jeudi 7 août 2008

Siglo XX - Dreams Of Pleasure 12"

Last release of Siglo XX early style. 'Dreams Of Pleasure (II)' is a reworked version of a song that appeared on their first mini album.
The other 2 tracks were also released as a 7" in the UK, to promote the band overthere but I guess without success. This -rare- 7" was issued on small label Paragon Records who also released fine records of In The Nursery, Biting Tongues and Leitmotiv.

Dreams Of Pleasure 12" (Antler Records-Antler 020-1983)
1. Dreams Of Pleasure (II)
2. In The Garden
3. Silent House

Siglo XX (re-up)

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Ivan a dit…

please can you reupload the link for for the live album of siglo xx,
thank you very much

NATAS a dit…

dreams of pleasure: