vendredi 8 août 2008

Namanax - Cascading Waves of Electronic Turbulence (1996)

This is Namanax's first brain melting full-length, after the single 30 minute track EP Multi-Phase Electrodynamics, as well as the 21 minute track on Release Your Mind Vol. 1, and the 28 minute contribution to Exit 13's Ethos Musick in 1994. Cascading Waves... follows similiar lines in minimalist idealogy to the earliest recordings, yet does manage to be a little more diverse in shifting phases and tones. If "less is more" then Namanax is the ultimate in absolute minimal noise electronics.

Basically, this is 2 tracks of minutely shifting and pulsating white noise. The first one- "Contaminating Influence," is similiar to the older recordings- a single cerebal current of over 11 minutes. The title track though is over 47 minutes and is more shifting and looping in textures. It stretches out, kind of similiar to early Merzbow, but of course still not too far removed from similiar repeated tracks throughout the Namanax history.

Despite the similiarities and recurrent themes of minimalism and monotony, Namanax have never completely repeated itself, just produced variances on the themes of grinding waves of power electronics.

01 - Contaminating Influence
02 - Cascading Waves of Electronic Turbulence


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