mardi 1 avril 2008


Boyd Rice hosts The Collective Voice Podcast (August 2007):
Boyd Rice hosts The Brainwashed Podcast (April 2005):
Boyd Rice and Douglas P. interviewed on KFCF (October 2002):

Boyd Rice interviewed on "Radio Free Satan" (2000):
Boyd Rice debates Bob Larson on "Talk Back" (early 1990s):
Boyd Rice on KPFA Berkeley (1991/1992):
Boyd Rice introduces the 8-8-88 Rally in San Francisco (1988):

Short Promo film for

Giddle & Boyd Promo

Boyd Rice performing at Mocvara, Zagreb, Croatia (October 28, 2007):

Boyd Rice performing with Z'ev at The Shelter, Denver, Colorado (June 2007):

Boyd Rice performing at Passerby, NYC, New York (February 2007):

Boyd Rice performing to a limited invite-only audience of 100 inside Qunita da Regaleira castle, Sintra, Portugal (September 2005):

Boyd Rice at MIT's "Regarding Evil" conference, 2005:

Boyd Rice / NON video from The Brainwashed Brain (April 2005):

Excerpts from the Baptism By Fire DVD (2004):

Boyd Rice presenting an episode of In Search Of
"The Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau" (early 2000s):

Boyd Rice interviewed for Graham Norton's Rock Babylon
"Satan" (late 1990s):

Boyd Rice interviewed for Good Afternoon Colorado
"The In Sounds From Way Out" (late 1990s):

NON performance of "Total War" from the BBC documentary
"By Satan Possessed" (mid 1990s):

Boyd Rice on the talk show Cristina
"Is Hell Real?" (mid 1990s):

Boyd Rice interviewed for Geraldo's Satanism Special
"Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground" (1988):

Boyd Rice interviewed about his high school pranks (1986):

Boyd Rice & Frank Tovey, live at London's ICA
"Untitled" (March 1985):


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