samedi 30 août 2008

The Grey Wolves / Origami - Live To Attack MC

I really don't know much about this release... both The Grey Wolves and Origami websites say this was a release on 'Strength Through Awareness' but as you can see, mine is on Transformer. I do know that both STA and Transformer are side-labels of Open Wound. The only catalog number is on the Origami side of the inner panel, and it says 'KomKol 057' which if you look at the Origami website, it doesn't match up with what they have listed as 'KomKol 057' -- I did find "Live To Attack" on their site, however, Cat.# is 025, which is nowhere on this tape cover.
I also don't know if "Nevropa Nevrotika Street Art Attack" is technically the name of what Origami has presented here, but that's how it reads on the panel... it reads as if it's a mash-up of different Origami tracks and tape loops, and sounds like it, too.
Anyway, it's probably a re-release, and some might say it isn't even worth this much interest, but here it is if you want to check it out :)

UK / Norway

01. The Grey Wolves: Sinister, All Pervasive Influence / Fists Of Steel / The Coming Of Christ / Storm, Disease, Distortion / Victory Through Violence [Live at Sarum in late 1989] (29:17)
02. Origami: Nevropa Nevrotika Street Art Attack [parts of which were recorded live from Verona, Italy 11-06-93] (28:39)

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