samedi 21 juin 2008

linija mass - eiserne revolution 12'' + triumph stali 10''

two vinyl ep releases from linija mass - a russian old school analog industrial project.

"repetitive mechanical patterns with voice samples. abrasive analogue sounds create an aura of futuristic art revolt."
(equilibrium music on "triumph stali")

Eiserne Revolution
Triumph Stali

Linija Mass - Eiserne Revolution 12'' (2001) + Triumph Stali 10'' (2004)

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post-paranoia a dit…

GET YOUR OWN UPLOADS, or at least be so kind to add the god damn sources.

NATAS a dit…

nothing is serious here.
the aim is to make people discovering new stuff. I don t have time to uplaod all.
I have 99 % of what i am posting here.
ok post the source if you want to. no problem !!!

NATAS a dit…

the source:

post-paranoia a dit…

you should consider linking to the pages you take uploads from, this will not take much from your precious time, and it's the least you can to.