mardi 1 avril 2008

NON - Knife Ladder (1977, USA)

A1: Soundtrack 1 (recorded in San Francisco, CA)
A2: Soundtrack 2 (recorded in London)
A3: Soundtrack 3 (recorded in El Cajon, CA)
A4: Mode Of Infection (stereo)
A5: Knife Ladder (mono)

Insert (pictured above) may not be original to the package. The text in the clipping appears to be written by NON ("Knife Ladder, which is the first song we ever did...") yet as of the published date of the article (August 1979) the single is being advertised as "new" while others claim it was released two years before this.

Transferred at 33 & 1/3 rpm (correct speed for vocal tracks).
One-sided 7" vinyl record. Off-axis hole was drilled by Boyd Rice.

Boyd Rice (all), Jimmy Holiday (A2), Robert Turman (A4).

Robert Turman: noise manipulation unit, tapes.
Boyd Rice: vocals, noise manipulation unit, iona, roto guitar, drum machine, tapes.

Recorded by:
NON (tracks A1 & A3), Boyd Rice & Jimmy Holiday (A2), Mitch Holdinghausen (A5).
Recording Assistance (A4): Scott Harrington.

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