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Inade - 2005 Colliding Dimensions 4CD Box [Loki Found]

[Dark Ambient]

loki 38
4 x CD, Compilation
Box Set


First Season: 1995-1997; Esterhofen, Dresden, Rostock, Prague
1-1 Breath Of Europa 4:43
1-2 Myth Encoded 3:56
1-3 Grinding Inside 7:08
1-4 Traumbrecht 6:07
1-5 Lineage Of Gold 5:14
1-6 L'Age D'Or 5:42
1-7 Breaking The Walls 4:05
1-8 Movement And Construction 4:50
Second Season: 1998-2000; Erlangen, London, Leeds, New York City, Cleveland
2-1 Vitriol I 6:16
2-2 The Conquest Of Being Separated II 6:01
2-3 Ashram 4:36
2-4 With The Flood To Light 7:30
2-5 Lemuria Revised 4:47
2-6 Serpentine Energy 6:04
2-7 Vitriol II 6:38
Third Season: 1999-2002; Lille, Toronto, Frederick, Prague
3-1 Genius Loci IV 5:43
3-2 Spiritual Army 6:59
3-3 Universal Wave Function 5:50
3-4 Quartered Conclusion 6:45
3-5 Palatine Of Sublime Heaven 6:22
3-6 Divine Hybrid 5:58
3-7 Legion Of God 8:01
Fourth Season: 2000-2002; Berlin, Moscow, Wroclaw, St. Niklaas, St. Petersburg
4-1 Kwa Non Se I 9:20
4-2 Kwa Non Se II 6:24
4-3 The Last Wing Of Alchemical States 5:29
4-4 And Death Shall Not Have Dominion 3:49
4-5 Titan In Shivering Sand 5:56
4-6 Caldera 4:40
4-7 Chapel Perilous 7:22

Subtitle: Four Live Seasons 1995-2002

All material recorded and sculptured during live shows and rehearsal sessions 1995-2002.
Reprocessed, equalized, finalized, remixed and edited at Light Channel 2004-2005.
Mastered at Secretlab 2005.

Housed in a full-color box with an 8 page booklet.

There is a mistake on the tracklist: 1-3 is listed as "Impulse", but it is the live version of "Grinding Inside" from the "The Flood Of White Light" 10" (Malignant Records).

At the intersection between dreams and ears wide open cognizance, between the known reality and the spiderweb cluster of dimensions dissecting it, reside the premier purveyors of dark ambience, Inade. But it's more than simple dark ambience that they traffic in, for their dreams are vast and unrestricted, and their imaginative, ears wide open approach to sound manipulation is audacious and unparalleled. It's as much weird ambient as it is dark ambient; strange, perplexing sounds in which origin must be questioned. Arcane musings from the cosmic wasteland collide with insectiod utterances culled from ancient alien terrain; deep audio ripples pulsing across dark matter plains collide with the ephemeral flotsam of German occult murmurings. Pterodactyl's squeal in atavistic joy, space itself breathes--inhalations like crackling Cthulhuian dread, exhalations etched on the machinery whine of Forever--and the ever shifting cartography of the infinite is sonically translated along the ridge of collision, where Inade dare to explore.
What remains is incomparable: the audio mythology they have nurtured, and the legacy that is Colliding Dimensions. Announced for several years we can finally present the long requested compendium of INADE that closes a circle from near the starting point of the project to their Peryt Shou release and concert in December 2002. All material of this set was recorded and sculptured during live shows and rehearsal sessions from 1995 to 2002 and was especially selected and mastered to receive high quality audio recordings with no compromise in sound. More than a half of the tracks have not been released in any form yet and this release brings back as well a lot of long sold out material like Vitriol, Flood Of White Light and more in new and powerful live versions.
The vinyl edition is limited to 525 copies only.

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