jeudi 7 août 2008

Genitor Lvminis - Heliokrator / Deam Adessa / Virgae

Genitor Lvminis (Genitor Luminis) is a project by Magnus Engwall, which began in 1997. The music he produces is comparable to the work you’ll find on Cold Meat Industry: dark ambient soundscapes with industrial and neo-classical influences. 'Heliokrator' being the first release (demo), 'Deam Adessa' was inspired by the studies in the Tellurian path that connects together in a holy line to converge in the ever present Goddess of birth and death, to whom we all belong, and 'Virgae' contains two carefully composed tracks with a characteristic, almost meditative sound. Epic and somber layers of sound create the basis for fragile string arrangements in the first track, increasingly returning patterns into a mantra-like sheet, until they appear as bells to the listener’s imagination. The second track is somewhat more militant, and has a different colour of sound, but is just as enthralling as the the first track when it comes to the overall effect. This second track thematically deals with the development of inner strength, inspired by the Olympic virtue of achievement.

1998 / 1999 / 2004

☼ Genitor Lvminis - Heliokrator MC

Limited to 50 pieces.

01. Deus Genitor Rupe Natus / I Am Mediator (21:42)
02. Unio Mystica / Tauromachia (21:37)

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☼ Genitor Lvminis - Deam Adessa 10''EP

Limited to 500 pieces.

01. Untitled / Untitled (14:54)
02. Untitled / Untitled (11:35)

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☼ Genitor Lvminis - Virgae 3''EP

01. Virgae [Part One] (13:01)
02. Virgae [Part Two] (7:29)

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