mardi 1 juillet 2008

TG - LIVE PARIS 06/06/08

"I was there and i bored myself. So make your own opinion. Pour mes compatriotes, je me suis ennuyé à ce concert, trés moyen...."

One big disadvantage to living in the US right now is... TG won't play here live (you can read the Peter Christopherson interview to find out why).
Fortunately somebody brought a tape deck.Recorded live in Paris 06/06/08 a new version of "Second Annual Report" by Throbbing Gristle, 30 years after the original release.Regretfully their is not a clear track listing... although you will recognize "Slug Bait", and "Maggot Death", if for no other reason than you can here Genesis say those words. Apparently this will be released (along with the Barcelona concert) as limited edition live LP's (777 copies).

Track Listing;
My guess is that someplace in their is "Industrial Introduction", Slug Bait", "Maggot Death", "After Cease To Exist" and a little "Zyklon B Zombie" for an encore. Figure on an hour and 20 minutes of bliss.

Get it HERE

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