lundi 12 mai 2008

Stiff Little Fingers - Complete Peel Sessions

St Paddy's post #1.
For something like 7 years now I've been going to see these fellas in Glasgow on St. Patrick's Day, so guess where I'm going tonight?
Obviously I've posted SLF before and they are clearly one of my favourite bands. The session versions on offer here are excellent, befitting of a band who are that little bit better live than on record. Playing live or in session seems to add a bit of extra energy & rawness that can sometimes be missing from their studio stuff.
The Peel Sessions cover roughly 1978-1980, taking in the bands first two albums, Inflammable Material & Nobody's Heroes, which I'm sure I wont cause too much controversy by labeling their best albums. Explosive stuff, pun semi-intended.

1. Wasted Life
2. Johnny Was
3. Alternative Ulster
4. State Of Emergency
5. White Noise
6. No More Of That
7. Johnny Was
8. Law And Order
9. Barbed Wire Love
10. Suspect Device
11. Wait And See
12. At The Edge
13. Nobody's Hero
14. Straw Dogs
15. No Change
16. I Don't Like You
17. Fly The Flag
18. Doesn't Make It Alright
No Sleep Till Belfast

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