mercredi 18 juin 2008

TEST DEPT. - Beating the Retreat (1984)

TEST DEPT. - Beating the Retreat (1984)
Being a New World Man of thee Kanück Mütt persuasion, I have little to no grasp of the British class system. As far as I can figger– at least where it is applied to underground musicians– is that one should be “working class,” not speak with a “posh accent” and for thee Love of Lucifer: no fooking way can you have attended a school where the tuition exceeds a few hundred pounds. Also I’ve duly noted that British folks sho’ like to yammer on about it– especially Oi! bands and Ray Davies.
A lovely British um… “bird” once explained to me that Test Dept. were a hyper-liberal bunch whose songs tackled much of what I failed to understand above, even going so far as to collaborate with a Miner’s Union Choir in support of their strike of 1984– (at least I think that was the gist of it… she had a really heavy accent) and here I thought their lyrics were nothing more than monosyllabic utterances of cathartic rage. I mean, what was I supposed to think? These New Cross, London blokes used discarded hunks of scrap metal from local factories to create a pulverizing form of musique concrete that has since become the soggy, pre-packaged rebellion known as industrial music. Luckily, they sound nothing like the tripe the kids think is all “heavy” n’ shit like Marilyn and Two-Inch Male (bet those guys went to Ivy League schools). Nope. Here’s where the sheep get separated from the goats, matey. Ya got drill bits spinnin’ into yer skull and tribal beats that sound like they were pounded out on the lids of barrels of toxic waste.

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