jeudi 7 août 2008

Ain Soph - I

Ain Soph arose in Rome in the early 1980's, composing disturbing industrial-ambient soundtracks for their esoteric rituals. The music of their first tape releases is dark, frightening and evocative. In 1988 they released their first LP, the masterpiece "Kshatriya" , blending neoclassical arrangements, noise and experimental sounds. At the beginning of the 1990's, AinSoph radically changed direction, first releasing a collection of sacral-hymn songs, then exploring traditional folk music and psychedelic hard rock. Beautiful ritual ambient. I (this version) was released on cassette by Misty Circles (MC 03) in 1984. In 1993 released on vinyl by Misty Circles and Purity Records ( MCR04, PURITY 02), 4 Copies on green Vinyl,200 Copies on clear Vinyl, 500 Copies on black Vinyl. In 2000 released on cd by Old Europe Cafe and Misty Circles ( OECD 036, MCR21) and seems to be an re-release of the lp/cassette with one extra track.

Tracks :

1. 1 Parte
2. 2 Parte
3. 2 Parte
4. 2 Parte


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