mercredi 18 juin 2008

LAShTAL - Thoum Aesh Neith - RE-UP


LAShTAL where an Italian band who played dark ritual music, minimal ambient and ecstatic drumming especially on Kundalini. LAShTAL where a mysterious band, they never did interviews and gave no information about the tape. Even Nekophile Rekords has no description. Members where Andrea Da Costa Freire 123 and Lapinsky aided by Pise & Walther, Maurizio Fasolo. Thoum Aesh Neith was released on tape by Nekophile Rekords ( NRC 04) in 1986 and later re-released on CD by Nekophile Rekords/Staalplaat, Limited to 1000 numbered copies in ?.

Tracks :

1 Invocation Of Nag-Zhig

2 Kundalini

3 Ballata No. 7

4 Pope Is Antichrist

5 Prosternation's Ceremony

6 There Is No God But Man

7 Thoum Aesh Neith

8 Nu, Iside

9 Invocation Live

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