vendredi 20 juin 2008

V/A Saturn Gnosis

V/A Saturn Gnosis
Germany, compilation 2×10” lp, ambient/industrial, 2000
Excellent compilation of dark ambient and industrial tracks covering the idea of Saturn Gnosis. Such music should be listened in loneliness and calmness, obviously through headphones. Dark sound landscapes for dreamers. All projects garthered on this compilation present high form, but I’ll mark out three of them: Blood Axis (very atypical track among works of Moynihan), Endvra and Turbund Sturmwerk. This release is first part of Loki Foundation’s serie “Germania Occulta” dedicated to deutsch occultism (especially Fraternitas Saturni) of 1920-1930 period. Second part of this serie is Turbund Sturmwerk/Inade split. Alas apparently “Germania Occulta” is closed, because already 4 years have passed since the appearance of second part.

A1 Inade - Cherub (7:28)

A2 Herbst9 - Threshold To Akasa (6:10)

B1 Blood Axis - Der Gefallene Engel (5:30)

B2 Fir§t Law - Velochrome1 (7:03)

C1 SRP (2) - Hochpolung Des Willens (5:16)

C2 Predominance - Awaken Of The Violet Demons (5:16)

D1 Endvra - The Sun And The Stillborn Stars (7:12)

D2 Turbund Sturmwerk - Urfyr (7:44)

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