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Test Dept. - Terra Firma (1988)

"Terra Firma", released during the band's brief flirtation with classy Belgian label Sub Rosa, could be thought of as Test Dept's "green" concept album. Tracks like Siege and Terra Firma are both musical considerations of human environmental exploitation and destruction. As well as an even wider array of instrumentation than usual (piano, accordion, cello, bagpipes and double bass all get a look in), the album uses some decidedly uncharacteristic singing, including some female vocals, a particular rarity given Test Dept's usual particularly masculine feel. It's a variable album, although certainly a welcome contrast to previous releases. [Source: ESOPHAGUS]

Test Dept - Compulsion


Artwork By [Layout, Typography] - Sub Rosa
Artwork By [Visuals] - Brett Turnbull
Bagpipes - Alistair Adams
Cello - Claudine Steenackers
Double Bass - Paul Mardikian
Engineer - Patrick Hubart
Percussion, Accordion - Neil Starr
Piano, Producer - Rico Conning
Producer, Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - Test Dept.
Vocals - Catherine Jauniaux, Paul Jones

Track Listing:

1. Nadka (6:55)
2. Siege (6:10)
3. Current Affairs (5:00)
4. Dark Eyes (5:05)
5. Terra Firma (14:02) [i. Terrae Motus - The Earth Moves, ii. Surgit Ventus - The Wind Rises, iii. Natura Victus - Nature Victorious]

Test Dept. - Terra Firma (1988)

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