mercredi 18 juin 2008

LUSTMORD - Paradise Disowned (1983)

LUSTMORD - Paradise Disowned (1983)
One of those people that like to fire up the neurons to awaken the amygdala deep in yer medial temporal lobes? It’s ok– humans enjoy being scared for whatever primal reason preprogrammed into our DNA… likely has something to do with our constant wrestlin’ with our fragile mortality. Anyway, as much as I’d love to play shrink with y’all and continue in vain to dazzle with my half-understood fancy words, let’s talk some ’bout Welshman Brian “Lustmord” Williams, the grandaddy of thee “dark ambient” subgenre. Here, kats n’ kitties is an artist willing to walk that extra mile– literally– to stir up thee horrors lurking in yer subconscious.
Now a lotta artists like to refer to themselves as “underground,” but how many of ‘em actually recorded there? Mr. Williams has a leg up on the rest of ‘em cuz that’s exactly what he did for “Paradise Disowned”– descended into subterranean locales like the crypt at Chartres Cathedral, Dunster Abattoir in Bangor and even the bottom of the fucking ocean! To further cause yer delicate little heart to beat a little faster, he utilizes infrasound– frequencies below 20 Hz that are known to inspire dread in those exposed to ‘em. Throw in treated field recordings of Tibetan horns and monk chants, and you’ve got thee perfect 3 a.m. album (should thou have thee proper constitution). Now that’s what I call “underground” music!

4 commentaires:

W. a dit…

Great blog, lots of obscure gems.

Only thing is, how do I get into them.

What is the password for Lustmord?

Thank you.

NATAS a dit…

Here s the pw: sln2008


W. a dit…

Great, thank you for that.

I think this is a great album, really well recorded and innovative. I used to play it a lot.

Tracks 1-5 were listed on the album as the "Latent" side and tracks 5-9 the "Manifest" side, this latter being the less ambient of the two. It is all well worth listening to.

I see you've got lots of other music that appeals...but how do I get the passwords?

NATAS a dit…

lots of album here don t need passwords. sometimes, i forget to give it, when it s needed.
Feel free to ask for it.
You're right, this Lustmord album is one of the best, ever.
But I still prefer above all ARCHON SATANI "virgin birth" which is also avalaible here.
And never forget to buy the originals ;-)