mardi 1 juillet 2008

Monte Cazazza - Live In Heaven (1984)

Monte Cazazza - Live In Heaven (1984)
Ever hear the live Psychic TV LP "Live In Heaven". It's an outstanding performance which included the legendary song called "The Leg Song". I posted it back in November of last year HERE.

The gig was opened by a Monte Cazazza performing a 20 minute piece. I am not sure of the name of this piece, but Psychic TV included just a smidgen of it on "Live In Heaven" and they called it "I Hear Voices".Wanna hear the entire track? The entire piece? All 20 minutes of it? I got it. Emailed to me yesterday by Mr. Rubbish. So with out further ado, the entire 20 minute track by Monte Cazazza recorded live in Heaven 23.12.1984.

Get it HERE

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