist types who go for Steve Reich or The Necks. I was surprised to learn that Gorecki's Third is one of classical music's most popular pieces and biggest sellers. Given the low key nature of the music, that seems shocking to me, but it shows what I know about the genre. Relax for this one, this hour-long piece is a trip. Links in Comments

Lento. Sostenuto Tranquillo Ma Cantablile (30:10)
Lento Largo. Tranquillissimo/Cantabilissimo/Dolcissimo/Legatissimo (10:08)
Lento. Cantabile Semplice (18:50)

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