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Current 93 - Neu-Konserwativ Festival (1985)

Current 93 - Neu-Konserwativ Festival (1985)
"...all were interested in doing is presenting the worst noise anyone has ever hear."I won't be around tomorrow for most the day and possibly Saturday (but I doubt it). So you will have to live with out me for a day. Actually it's more like I will have to live with out you, as I enjoy doing this.This one is a real gem. Recorded live at Neu-Konserwativ Festival, Hamburg, Israel on May 15th 1985. Included are the three tracks recorded live and a rather rambling interview. The Brainwashed C93 web page has an interesting recollection of the gig by John Balance.
The show lasted approximately 30 minutes, and was part of the two day Neu Konservativ festival. Other groups playing the festival included Laibach. Two large banners, one of the picture from "Nature Unveiled" and one black with red unicursal hexagram, were hung behind the stage. No official recordings of this show have been released, but one track has shown up on the bootleg Dogs Blood Order 10"."[The third track] was "Great Black Time" as I remember playing it. We had finished the set and there was a long looped tape playing. I decided to get back onstage and so Tibet and I went from the bar at the back of the club/warehouse and we ran back to the stage and I plugged my stickbass in and Tibet sang/screamed. I was ramming my bass against Laibach's speaker cabinets at full volume making almost physical columns and slabs of sound."John Balance, reminiscing, 1998

Track Listing;
St. Peters Keys All Bloody
Falling Back In Fields of Rape
Great Black Time

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