jeudi 7 août 2008

Ice - Under The Skin

An abstract-dub, experimental-sludge, industrial-noise-rock supergroup (so to speak) headed by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Curse Of The Golden Vampire, Fall Of Because, God, Head Of David, Napalm Death, The Sidewinder, Sweet Tooth, Techno Animal, Zonal, Jesu & Final) guitar and drum programming, along with Dave Cochrane (God, Head Of David, Jesu, Sweet Tooth) bass, J. Jobbagy (Terminal Cheesecake) drums, Alex Buess (16-17, God) tenor sax, and Kevin Martin (16-17, Curse Of The Golden Vampire, Experimental Audio Research, God, King Midas Sound, The Sidewinder, Techno Animal, Zonal) vocals, sampler, tenor sax.
Sound-wise, this Ice release sounds like Godflesh meets Head Of David while skinny dipping in Techno-Animal's pool.

Pathological Records

01. Juggernaut Kiss (7:40)
02. Survival Of The Fattest (5:59)
03. Out Of Focus (9:53)
04. .357 Magnum Is A Monster (7:51)
05. Skyscraper (8:16)
06. The Flood (6:12)
07. Stick Insect (7:29)
08. Implosion (10:15)
09. The Swimmer (13:28)

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Thank you! Cool music!