mardi 1 avril 2008

SPK Despair DVD Sample (2008)


1: Slogun (music video)
2: Leichenschrei/Anti-Oedipus (live)

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Two Divx samples from the new Despair DVD that's been released in an edition of 500 copies in the PAL format. I had no problem playing this on my computer ... I don't own a TV. You can buy it online (in Europe) or (in the USA). I know the US store accepts either VISA or PayPal, they ship quickly, email shipping confirmation - very professional. Tesco included a dozen different postcards with the DVD they sent, which were just as much fun as the movie.

I saw the VHS tape of this when it came out and I even made a pirate copy of it but I never watched it. The quality on the VHS was awful - really - it was unwatchable. And my copy was even worse. The quality on this DVD is impressive. Rather than indistinct blurs on the screen when SPK is doing a live show you can see actual people! There's fine detail and the the three 'music videos' with TV interference special effects have obviously been remastered from the original sources. While the effects do tend to dominate the three music videos, it's still amazing to see a very young Graeme Revelle handling the vocals on Slogun. There's no image softening as a result of second rate mpeg2 encoding here - the transfer is top notch and the encoding is perfect. Don't judge the DVD quality by my low-resolution copies! The DVD is as clean as humanly possible. Below you'll see a couple screen captures from the low-res copies I made. Press release follows ...

After being hidden in time for about 25 years, this industrial milestone of the infamous first generation has been renovated, extended and digitally reworked by CaTV. Cathy Vogan, Media Artist & Designer, has been nominated three times for a Video Art Award and received a ZKM (Karlsuhe) Production Award for her work!

A true statement and monument for the outstanding band S.P.K. who gathered together under so many names like: SoliPsiK, Selektiv Pornography Kontrol, Sozialistisches Patienten Kollektiv, System Planning Korporation just to name a few, and with this release a new name is created: "Schuldig an der Pervertierung der Kultur." Besides D. Guerin and CAT TV, another member needs to be mentoined: K. Osmosis is an active member - possibly the new "Neil" (Ni/H/IL)! He writes his solepsistic texts to the world from his cellat via his identical twin brother, in between paralyzing bouts of stimming. K.O. is in the process of articulating a fresh, theoretical foundation for the Kollective SPK, the only group in industrial music history that stands on the same level as Throbbing Gristle, even above for some.

An influence on so many followers, this is the ideal project to express the content of various psycho-pathalogical conditions, especially schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, mental retardation and paranoia. Information Overload supersedes normal, rational thought structures, forcing deviation into less restrictive mental procedures of so-called mental illness. SPK is trying to be a voice for those individuals condemned to the slow decay of mental hospitals and chemical/electro/surgical therapy, without fetishising them into blatant entertainment products. 'SONIC FOR MANICS' aims to be a vehicle for sharing mental experiences through sound. This DVD compiles material that marked the genesis of the group. The members at that time were known as Operator, Ne(H)il and Tone Generator. Like rare live moments of the bands, energetic performances covering music from "Leichenschrei" to "Information Overload," live rehearsal footage from "Auto Da Fe," slide shows, documentary and a filmed interview with Tone Generator, aka Domink Guerin, founding member and man behind Twin Vision.

Tone Generator Interview
SPK Despair Official Page

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