mardi 17 juin 2008

VA.\Sacred War [w/Death In June, Savage Republic, Yeht Mae, Mephisto Walz, NON, Sol Invictus, LaVey, Premature Ejaculation, Superheroines, UP/Rotor]

Notes about this comp.:
※ Death In June tracks are remixes from "The Wall Of Sacrifice".
※ Mephisto Waltz track recorded at Triple-X in London, December 24th.
※ NON track recorded live in Osaka, Japan on July 3rd, 1989.
※ Sol Invictus track is a remix from "Lex Talionis."
※ Savage Republic track from the Final Performance of Savage Republic. Recorded live at the "WASH" in Claremont, CA, Feb. 25, 1989.

Gymnastic Records

01. Death In June: Giddy Giddy Carousel (2:27)
02. Savage Republic: Spice Fields (5:40)
03. Yeht Mae: Keep The Devil Down (6:35)
04. UP/Rotor: Pagan Technology (5:40)
05. Superheroines: The Nightstalker (5:14)
06. Mephisto Walz: Der Sack (2:23)
07. Anton LaVey: Hymn Of The Satanic Empire (5:49)
08. NON: Total War (7:27)
09. Death In June: Fall Apart (2:09)
10. Sol Invictus: Abattoirs Of Love (3:18)
11. Premature Ejaculation: Agents Of Death (6:03)
12. Yeht Mae: Angel Devil (4:36)

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