samedi 21 juin 2008

vetrophonia - shumographika

vetrophonia is alexander lebedev-frontov (linija mass, stalnoy pakt) and nick soudnick, the founder of the fabulous noise/impro/something project zga from st.petersburg. together they create raw mechanical loops, melt down with ritualistic percussive sounds and tense atmospheres.

"as with their most recent releases, the material is carefully constructed from a wide range of noises and sounds, ranging from the familiar (bells, dog barks, metal sheets, drum rolls, old vinyls) to the unnameable. more serene and intimate than the epic "promzona", "shumographika" is futurist poetry at its best." (mechanoise labs)


Vetrophonia - Shumographika (2005) pt 1

Vetrophonia - Shumographika (2005) pt 2

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