mardi 1 avril 2008

NON - Sick Tour (1985)

I have never been sure if this was a official release or not until I read Boyd Rice requesting a copy of it on MySpace. One could only assume that Boyd wouldn't need a copy if he released it. So, were gonna call it a bootleg.

According to the liner notes, "This was recorded live in Europe on August 3, 1985 in the Netherlands." It was released on CD and on a one sided cassette tape, both in issues of 500 copies each. The cassette packaging was an over sized plastic bag with a full-colour silk screened paper insert measuring about 6x10 inches. It was also later re-released as a cassette, with only a J-card insert, also by Staalplaat.

Danny Devos (DDV) from Club Moral was kind enough to fill in a few more details about this release in the comment section... he wrote;

"the title "sick tour" refers to boyd being sick at the time of this tour, it could have been a regular flu or due to a physical reaction after having his (first) piercing done in london. he performed the same playlist at club moral on 7 march 1985, so the date in amsterdam is 8 march not 3 august. the gig was basically several cassettes played on 2 simultaneous decks mixed together. charles hayward (this heat) came over from london to assist boyd on his tour. there were about 20 to 25 people to watch the concert."
Track Listing;
There are 6 different tracks on this release.... they are amazingly similar to other tracks from this era (ie Physical Evidence). So I would assume that there is a possibility that some of these tracks have names.

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