mardi 1 avril 2008

Death In June - Nightmoves (1983)

"Nightmoves" was recorded live in Glasgow, Scotland on November 14th, 1983. This was Death In June's 9th performance. The line up for this event was Douglas P. (vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards), Patrick Leagas (vocals, drums, drum machine, keyboards, trumpet) and Tony Wakeford (bass). Opening for Death In June this night was The Primevals. Interesting enough, the Primevals are a pretty popular rock act in Glasgow. However. this gig took place before The Primevals "made it".

The Keyboard effects through the intro are an interesting twist, as is the slow, lumbering version of "Holy Water". This cassette was taken from a soundboard recording. The sound quality of this tape is good for a "bootleg".Nightmoves was released on Patrick Leagas Label, EYAS Media. Between 1980 and 1984, EYAS Media released eight cassette tapes of the Death In June's music. Some of this music has appeared on officially sanctioned Death In June releases (i.e. the EYAS Media release "Archive" and "Living Room" became "The Phoenix Has Risen", and the 2006 CD/DVD reissue of "The Guilty Have No Pride" came with the bonus DVD of material that was originally on the EYAS Media release "Live At the Fridge"). This particular cassette was a single sided release. Side B was blank.

Track listing;

Holy Water
Living Flesh
Nothing Changes
We Drive East
Fields Of Rape
In the Night-time
Heaven Street
Sons of Europe

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