mardi 17 juin 2008

CONSOLE, 14 zero zero / Freiburg EPs (2000, electro-pop)

CONSOLE, 14 zero zero / Freiburg EPs (2000, electro-pop
Back to work, with 2 funny and exciting electro-pop tunes by CONSOLE, whose albums are not so interesting (but they are ok if you're in electronica). Basically, each EP here consists in 1 track with several versions (and, for both, an original 1979 version by in a post-punk style. Very funny). As a kind of "bonus track", you'll find a promotionnal 3"CD with "the guide to make a a electro-pop masterpiece", with some de-mixed 14zerozero excerpts. Perfect to begin with.

Download these perfect electro-pop hits here

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