lundi 12 mai 2008

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material

Quite probably one of my favourite albums ever.
Released way back in 1979, Inflammable Material was the debut album of Northern Irish punks SLF. Politically charged throughout, the (inflammable) material draws heavilly on the troubles in Northern Ireland, while managing to never cross the line between political and preachy.
Songs like Suspect Device, Wasted Life, Barbed Wire Love, Tin Soldier and Johnny Was stand the test of time brilliantly.
The band have served as an inspiracion to many. The Dropkick Murphys have covered them often - Nobody's Hero appears on their Singles Collection - and without SLF, its debatable wherether there would ever be a Green Day. I'll let you decide whether or not the latter is a good thing or not.

1. Suspect Device
2. State of Emergency
3. Here We Are Nowhere
4. Wasted Life
5. No More of That
6. Barbed Wire Love
7. White Noise
8. Breakout
9. Law and Order
10. Rough Trade
11. Johnny Was
12. Alternative Ulster
13. Closed Groove
Bonus Tracks:
14. Alternative Ulster (7" Version)
15. Suspect Device (7" Version)
16. Wasted Life (7" Version)
17. Gotta Getaway (7" Version)
18. Bloody Sunday (7" Version)
19. Straw Dogs (7" Version)
20. Tin Soldier (7" Version)
Johnny was a good boy.

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