samedi 21 juin 2008

le syndicat electronique - grandeur et decadence 7''

le syndicat electronique is a one-man obscure electronic project and founder of the "first electro wave label in france... 100 % independent...and committed" ( called invasion planète (which started somewhere in 1999 and seems to be dead now :( -> "what happened to invasion planète?"). the guy behind le syndicat electronique is the creator of the european third wave movement, also known as retro-garde (lovely name, isn't it?). retro-garde is here being used to describe the comeback of obscure and minimal electronics and is probably in some way linked to the laibachian artistic tendencies called "retro-avant garde".

this is a small 7'' vinyl release, limited to 300 copies in both, red and blue vinyl. i chose it cause i think it's a pretty nice introduction to the world of minimal synth/electronic, not groundbreaking, not exotic, but very dark and danceable (no prejudices now, please). after hearing this record, i decided to get more of lse's material. maybe you'll express the same wish.

Le Syndicat Electronique - Grandeur Et Decadence (2003)

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